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728 The Grass Snake Gray Line, Fu Extends Thousands Of Miles!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

G town housing area.

     A two-story building window.

     Shen Zeyan was holding a handful of Kar98k, and the eight-fold mirror was locked in the smoke. As he did not hold his breath, his sight looked slightly trembling at this time.

     He and his gun... are silent.

     However, at this moment, a what thing flew out of the smoke.

     Shocked for a moment!

     I saw Shen Zeyan's eight-fold mirror quasi-center, just like Poisonous Snake Hiss, suddenly probing towards a certain point in the smoke.


     The crisp gunfire sounded!

     Fireworks spit out, a sniper bullet suddenly cut through the sky and screamed away!

     From the first point of view of Shen Zeyan that the director gave, the audience and the commentary on the scene did not react.

     I saw a sanguine light suddenly appeared in the smoke, and what thing seemed to fall to the ground.

     The next moment...

     A kill prompt appeared on the top right of the screen.

     "IG-olves used Kar98K to kill SKK-Vivian!"


     Seeing this incredible blind sniper shot, the countless audiences in the live and live broadcast rooms were suddenly in an uproar!

     "My horse duck! This blind sniper... is it a lie?"

     "Fuck, I can hit with this shot!"

     "Look at Ze Shao's expression. Isn't this too calm?"

     "Ze Shao: Basic exercises, no six, sit and watch!"

     "Xiu Xiuxiu! Ze Shao's shot really made my baby unable to close his legs!"

     "By the way, although Vivian wasn't full of blood just now, his blood volume was quite high, right? Ze Shao's 98K shot was not a headshot, so how could he give people seconds?"I'm also wondering? Could it be that what's the point?"


      Has to say, the audience on the barrage in the live broadcast room is still very spiritual in many cases.

     Soon, the replay footage from the director was given out.

     Under God's perspective on the big screen.

     All obstacles that obstructed the line of sight, such as smoke and the room area, disappeared, and the two people on the field were completely shown in everyone's eyes.

     But this time, everyone found that after Shen Zeyan's shot was shot, Vivian in the smoke seemed to burst a striking blood on his head!

     Could it be that the killing prompts the bug?

     But soon, Su Changming on the commentary stage frowned and shook his head, "not right not right! Not the head, but the neck!"

     At exactly this moment, the director's camera zoomed in and gave a close-up shot of Vivian who falls to the ground in the smoke.

     When everyone saw this, they couldn't help but breathe in air-conditioning. In fact, as Su Changming said, a huge bullet hole appeared in the neck of Vivian who fell on the ground!

     Master Rong couldn't help but smiled bitterly, "Although Ze Shao shot no headshot, in a sense, it's quite accurate."

     "What I am more curious about is how he shot the second shot."

     Ruofeng touched his big nose and couldn't help but wonder, "I believe that the first shot was interpreted as a misty, but if the second shot is also a misty, it would be too metaphysical, right?"

     "It shouldn't be Mongolian." Lord Rong, who just swore that Shen Zeyan would not be able to hit, said in his mind while recalling the scene just now:"If I'm not wrong, Ze Shao's shot just now should be based on Vivian's second smoke bomb to determine her location."

     "I guess so."

     Su Changming on the side rubbed his chin.

     "Although Zeyan's sniper is not as fancy as A Lang, and has the words at hand, he has the words at hand, but his style is grass-snake-grey lines, and he can often be inconceivable through some small details."

     Hearing the words of the two, Ruofeng couldn't help taking a breath of air-conditioning. "In other words, Ze Shao just used the smoke grenades thrown by the opponent to judge the opponent's position, and also hit the opponent's vital neck with a shot. ..

     Scream—! This is too inconceivable. "

     "Hehe, this is the gap between amateur and professional." Rong Ye heard the words "cannot help but laugh" and joked, "maybe many operations that we hear of inconceivable are basic operations for these top professional snipers."

     "But at Zeyan's current position, the situation is still not optimistic."

     "Well, because of the recent wave of procrastination, Ze Shao is currently the slowest transfer in the G town and the V trench. The most important thing is that his gunshots just exposed him, so wait for the resistance to enter the circle. It's really not so big."

     "Huh? There is already a personal most advanced circle in the V trench, oh! It's Vic!"

     Accompanied by the exclamation on the commentary stage, the director's footage was quickly given to Liu Zilang.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw a straw man wearing auspicious clothes, and he successfully entered the circle noiselessly all the way.

     This person is naturally Liu Zilang.The auspicious clothing worn by Liu Zilang has been around for a long time, so he picked it up and put it on during the airdrop on Xiaoqingshan to the south of the school.

     However, the effect of until now is not so obvious, and sometimes it is even more noticeable.

     But in this wave, he turned into a phantom tank, not a word or movement lurking in a cluster of half-person-high bushes.

      During this period, the director's shot was given to one person in the wheat field.

     I saw that after Liu Zilang squatted, he swept across the edge of the wheat field twice with the quadruple mirror on the M16.

     But the bushes are hidden, plus the phantom tank effect of the Geely suit.

     The man looked around twice, but he was not the slightest aware of Liu Zilang's trail.

     Seeing this scene, everyone could not help but look at each other in dismay.

     You must know that this is not "eSports does not need eyesight", because the person just now is not someone else, it is the main god-level player Satan known as "True Eye of the Evil King"!

     After being "quality-checked" by players of this level, no problems were found, so Liu Zilang was really quite hidden at this time.

     A minute and a half passed quietly.

     The surrounding poisonous circle shook suddenly, and continued to spread and swallow the last piece of pure land in the middle of the map.

     At this time, it was the third-to-last lap on the field, and the damage of this wave of poison would naturally go without saying.

     And when the poison circle began to shrink, it seemed that some kind of horn was blown invisibly!

     The people on the edge of the G town and the V trench hurriedly the Eight Immortals cross the sea, each showing his own special talent.

     The smoke spreading smoke, the thunder throwing thunder, like a market, flooded toward the safe area.


     Da Da Da—!Just a blink of an eye...

     The sound of gunfire on this edge became one piece, and the entire northwestern part of the safety zone was completely messed up!

     Liu Zilang, who was squatting in the grass, looked at the cannon firing for days on end behind him. He felt itchy in his heart and wanted to try to fire a few shots.

     But he knows better that a little can't bear to make a big mess. He is now perfectly concealed, but it is not easy to say when he shoots.

     At that time, it was exposed to the sight of those in the safe zone, and there was no shelter around.

     This is undoubtedly putting oneself in danger.

     Therefore, Liu Zilang was forced to resist the restlessness in his heart at this time, and constantly self-hypnosis.

     I am a tree.

     a tree...

     At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps behind him, and Liu Zilang cautious and solemn pulled the angle of view and turned his head to look.

     I saw a man holding a gun, looking awkwardly all the way, and touching it straight to his side.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang couldn't help being dumbfounded!

     This Nima... isn't it? !

     Don't come here!

     I want to call you again!