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726 The Evil Car Kills The Owner!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Just now Liu Zilang was hit all the way by Karl. At this time, he was not far from the V trench. He drove the Jeep all the way, and soon came to the V trench.

     Because he didn't know if anyone was taking up a spot here, Liu Zilang naturally didn't dare to stop casually.

     After driving a jeep around the trench to the east for a few times, he was quickly attacked.

     But it’s right to think about it, under normal circumstances, this kind of place is almost impossible to have no one.


     Liu Zilang quickly stopped with a brake and looked in that direction from above.

     However, after seeing a wave of not knocking Liu Zilang down, the opponent quickly retracted behind the pile of wooden boards in the trench.

     "It's Frolicer, the free man of C9. It seems that Vic has chosen this point as the quick-footed climb up first."

     "Then what does this wave say, does he want to move a place?"

     "I feel that Vic doesn't seem to want to leave, oh! He took out a grenade."

     "This Thunder has a chance! I threw it away!"

     "Oh... a pity, Frolicer was not killed."

     "It's reasonable. There are wooden boards blocking it. That angle is still quite difficult to throw thunder."

     "Oh, Frolicer is starting to fight back."

     Under the guide lens of the big screen.

     I saw that Frolicer was hit by a thunderstorm from Liu Zilang. After half of his blood was exploded, his first reaction was not to fight drugs, but to cut out a grenade in the same backhand.

     The next moment, Frolicer raised his hand, and the grenade struck a parabola in the air.At this moment, Liu Zilang just cut out another thunder in his hand. He was thinking of making a second attempt. Seeing a thunder flying out of the pile of wooden boards, he could only move the place first.

     Quite a temper!

     After the transfer, Liu Zilang couldn't help but secretly said in heart.

     At this time, he was so impressed in the V-shaped trench that people in and outside the town noticed this, and soon someone shot him here.

     Liu Zilang was not in a hurry to share the victory or defeat with the man behind the plank stack. After looking at the spot where the fire was shining behind him, he quickly jumped out of the trenches, avoiding the front and rear gun lines.

     Frolicer, who was behind the pile of wooden boards under the trench, noticed Liu Zilang's abnormal movement, and quickly crouched and tilted his head and came out with a burst of fire.


     Fire bursts, bullets strike!

     There is no cover in the trench where Liu Zilang is at this time, but he has always been vigilant there.

     Immediately after the opponent fired his gun, he twisted his position and fired a backhand wave of AK very quickly, forcibly outputting the opponent's firepower to suppress it.

     But he himself was fighting and retreating, and soon also came behind a pile of wooden boards in the trench.

     For a time, the situation on both sides seemed to be a bit deadlocked.

     At this time there are still 33 survivors on the field. As the fourth wave of poison shrinks, many players on the field start to run poison into the safe zone.

     In such a situation where there is wilderness all around, the people around who have entered the circle late are naturally fighting extremely intense.

     In a short while, gunshots rang around and soon became a piece.In just a blink of an eye, the survival on the court fell below 30, and it was still falling at a rate of visible to the naked eye.

     Behind the pile of wooden boards in the V-shaped trench.

     Liu Zilang and Frolicer were hurting each other, turning tunnel warfare into mine warfare. At this moment, there was a "buzzing" engine roar in his ears.

     Although he couldn't see what car it was in the trenches, the roar of the "weng-weng" engine made him feel familiar and inexplicable.

     It's a happy motorcycle!

     Looks like a ruthless person!

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but clicked the tongue.

     This is almost the final round, and the man dared to drive the motorcycle so much.

     This is definitely putting life and death aside.

      At this moment, it was Scoom from "Black Tornado Li Kui" who was riding that happy motorcycle, repeating "Malay Shetfak" in his heart!

     He didn't want to stop,

     It just couldn't stop at all.

     Wherever you drive, there will be a fight.

     At this moment, Scoom saw the long trench ahead and couldn't help but a thought flashed through the mind!

     To be reasonable, the trenches are so long.

     Even if someone the quick-footed climb up first in a single row, it is probably impossible to occupy the entire trench.

     Then as long as he can find a suitable entry point, he can get rid of this motorcycle at dawn, not sure of lasting to evening.

      Thought until here, he quickly turned the car and whizzed towards the trench.

     In the trenches.

     "No, is this person coming over too?"

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but muttered in his heart when he heard the roar of cars getting bigger and bigger from far and near.At the next moment, I saw a dark shadow coming down from the trench with lightning speed.

     However, the man was chased and hit by the bullet behind him as if he burned his ass. The speed was too fast, and he could not slow down in time.

     The motorcycle descended from one side of the trench, then quickly rushed up from the other side like a rocket launch.

     But the Scoom realized on the car is wrong. If you fly up, you won’t be beaten into a hornet’s nest.

     So he jumped out of the car decisively at the moment the motorcycle took off.

     In the next moment, Scoom saw Liu Zilang who was holding a thunder in his hand, facing him.

     Oh Shet!

     In a rush,

     He quickly cut out the SKS behind.

     Liu Zilang was also stunned when he saw Scoom suddenly appeared, and immediately cut the gun.

     Seeing this scene under the director's lens, the audiences on site and in the live broadcast room were also in awe, their eyes fixed on the game screen.

     Real man's steel gun, is it going to start?

     However, just when the two cut out their guns, the first round of the contest was about to begin.

      without omen...

     A black shadow suddenly fell from the top of Scoom's head, just like Annie's little bear, Ti Persia, and sat down.

     But this shadow is obviously not an Inferno Giant Bear, but a happy motorcycle dragging billowing black smoke.


     Before the first meeting of the two of them started, Scoom was kicked by the motorcycle, fell to the ground, vomited blood and died!

     "Liquid-Scoom killed himself by driving a vehicle!"The countless viewers in the live and live broadcast rooms were also shocked to see this scene of disaster!

     "It's a young man, the evil car has killed its owner!"

     "As I said long ago, motorcycles are smart. We must treat motorcycles well. How can we abandon them?"

     "Wait, how do I feel that this bike was summoned by Vic?"

     "Hi...! You are a little scary!"

     "Does the apprentice Summoning Heavenly Fire, the master summon a motorcycle? This Nima is not a summoner..."


      has to say, the audience was quite disappointed seeing this wave of expected guns that didn't start.

     But in the game, Liu Zilang was not disappointed when he saw the other party's express delivery.

     He is not a Battle Madman, can he no blood on the men's swords just lick a box, isn’t it just beautiful?

     And just now there was a thunder with the person behind the pile of wood on the opposite side of the trench, and Liu Zilang's throwing objects were not low.

     At this time, it happened to take the opportunity to supplement a wave.

     But after opening the box, Liu Zilang found that there was nothing to throw on him.

     Only smoke bombs and Molotov cocktails.

     and many more!

     Molotov cocktail! ?

     Suddenly, Liu Zilang couldn't help but eyes shined!