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729 A Smooth Man With A Q Bomb! (1/3)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

In fact, not only Liu Zilang was dumbfounded.

     The audience at the scene and in the live broadcast room were all a little dumbfounded when looking at the scene under the director's camera!

     Isn't this so coincidental?

     "Oh! The player who is approaching Vic is Haxete from Faze team."

     "Yes, this distance is very close, but Haxete hasn't found Vic yet!"

     "Haxete looked very cautious. Gunshots were heard in front and behind, so his attention was completely drawn to him at this time, but it was a bit dark under the lights."

     "What about Vic? Is he still going to shoot now? In this wave of the enemy is in the light but I am in the dark, if he shoots, he can basically receive the next person's head firmly."

     "I think Vic's current concern should be whether he will expose himself after shooting, so we can see that he still has some hesitation and hesitation."

     In the game competition, Liu Zilang was indeed caught in a dilemma.

     Seeing the man lying on the ground like a caterpillar, crawling all the way staggering from side to side.

     He has an urge to raise a gun.

     But the constant gunshots and eyes around him made him afraid to shoot at will.

     Liu Zilang's egg hurts...

     Turning his head, he was shocked!

     It turned out that after getting close to the grass, the man actually changed from crawling to running, and got up and rushed forward.

     Obviously, he wanted to make the final sprint!

     At this moment, Haxete thought, as long as he could rush into the bushes ahead, this wave of arduous transfers would be successfully accomplished.And just now he was lying on the ground, and seeing that no one around seemed to pay attention to this place, he clenched his teeth after crawling for a long time, simply no longer inking, got up and ran over.

     It turns out.

     Haxete's judgment was correct, until he ran to the bush, no one around shot.

     So next,

     It is the final step.

     Overjoyed at unexpected good news in his heart, Haxete crouched down and dived into the bushes beside the ridge.

     But the next moment,

     What made him wonder happened.

     He had never had a chance to look at the bushes carefully, but this time it seemed to hit a slippery wall with Q bullets, almost knocking him down and sitting on the ground...

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but his eyes widened!

     He never expected the other party to be so cute, so he hit his ass directly...

     Q bullet is smooth!

     Smooth your brother-in-law!


     What the hell is this Nima?

     Haxete is also both eyes look blankly, looks awkward...

     Suddenly, he couldn't help but realize one shivers in his heart, suddenly realized something!

     Oh Shet!

     Thinking of this, Haxete quickly pulled out the gun backhand!

     However, at this moment, there was a sudden explosion of bullets passing by in the air!

     call out-!

     Haxete had just cut out the gun, before he had time to lift the muzzle, a cloud of scarlet blood burst out of his head, and the white dangling second-stage head instantly tore and shattered in the air!

     The next moment, he fell to the ground with an inconceivable face.

     Water Refak!Someone!

     There are people here!

      At this moment, Haxete, who looks dead but will not close the eyes, is full of grievances. He wants to shout with his decayed voice!

     But unfortunately,

     Satan nailed the coffin with this shot...

     In the bushes.

     Liu Zilang held his "unicorn arm" in one hand, and managed to control him dangerously and dangerously!

      At this moment, there was a burst of fortune on his face, secretly said in heart is dangerous.

     Of course Liu Zilang didn't start this attack just now.

     If it were him, he must have used AK to abrupt this distance.

     But then again, who was the one who was helping with the uneven roadside just now?

     Liu Zilang's heart was a little puzzled.

     At this moment, a kill prompt was suddenly swiped at the top right of the screen.

     "SKK-Satan used Kar98K to headshot Faze-Haxete!"

     It's him?

     Seeing this kill, Liu Zilang couldn't help stunned on the spot.

     Host the commentary stage.

     The three of Su Changming couldn't help but look at each other in dismay. The countless audiences in the live and live broadcast rooms were even more dumbfounded, and they couldn't help but laugh!

     Because the situation on the field just now is a bit complicated, but from the God's perspective, the audience only saw Haxete crawling and suddenly getting up and running.

     Then when he got into the bushes, he hit Liu Zilang's ass and was ejected. As soon as he reacted, he was shot and headshot...

     Is this meow funny?

     "Satan's wave... is it a helping hand for internationalism?""No, no, I think this must be a conspiracy of American imperialism!"

     "Hehe, Satan should have just turned around and found Haxete, still does not know that there is a Vic in the bushes."

     "I feel sorry for Haxete. Do you think it's easy for people to climb for a long time? If you get into the circle and be killed also just sufficed, you see the hope of life, but Vic has gotten a hand. This mentality blows up...

     "It's reasonable. There are not many people who don't have a mentality after being attacked by Vic. Look at Qiu Shen in this game. Isn't it being used to score minutes and want to kill people."

     "No way, this one is too cheap! Come to Bo Tianhuo to take this crude!"

     "Hehe, are you sure there will be skyfire in the finals?"


     This time Liu Zilang's "tiring evil deeds" finally couldn't stand the viewers in the domestic live broadcast room. They all issued a strong condemnation of humanism to Liu Zilang!

     And he encouraged him to continue the struggle and create more glories, expressing that he was looking forward to the next condemnation...

     But then, with the passage of time.

     Liu Zilang is actually there's nothing about it. People from the G town and the V trench have already entered the circle. He in the middle is like the fat in the meat sandwich. Tender and delicious.

     Once found,

     I'm afraid it's not just the kids next door, people on both sides of the court will not follow the procedure, and they will be greedy and cry...

     After a while, the penultimate wave of poisonous contraction ended,

     At that moment when the border between the drug circle and the safe zone coincided, the Second Last finals were refreshed!Seeing this safe zone, Liu Zilang squatting in the middle couldn't help but let out a relaxed breath because this circle and the previous circle brushed a concentric circle.

     Then Liu Zilang, who was originally in the middle, was in the circle without running poison, which is undoubtedly good news for him.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Okay! Now our game has already entered the white-hot stage."

     "That's right, then we currently only have 15 players alive on the court. The attrition in this wave of poison was quite tragic!"

     "In addition, because this is a wheat field finals, without too many bunkers, everyone is basically lying on their stomachs, or hiding behind a few haystacks."

     "Well, we can play our Huaxia team players as well as Vic and SSR, oh! Ze Shao, who came from Town G, is still alive."

     Accompanied by the somewhat surprised voice on stage, the director's camera suddenly caught a person with blood remaining on the poison side.

     But in the grass in front of that person, there was someone lurking in motionless like a statue.

     Seeing this scene of déjà vu, everyone at the scene was stunned!

     Is history...will repeat itself again?


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