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727 Why Can He Be So Nasty?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

? It should be noted, the reason why the two had just lost thunder for a long time did not blow each other up.

     That's because the angle of the plank pile is too vertical, and the grenade can't point where to explode. It is difficult for the two to be blown down if they are close to the plank.

     But the Molotov cocktail is different.

     Liu Zilang hid behind the pile of wooden boards stick one's head out and look around and looked around for a few times. After passing the few thunders just now, he was already familiar with distance and track.

     "Tsk tusk! Vic is going to burn the real way!"

     "But at this angle, it should be a bit difficult to throw, right?"

     "Well, it's like this kind of situation where not only the other party has bunkers, but also bunkers on my own side, it's easy to bounce back accidentally."

     "Hehe, this wave of Vic would be interesting if he set himself on fire, but since he is known as Thor, throwing a Molotov cocktail should be nothing difficult?"

     "Um... I think it's still a bit different, but I won't set the flag, let's see Vic operation."

     On the commentary stage, seeing Liu Zilang's disagreement, he took out a Molotov cocktail, and the three of them started talking.

     In the game competition, Liu Zilang did not expect that throwing a Molotov cocktail by himself would become the focus of the audience.

     I saw his eyes condensed,

     The moment the arm was raised, the Molotov cocktail was thrown out obliquely.

     The live director learned from experience,

     Suddenly, the camera was pulled up high along with the Molotov cocktail.

     However, what the director did not expect was,

     At the moment when Liu Zilang threw out the Molotov cocktail, he suddenly pulled out the M24 behind him very quickly, but at this moment everyone's eyes were on the Molotov cocktail."This height is a bit high!"

     "Well, it's a pity, this is going to fly over..."

     The next moment, under the camera of the director, I saw the moment when the Molotov cocktail was about to fly over the pile of wooden boards.



      Without omen, the Molotov cocktail that flew overhead suddenly shattered, glass splashed, and flames flew!


     In an instant, countless flames fell from mid-air like Heavenly Woman Scattering Flower.

     Frolicer, who was hiding behind the pile of wooden boards, only heard a sound from the top of his head. Before he could react, his head caught fire without omen...

     Followed by eyebrows



     Then the whole body...

      Caught off guard, Frolicer turned into a fire man with a blood volume and rushed out from behind the bunker.

     And Liu Zilang was waiting for this moment.

     I saw that the M24 in his hand did not change the gun, but after a pull bolt was loaded, another shot was fired!


     There was a deep gunfire, and Frolicer couldn't help being heart cooled when he heard the gunfire.

     The next moment, a Rapid Spin sniper bullet hit the ground from the back of his vest, and Frolicer staggered under his feet and fell to the ground.

     When he fell to the ground, he was still burning with flames, uh... it looked like he was walking not peacefully

     However, this time, all the audiences in the live and live broadcast rooms have a confused face look.

     Because the director shots were not given just now.They only saw the Molotov cocktail exploding at the moment it flew over the wood pile, turning into a burning fiercely flame in mid-air!

      It should be noted, the mechanism of the Molotov cocktail is to be thrown out and broken before it explodes. It is impossible to control the time like a grenade and have an "air-blast bomb".

     So... what the hell was that just now?

     Suddenly, someone suddenly remembered the familiar sound of the "stapler" just now.

     and many more!

     Isn't it?

     At this moment, the picture changed on the big screen of the stage, and the director gave the playback of the previous wave.

     In the screen, Liu Zilang just threw the Molotov cocktail with his hand.

     However, this time the director did not lock the Molotov cocktail, but gave it to Liu Zilang.

     as expected!

     The next moment, in the wide-eyed gaze of all the audience, I saw that after the Molotov cocktail was thrown out,

     Liu Zilang cut M24 in seconds, and when the Molotov cocktail flew over the pile of wooden boards, he acted without taking time to think and raised his hand with a shot.

     Gun out, broken bottle!

     In an instant, a big hole seemed to have been smashed in the air, and the sky was full of fire with great fanfare falling down!

     Seeing this so handsome and bursting scene,

     For a moment, all the audience opened their mouths in surprise, and their hair was almost gone by the show!

     this person...

     Why can he... be so showy!


     In the game, Liu Zilang completely declared the territorial sovereignty of the east side of the V-shaped trench after a shot brought down Frolicer.

     After a while, the next safe zone is refreshed.At the moment when he saw a poison ring, Liu Zilang, who was still recalling the shot he had just shot, couldn't help being slightly surprised.

     "Oh! The final round of this game is the crop circle!"

     "Yes, I just thought it was a G town or a V-shaped trench, but I didn't expect to brush a crop circle in the end."

     "It's easy to get into the city and it is difficult to get out of the city. There are currently 24 people on the field, more than half of them are in the city. I swipe this circle. Those who were stuck outside and couldn't get in just now are profit from a disaster."

     "It seems that the place where Vic with great difficulty was defeated is simply useful without too many, and his position must also be transferred to run poison."

     "Um... maybe this is the luck of the times."


     There was a period of analysis on the commentary stage. At this time, everyone in the G town and the V trench also began to stir.

     But at this time, there are people in the safe area of the wheat fields ahead, and there are still people around pulling their legs at any time.

     Naturally no one dares to act blindly without thinking at this time.

     At this moment, there was a sudden burst of gunfire from a two-story building in the Hefang district of G town.

     As soon as the guide lens pulled, what was seen before everyone was a puff of smoke in front of the airdrop box.

     "Oh! Vivian and Ze Shao!"

     "Vivian seems to be held up by Ze Shao, but she will soon be poisoned when she gets off the ground, so he must move."

     "Another blind sniper! Beautiful! My God! Ze Shao hit Vivian in the smoke!"

     "Will he change his rifle and shoot?"

     "Ze Shao didn't change his gun, he is still using sniper, this is really a dedicated man."

     "..."In the big screen picture, the director also quickly gave the shot to the scene of the incident.

     In the smoke, Vivian was shot blindly in the chest by Shen Zeyan, losing nearly half of his health.

     But at this time, time is running out, Vivian, whose energy bar was already full, didn't stop in the smoke and hit the first aid kit, but put a bandage on him, leaving the rest for auto reply.

      At this moment, she must seize the moment and spread the smoke into the circle, so as to reverse her unfavorable situation.

      At the same time, Shen Zeyan in the room was motionless like a statue with a gun and smoke.

     There was no expression on his face, and no one could guess what he was thinking at this time.

     "Ze Shao is still fighting, isn't he running poison?"

     "Vivian's smoke spreading details are so good. It is not easy for Ze Shao to miss the shot just now. Does he want to get another shot?"

     "This is a bit too much. Now that many people have begun to move towards the safe zone, I think it is better for Ze Shao to move with him first."

     "Well, otherwise, waiting for those people to enter the circle, it will be difficult for him to want to enter, and the most important thing is that he continues to set up nothing else..."

     On the commentary stage, Lord Rong’s words spoke until here, coldly with a grunting sound it stops, and the expression on his face solidified on the spot...