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721 I'm Really Not Lao Yinbi!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After finding the truth,

     Liu Zilang felt relieved for a while.

     So he rode a happy motorcycle and happily drove towards the safe zone.


     On the stage of the host of Huaxia District.

     "Look at the previous judgment of the Lai Su boss. The attrition time point in the single-qualifier will indeed be advanced. Now there are only 49 players left on the field.

     "Yes, but in the fight for the strongest Solo King, I think it is important to live to the end and eat chicken, but killing is also very important."

     "Well, let's first look at the current real-time kill rankings on the field."

     "Oh, now the top killer is from SKK sniper Satan. He has already got nine heads!"

     "Wait, the kill list is updated again."

     "My God, Satan killed ten! He was the first player on our court to break through double digits with a kill!"


     The commentator on the stage was amazed, and the live director gave a real-time kill at the bottom left of the screen.

     First: SKK-Satan, 10 kills!

     Second: 4AM-Vic, 8 kills!

     Third: IG-olves, 4 kills!

     Fourth: Liquid-Jemmzz, 3 kills!


     The fifth and fourth are the same. It is also the player Karl from SKK, who has also got three kills, and then there are players with two kills and one kill.

     It can be seen from this ranking that in the solo Solo match of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the "Law of the Jungle" of the weak are prey to the strong is completely followed.For example, the highest ranked Satan, he alone occupied one fifth head kill of the current attrition.

     And the top five kills combined accounted for half of the country attrition.

     As for the players who ranked behind, the number of heads on them was just a very few, and many of them were taken away without killing them.

      has to say, this is actually an ecosystem in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

     Only kill or be killed, because it is the most direct collision of individual strength.


     In the third safety zone, Liu Zilang's style of play is relatively more stable. After all, compared with the first two laps, the scope of this circle has been greatly reduced.

     Even if there is no such thing as a volley of four in a single row match, if he accidentally causes anger and provokes everyone to shout, then his happy motorcycle will soon become a "sorrowful motorcycle" Up.

     There are basically only three ways to choose points in a single row.

     Either blindly hit the center and bet on destiny, or get stuck on the edge of the circle, and I will not move.

     Although despised, it is more selective and more plastic.

      At this moment, the two more obvious points in the center of the safe zone are the G town and the V trench.

     But Liu Zilang felt that his luck in this game had been absorbed by the stupid apprentice, and the choice of betting on the circle of fate was obviously not suitable for him.

     Lao Yin is easier than said,

     But in fact it is also a technical activity.

     Liu Zilang thought he was not familiar with this business, so he quickly passed it.The only thing left is the card poison side.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang couldn't help but raised his mouth.

     We are familiar with this!

     So next, I saw him riding a motorcycle all the way, and encountered several people who beat him on the road.

     But with his speed and driving skills, it is really not easy for these people to beat him down.



     An emergency brake sounded.

     Liu Zilang found an open-air wooden toilet at the edge of the safe area on the map, and immediately stopped the motorcycle next to it.

     Immediately afterwards, he was first looked at the surrounding situation.

     After confirming that no one is near the point,

     He quickly cut out the silencer M24 in his hand, and a person got stuck on the poison side of the ground entering the circle from the northeast.

     "Vic is going to have a solo match? Is this not appropriate?"

     "Relatively speaking, the area under the control of one person in a single row is too small, and if more than one person enters the circle, it can't be managed."

     "Well, and it's easy to be attacked by the back. Maybe when you put all your attention on someone outside the circle, someone stolen your back.

     "But I think Vic's M24 has silencers. If you control the distance well, it's not easy to be spotted, right?"

     "Huh? Wait! What's he doing? Isn't he trying to get someone? Why did he squat in the toilet?"


     The three commentators thought that Liu Zilang was going to play "one man holds the pass" and was seriously analyzing the possibility of this wave.

     Turning his head,

     Involuntarily complexion turned black.

     Under the director's God's perspective.After Liu Zilang stopped his motorcycle behind the toilet, he secretly hid in the toilet.

      what is this ghost?

     Did you take the wrong script?

     But in a blink of an eye, the corners of the mouths of the three onstage began to twitch.

     It turns out that Liu Zilang suddenly changed M25 to AKM after hiding in the wooden toilet.

     Then, like an electric drill, a hole was punched into the wooden wall on the outer side of the toilet...

     Seeing this not expected at the outset scene, the viewers in the domestic live broadcast room were slightly startled and couldn't help but laugh.

     "Broad and wide! I really take this wave!"

     "Tsk tusk, look at Vic's skillful technique, you probably used to make holes in the toilet?"

     "Uh... are you serious in front?"

     "Vic said: I'm really not Old Yinbi!"


     In the game, after Liu Zilang made a hole, he squatted in the toilet and started to peep.

     He had just encountered several waves of attacks on his way here. Although he turned peril into safety every time, he kept these people in his notebook.

     Sure enough, after a while.

     There was a cat in his field of vision, with the help of the bushes on the ridges, people touching one by one.

     Seeing this scene, Liu Zilang's mouth turned up with a smile, and immediately lifted the long muzzle muzzle of the silencer M24 from the movement of the wooden door, and pointed it at the person far away.

     The other party thought he was very concealed, and didn't realize that Liu Zilang had locked him.Next, just as he crawled into the next bushes and squatted slightly.

     Liu Zilang pulled the trigger.


     M24 made a slight noise, and a sniper bullet noiselessly cut through the sky.

     The man in the bush was just about to move forward,

     A dazzling blood burst out of his head, and the second-level head burst into pieces.

     So he staggered in an instant, dumped directly on the ground and turned it into a box of bush fertilizer.

     And has to say, like this kind of bag, if Liu Zilang does not lick it, it is estimated that few people will find it until the end of the game.

     At this time, the director's camera also gave Liu Zilang's perspective. Seeing him stealing someone from the hole so skillfully, everyone was secretly shocked!

     It seems that a sniper with good marksmanship will be overcast, that is really beyond a thousand miles to take the enemy's first level! And most of the opponents and others still do not know where they played.

     Next, with the contraction of the third wave of poison.

     From the direction of Liu Zilang's card owner, there are four people within his vision alone, which can be described as thriving and prosperous business.

     However, just as he was concealed, and when he hit the silencer M24, he saw a hard-top jeep suddenly resembling a stray dog, whizzing in his direction from the mountain on the side.

     At first, Liu Zilang didn't care, only thinking that the other party was just passing by, or wanted to come over to take up some points.

     if the latter one,

     Then he just gave the other a surprise.

     But as the roaring jeep getting closer and closer, Liu Zilang suddenly "ge-deng" in his heart!

     wrong!This one wants to hit me!

     However, when he reacted, the roar of that jeep engine was already to be almost within reach!

      comes without enough time!

     Liu Zilang suddenly felt cold...