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    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Hand up, knife down, man down!


     Billy looked at him with a stunned face, his knees suddenly softened, and his body was limp to the ground.

     He both eyes are spiritless looking up at the sky.

     Me, how can it be fall here?

     "4AM-Vic killed SKK-Billy with a sickle!"

     The next moment, when he saw the kill prompt at the top right of the screen, Billy couldn't help but shocked!

     It's him!

     After seeing that the man who had just dealt with him for a long time was actually Liu Zilang, Billy's lost eyes could not help showing a trace of relief.

     Soon it was filled with endless anger!

     Not reconciled!

     The audience in the domestic live broadcast room was also dumbfounded at this moment. They watched Liu Zilang being chased by Billy King with a gun, thinking that Liu Zilang would definitely die.

     Later, when I saw him using a wall to get up with the opponent, I just thought that maybe he had hope to escape this wave.

     But they never expected that Liu Zilang actually killed Billy with a sickle.

     Although there are "foreign aid" to help, but the last cut really went through life and death!

     "666, Death God Scythe!"

     "If you don't blow it, you can't black, I can only say that this wave is crushed by IQ!"

     "Wrong! It's the rotten guns of capitalism defeated by the wisdom sickle of wisdom!"

     "I'm a turtle, the little comrade in front has a very high level of consciousness!"

     "Compared to these, I'm even more curious if the brother who was eating Xiang just now is still there?

     "Dududu! Dududu! You have a courier please check it."

     ...Whoops whoops—!

     Chuck chuck-!

     During the game match, I saw Liu Zilang holding the Smak's VSS firepower on the top of the North District building.

     After a wave of "shift left and right" forcibly licked the sprayer, he ran into the next building in a hurry.

     Although he had been shot twice, Vss's single bullet did not hurt much. After replacing Billy's first-level armor, his HP only dropped by more than half.

     After sneaking in, Liu Zilang randomly picked up a few bandages and slapped them on his body, and then searched building after building in the southern half of R City.

     Compared with the numerous houses in the northern half, there is only one row of houses in the southern half of City R. In this game, he and Billy both jumped in the southern half, and the other five were naturally scattered in the northern half.

     When Liu Zilang went from west to east and searched the garage all the way, the gunshots from the north rang out one after another. Obviously, players who found each other were shooting guns.

     But the characteristic of R City lies in the large distance between houses, which makes it easy to spot the opponent in advance, avoiding the frontal collision of you die, I live.

     So until Liu Zilang had searched the resources in the southern half of the area, there was no head shot from the north.

     Everyone played very restrained.

     At this time, Liu Zilang has found a Mini14 and an AK, but the magnification lens only has red dots and holograms, and the high magnification lens has not been found yet.

     "This circle is a bit positive..."

     Liu Zilang opened the small map and took a look, and exclaimed in the heart cannot help.

     Because the first safety zone of this game is not only on the main route, but also centered on P city, including the water city and ruins, and multiple scattered resource points around.Liu Zilang's R city is also on the edge of the circle.

     But what makes him shine is,

     The border of the safety zone to the north of the first circle happened to be on the road in the middle of City R, and the southern half of the zone was included in the safety zone with the road as the dividing line.

     Then in other words, when the people in the north run poison, they have to pass and run to the south.

     After thinking of this,

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but feel a little excited.

     So next he pondered it for a while, and jumped directly onto the bouncing car in the garage.


     Thick smoke and sparks spouted out of the exhaust pipe, and the peculiar engine roar suddenly spread far and wide.

     Several people in the northern half of City R heard the sound of the car, and soon realized it.

     The man from Chengnan is about to drive away.

     Familiarity is a kind of information and urgency that Liu Zilang deliberately wants to pass to them.

     Just like when we start and people are in a stalemate, we generally subconsciously follow the principle of not moving.

     You don't run poison, nor do I run poison.

     However, although Liu Zilang's drive away, although this enemy is not the enemy for the several teams in Beicheng District, they still have an unstoppable sense of urgency in their hearts.

     Suddenly, looking from the director's God's perspective, the icons of the five people in the north of City R on the map are all shifting to the south to varying degrees. Obviously, Liu Zilang's "premature buggering" made many people feel a little moved.

     After a while, I saw a person who was farther afield in the northern area of R City, taking advantage of the unstoppable gunfire in the city, and quietly moved toward the south.However, this Vampire from Russia’s Vega team didn’t know that his noiselessly was taking in the entire scene for Liu Zilang.

     Did Liu Zilang drive away?

     Of course not.

     After he drove the car to the back of the southern slope of R City, he abandoned the car and ran back to the wooden guard tower on the high slope.

     The director's angle of view naturally did not miss this shot. Seeing Liu Zilang squatting there so go to a lot of trouble, the three people on the stage couldn't help but frowned and thought.

     Soon, Su Changming's brows stretched first.

     "This guy is still so cunning." He said with a smile, "I feel that this wave of R City players accidentally, maybe it was his way."

     Rong Ye heard the words nodded, "Well, Vic's hand does have a bit of loosen the reins only to grasp them better. Now the Vampire player has already thought that he has touched the southern half in secret, is he going straight away? "

     "No, he also went up to the high slope of the water tower." Ruofeng suddenly said in surprise, "Then this is not home delivery?"

     During the game, I saw that Vampire did not squat in the house or other places when he came to the southern zone, but directly touched the high slope to the south.

     He obviously had the same idea as Liu Zilang, but he didn't know the man who had just driven out of the city and returned, waiting for him on the high slope.

     Seeing this scene under the director's lens, the audience on the scene and in the live broadcast room was not nervous or worried, because he and Liu Zilang were on and off at the moment.

     Everyone knows Liu Zilang's marksmanship.In this kind of situation where the yin was playing first, there was almost no possibility of missed, so at this time they were a little silent for Vampire.

     After a while, Vampire walked around the hillside Laughing Road, and soon came up to the high slope of the water tower.

     He originally wanted to search the outpost.

     As a result, as soon as he came up, he found that someone from the east side of the city was also touching the south side. At this moment, he was exposed on the road without shelter.

     When Vampire saw this, he acted without taking time to think and immediately raised his gun.

     Running from the road was the M4 of the Wanwan AHQ team. After a sudden attack, he immediately went crazy with snakeskin.

     However, the first few shots of Vampire were extremely accurate and directly knocked out most of the M4's HP.

     M4 on the back is a snakeskin,

     Vampire directly turned on the quadruple full automatic, and shot down without doubt and took a kill.

     But what surprised everyone was...

     When Vampire shot the man on the road, Liu Zilang, who was crouching in the guard tower, did not take the opportunity to sneak attack.

     Don't fight this?

     There was a burst of doubt in everyone's mind.

     What does this guy... want to do?