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717 Give Charcoal To Liu Zilang In The Snow, Help Others To Be Happy Prodigal Son Liu
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

On both sides of an airdrop box,

     Two players who are not on the same team.

     In the Professional League, this scene looks a little weird, and people who don’t know may think they are teaming up illegally.

     But if Li Muqiu knew,

     I'm afraid he will shout out those words loudly.

     I, Li Muqiu, did not form a team! ! !

     Unfortunately, at this time, he was still immersed in the joy of seeing 98K and the second-stage head. He put on his helmet and replaced the 98K with the spray in his hand.

     But the 98K that Liu Zilang dropped was a naked gun, not to mention accessories, not even a single bullet. Li Muqiu’s outfit, naturally impossible, had 7.62 bullets.

     "It would be great if I came here." After touching the gun, he smashed his mouth, thought in the heart cannot help.

     As soon as the idea of proficiency came to mind, at this moment, I saw 30 rounds of 7.62 bullets actually appeared in the airdrop box and backpack list.

     Li Muqiu couldn't help but stunned.

     what's the situation?

      Could it be me just missed it?

     Because of the thunder and the silence of so much for long time just now, he has given him an illusion that there is no one around him.

     Li Muqiu never expected that not only was there someone, but he was only separated by an airdrop box.

     However, Liu Zilang saw that the man next door was licking happily, but he was stuck with the gun line but couldn't hit anyone.

     Although I don't know who the person is, I don't know the profession.

     Although he dared to contempt the opponent's "IQ" strategically, he did not dare to despise the opponent's hearing from the tactical point of view.So at this moment, where his blood volume is extremely stubborn, where does he dare to move, if he is heard, the other party will definitely react instantly.

     But at this moment, Liu Zilang suddenly a thought flashed through the mind, thinking that he had dropped the gun and seemed to have no bullets.

     And looking at this person’s “poor swooshing” look just now, it doesn’t seem like someone with bullets, so he decided to send charcoal in snowy weather, please Sir, get into the boiling pot ...

     as expected.

     Li Muqiu saw that 30 bullets suddenly appeared in the list of surrounding items, and he felt more cheerful in his heart.

     "Is it under the airdrop box?"

     Li Muqiu subconsciously touched his chin, "Um... it may be on the other side."

     So he immediately moved and looked around the airdrop box.

     The next moment, from FPP's first angle of view, he suddenly saw a dark shadow appearing under his feet.

     Li Muqiu was startled in his heart and suddenly raised his head.

      Without omen, a long and thick muffler M24 was inserted directly into his mouth like that, and it looked like he had stretched it over...

     (? ̄? ̄)︻デ═一(?▽?’!)/


     Li Muqiu's eyes widened instantly!

     However, before he could react, the opponent fired a shot!


     The unique gun sound of the muffler M24 sounded softly and long, as if the stapler had completed a closing.

     In an instant, the second-stage head that Li Muqiu had just picked up was not hot yet, it suddenly shattered, and a bright blood burst out of his head!

     What the hell is this?Under the caught off guard, Li Muqiu, who was shot and headshot, is not good!

     And with the sound of gunfire,

     The dull Liu Zilang is shook the head, adding a "Muggle" label in his heart.

     However, when the kill prompt on the upper right of the screen appeared, after seeing the Muggle ID.

     Liu Zilang's whole person is very bad in an instant!

     This Nima...what the hell?

     The next moment, he quickly not to glance sideways, pretending to stare at the computer intently.

     Because although the two are separated from each other, they are on the same bench in the Asian region. After being eliminated, Li Muqiu will definitely get up and leave.

     And he was pretty sure.

     This kid was played to death by himself, and now he must be staring at oneself full of anger, so he must concentrate and be immune to the opponent's eye attack.

     as expected.

     Li Muqiu stared at Liu Zilang for a while, only to find that this kid a dead pig doesn't fear scalding water, so he didn't even look up at him.

     For a time, he could only write down the hatred first, and resignedly left the field to step down...

     On the presiding commentary stage, after witnessing this scene throughout, Lord Rong also couldn't bear gasped.

     "Tsk tusk... Vic's wave has brought us a wave of textbook-like teachings of the old lady!"

     "Learned, learned!"

     Ruofeng also said with a look of surprise, "It turns out that the real Lao Yinbi is not taking the initiative to aim, but waiting for someone to put his head on your muzzle.""Hehe, sometimes this kid's play style is really painful." Su Changming also couldn't help but laugh shook the head, and then continued, "Now the first wave of poison on the court is about to shrink, let us Let’s see how to do the next round."

     Accompanied by the words on stage,

     I saw the first wave of poison that continued to shrink for a long time and finally coincided with the border of the safe zone.

     Then there was a "huh" all at once,

     The next circle was refreshed!

     "Oh! This is a corner-cutting circle in the southwest, brushed to the area of the wheat field and G town and the V-shaped trench to the south of P city."

     "Well, there are still 81 players on the field, but I think in a single-row Solo match, the explosive point of fighting conflict may not be as late as a four-row team or double row.

     "Yes, because in the solo Solo, each person of the 81 players is a team, so when they are in the safe zone, they can’t occupy as many people as in a group match, so they will inevitably be transferred. Collisions and conflicts occur at times."

     "Now all the players outside the circle have begun to transfer. This circle is very big, so there is no need to wait too long."


     In the game, after the next lap was refreshed, Liu Zilang glanced at the map and quickly ran to the happy motorcycle just sent by Jembty on the slope not far away.

     At this time, the director's camera has not been moved, and the audience in the domestic live broadcast room saw this scene, and the bullet rain couldn't help but talk.

     "Fuck! There is finally a two-wheeled motorcycle."

     "Motor? Does Vic have the skills to ride a motorcycle?""That's right, the funeral of the last Vic tricycle's death yesterday really made me silly."

     "Hehe, my little brother is new here, two-wheel super god, three-wheel super ghost want to know more."

     "Vic's happy motorcycle is really happy, not to mention the question mark of his teammates, even Nima Tianhuo can't catch up."


     On the hillside, the engine roared!

     Liu Zilang increased his horsepower and started to accelerate with the help of a snake-like force, and soon reached the fastest speed.

     At this time, if he enters the circle from the position of Liu Zilang, he must climb over the mountains, then go around the wheat field east of P City, and finally turn at the intersection of the Xiqiao Airport Highway, and he can directly insert into the circle at the fastest speed.

     In the case of single-volleyball, no need to be worried, a full formation will gather fire at every turn, so Liu Zilang is flying all the way.

     In fact, as the fastest vehicle in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

     Once the speed of the motorcycle is added up, only if it is attached to someone's face, few people can beat it directly.

     Liu Zilang was fast as lightning all the way, and he quickly plunged straight into the edge of the safe zone. The destination of his trip was the small wooden house with red roof and yellow wall at the foot of P City South Mountain on the map.

     However, what Liu Zilang didn't know was...

     At this time, a man named 4AM-Godv was lying on the wooden bed in the bedroom of the cabin, looking like a sleeping two hundred catties baby...

     But at this time, the AKM muzzle in his hand was facing the wooden door of the bedroom.

     Seeing this somewhat weird scene, many viewers in the domestic live broadcast room couldn't help but stunned.

     But wait...How does it feel to have seen this scene?