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723 My Brother Can't Be So Handsome!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Bang bang bang —!

     A sharp and rapid gunfire sounded.

     I saw AimPR from TSM holding Mini14, facing Liu Zilang behind it, there was a burst of quick connection.

     As a sniper, he was naturally aimed at Liu Zilang's head.

     However, when Liu Zilang switched to M24 and stood up from behind, he suddenly stretched his position, which naturally caused the opponent to hit his old waist with this shot.

     But even so, Liu Zilang's blood volume has dropped sharply, leaving only one in four.

     In such a situation where he would die with just one shot, Liu Zilang would dare to continue to output such firepower.

     I saw that he reacted extremely quickly, and quickly hid in the corner between the motorcycle and the car.

     A tactic lied down.

     As for Karl, who was burnt and jumped off the car, his blood volume was also very disabled. At that moment when Liu Zilang got off the car, he quickly cancelled the drug-fighting crazy snake skin.

     I almost thought I was cold!

     As a result, people who didn't know where they attacked Liu Zilang unexpectedly, they rescued him due to an unexpected turn of events.

     In fact, this is not surprising when you think about it.

     After all, the two were on the edge of the safe zone before, except for those who entered the circle far away without others.

     But this wave of "This Old Man Pushes the Cart",

     It is strange that sparks and lightning make such a big movement all the way, if it is not noticeable!


     At this time, Liu Zilang was putting a needle in his arm.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, someone suddenly appeared in the direction of the V-shaped trench, stick one's head out and look around, and looked around.This person obviously heard the gunshots and wanted to find out if he could steal a chicken.

     Liu Zilang, who was lying in the middle of the gap, was "pricking" his arm with a needle. He was always vigilant around him, and he spotted the person immediately after the other party showed his head.

     Foggy grass!

     Is this guy looking for me?

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but muttered in his heart, and immediately took a deep breath!

     can not see me!

     You must not see me!

      After a few words of self-hypnosis, Liu Zilang's heart suddenly "ge-deng"!

     The next moment, I saw him lying on the ground suddenly interrupted the fight, and took out the black M24 from behind!

     And when he took out the gun,

     The man in the V trench had spotted Liu Zilang, held up eight times 98K and started aiming.

     That's it!

     Seeing the screen under the director's lens, the domestic audience couldn't help being very chilled...

     "It's really cold this time!"

     "No way, hiding one and another."

     "Perhaps it's because people have a black face."

     "It's the Carl Brothers society, driving the jeep to top the Nima so far."

     "It's a pity that Vic didn't fire the shot just now, otherwise he could at least change one."

     "This Underhood's little brother Evan is lucky, he picked a head for nothing, it's Shutdon!"


     In the hearts of everyone, they prepared a "eulogy" silently, wanting to look back at Liu Zilang's life in this game.



     Two gunshots sounded almost indiscriminately!If you distinguish carefully, you can probably judge that 98K is in front and M24 is in the back.

     However, the next moment, all the audience on the scene couldn't help but stare directly above the stage, with an incredible expression on their faces!

     In the big screen of the game, I saw Liu Zilang and Evan's almost at the same time bursting out of blood.

     However, although Liu Zilang, who was lying under the car, was bleeding, he did not die.

     On the other hand, Evan burst into a cloud of blood in his head. He was leaned back by the huge impact of the sniper bullet and fell into the trench behind him.

     "4AM-Vic killed Underhood-Evan with an M24 headshot!"


     "Fog Grass! This Nima is not an illusion, right?"

     "I can understand that Vic was shot but didn't he just cut out the gun? How can it be faster than Evan?"

     "This Nima is not so fast even if he is a fast man!"

     "Unless he is the ultimate fast man!"


     All of a sudden, the barrage of the domestic live broadcast could not help but talk.

     At this moment, the director cut out the replay of the wave just now, and the shot gave Liu Zilang the first angle of view and the shot of the off-court players.

     On the big screen of the stage.

     I saw Liu Zilang's fingers tapping quickly on the keyboard, and a burst of timbre tones had nothing in common with each other tapping sound.

     And just as he cut out the M24 and opened the mirror at that moment, his pupils suddenly condensed, and the mouse shook abruptly!

     At the next moment, everyone's eyes flashed past the opening picture, and the muffled M24 gunfire sounded!But Liu Zilang closed his gun directly, and the whole operation forms a coherent whole, which is almost to the extreme!

     Especially at the end, the confident shot down, with the "Death" character that Liu Zilang spit out from the corner of Liu Zilang's mouth in the scene of the player!

     It looks even more crazy and cool to the extreme!

     Countless viewers in the live and domestic broadcast rooms could not help but exclaimed "Wow" when they saw this scene.

     "Come on and be wet! Wet is the best!"

     In the front row of the audience, Kotomi Misaka waved his hand excitedly, her eyes staring at the game scene full of small stars.

     "Wet so handsome! Sister Silly Fish, right?!"

     "Stop! Don't call me a silly fish..." Wang Qianqian, who hugged her hands on her chest, heard this and immediately corrected it with dissatisfaction, "I am a shark, shark pepper did you know?"

     "Yeah." Kotomi Misaka nodded her head quickly, "I understand, silly fish chili sister!"

     Wang Qianqian: ...

      at the same time, China Jianghai.

     In front of a computer in a bedroom, Zhang Xiaotong, who was driving a live broadcast and watching the game with water friends, saw this scene, and suddenly also couldn't bear clenched his small fists excitedly.

     After realizing her gaffe in front of the camera, she quickly calmed down her nervousness and couldn't help being lightly snorted in her heart.


     Not handsome at all!

      ̄3 ̄


      At this moment, the audience inside and outside the scene exclaimed, and the three commentators on stage were amazed!

     "Tsk tsk, Vic's shot was really fast, forgive me for not seeing it clearly."words exceede 5100