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719 I Have Done This Question!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Under the director's God's perspective, I saw three people starting with the "4AM" team name in the singles, distributed in the bedroom, living room and outside of the cabin.

     If it was in the final round, it would be excusable, but it happened in the second round, it really has to say is some kind of special fate...

     In the game, Liu Zilang was trying to take advantage of the chaos, but unexpectedly Aluka closed the door with a backhand and escaped Wei Shen's fatal blast.

     Next, Aluka swiftly hid towards the side hall, but Wei Shen on the bedroom bed was a carp who jumped up and chased out the door.

     However, at that moment when he rushed out and ignored the bedroom, before Wei Shen had time to find Aluka, he could not help but see a person falling from the door.

     This person is naturally Liu Zilang who wants to take advantage of the chaos to attack.

     However, what Liu Zilang did not expect was,

     Not only did he not "catch the rape in bed" after this wave, he actually fell in front of Wei Shen's gun.


     Fire from the muzzle burst,

     A series of bullets whizzed out.

      Between Lightning Spark, Liu Zilang reacted very quickly.


     I saw him pull backhand at the door,

     The door was closed.

     I just passed by...you guys go on...

     The next moment, the wooden door was scattered and smashed in a rustle, and the sawdust quickly fluttered.

     When Wei Shen saw this scene of déjà vu, he couldn't help but screamed in anger!


     Are these two in a group?

     How come Nima closes the door as soon as they meet, and men come to hurt each other!However, when his shuttle hit Liu Zilang, the little eye-catching behind the wall in the living room was seizing the opportunity. He quickly stopped spraying the medicine and flashed to Wei Shen as a shuttle.

     But the two of them were in the same room, and they could hear everything clearly. Now that Wei Shen knew that someone was next to him, how can it be unprotected.

     So as soon as Xiao Xingmu fired a shot, Wei Shen dodged back into the room very quickly.

     For a while, the situation inside and outside the cabin seemed a little anxious.

     "Tsk tusk! This closing is too spiritual!"

     "This wave of Aluka's reaction is really in the dangerous moment is not chaotic!"

     "If Aluka was frightened by a shuttle who was lying on the bed waiting for him when Aluka was just opening the door, then the direction of this wave of scripts should be that the God of Wei killed Aluka and Vic just happened. Jumping off the roof, a bullet poured directly into the front door and became the final winner."

     "Yes, so the key point is that Aluka's reaction caused the script to be rewritten? But then again... Normal people, thinking that there is no one in the room, open a door and suddenly see a person lying on the bed. I'm usually confused, okay? But how do I feel that Aluka just didn't seem to be too confused."

     "The wind team is right, I also have this kind of feeling."


     In fact, the explanation of doubts is not without reason, but at this time they have overlooked one point.

     That's because Vic and Wei Shen have used this trick before, and Aluka is their teammate, naturally impossible. Don't understand this?

     When Aluka opened the door just now, he was really a little confused at the time, but between Lightning Spark,He suddenly one shivers all over!

      It's not right!

     I have done this question!

     So he immediately stopped being confused...


     At this time, Wei Shen was also speechless!

     After he stole this trick from Liu Zilang, he thought he would be able to kill the opponent a no time to deal with it, but how could he think that he would meet his own person here by such a coincidence...

     What has to say here is that the structure of this cabin is simple, with the bedroom door facing the front door.

     At present, Wei Shen is holding Liu Zilang outside the front door in the bedroom, Aluka in the side hall holds Wei Shen in the bedroom, and Aluka is faintly restricted by Liu Zilang outside the door.

     So they are in a "triangular closed loop" state at this time.

     This triangle looks stable,

     But when Liu Zilang outside the front door pulled out a grenade, it became unstable at all.


     There was a crisp sound of string pulling.

     In this quiet environment, not only Wei Shen, but also Aluka in the side hall heard abnormally clear.

     The two of them couldn't help but cry in their hearts!

     Because at this time they are in the Space Seal.

     Although Liu Zilang seems to be more likely to blow up the Wei Shen in the small bedroom, no one can guarantee that he will not shoot toward the side hall.

     In an instant, the two subconsciously wanted to bugger.

     But they couldn't guarantee that they would not shoot each other, so they seemed very passive.

     In comparison, Aluka is a little better. Even if he can't run through the front door, there is still a back door.

     But Wei Shen in the bedroom is not good.The windows of this kind of small wooden house are directly nailed to death with wooden boards.

     At the critical moment, I saw Wei Shen gritted his teeth and outrageously pulled out a pan from behind his ass.

     "This... What is Wei Jiang doing?"

     "No! Is it the legendary trick?"

     "I'm dripping tortoises, are 4AM people so sassy?"


     The next moment, I saw a fragment grenade break the door down and enter at the door, whizzing and flying towards the bedroom!


     Aluka couldn't help being relieved.

     God Wei in the bedroom condensed his eyes, and immediately raised the pan in his hand!



     There was an intimate contact between the pan and the grenade, and there was a crisp metal trembling!

     "It's hit!"

     "My God! You really hit it?!"

     "Wait, the direction of this thunder...I'll go!!!"

     Under the director's God's perspective, I saw that the thunder that was shot by Wei Shen hit the corner of the ceiling, and immediately bounced toward the side hall!

     In the side hall, when Aluka, who had just relieved a little, saw the grenade whizzing.

     this moment,

     He knew he was beeping the dog.


      In the bombardment of ear-splitting,

     The dazzling fire suddenly rose up,

     Aluka rushed to the back door in three steps and two steps. Before he had time to open the wooden door, a wave of horror Ruin Aura came from behind!

      thumped!In an instant, among the wooden doors that all split up and in pieces, I saw that Aluka was blown out with the door...

     "4AM-Vic used a fragmentation grenade to kill 4AM-Aluka!"



     At the moment of seeing these two IDs, Wei Shen in the bedroom suddenly became ill! At this time, Liu Zilang and Aluka also had the same confused face.

     Why did you kill yourself? Liu Zilang felt a little speechless, but he soon reacted.


     Although the head is mine!

     But the criminal ringleader, the main offender is the guy in the bedroom!

     After shaking off the pot, Liu Zilang felt a lot of comfort, and then saw him pull out another grenade.

      secretly said in heart Aru, rest assured!

     Look at my wave of revenge for you!

     Pull the strings!

     Warm up!

     Throw thunder!

      forms a coherent whole!

     Once again, Liu Zilang threw the grenade into it directly and straightforwardly!

     But this time without Aluka's constraints.

     When Wei Shen heard that Liu Zilang was pulling a lei, he rushed out with his gun.

      to clean up the sect, right now!