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730 Come On! (2/3)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Today's competition is about the competition for the honor of the "Most Personal Valuable Player" and the personal exclusive championship skin in this world competition.

     At this final stage,

     Each of the 15 people surviving on the field has hope, so everyone is very nervous now.

     And like various individual Solo matches, the more it goes to the end, the more test the players' marksmanship reaction and awareness.

     Destroy necessary opponents,

     Find the terrain that is best for you.

     In the grass on the edge of the safe zone.

     At this time, a man was lying quietly in the grass, looking like an experienced hunter, he was Austin from the "North American Spectre" Ghost team.

     As the only surviving solitary soul, unbound ghost in Ghost's game, Austin played very cautiously at this time.

     This can be seen from the fact that he clearly saw a person coming in from outside the poison ring at this time, but he did not shoot.

     Because of the dense grass around him, he was not sure if anyone around him was lying in it like himself.

     At this time, the one who came in from outside the circle was not someone else, it was Shen Zeyan who came in from outside the circle just now.

     At that moment in the circle,

     The pupils in Shen Zeyan's deadpan's face couldn't help but shrank suddenly!

     The next moment, his face quickly returned to normal, and he looked away without a word or movement.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "This is bad! Ze Shao didn't seem to find this person in the grass just now.""Well, I don't think it's to blame him. Just like Vic just now, Satan didn't find it, and also helped Vic knock out an opponent. This kind of Phantom tank is sometimes too overcast."

     "The only thing to be thankful for now is that Austin seems to have some concerns and didn't shoot directly."

     "But wait, why did Ze Shao move to the other side after finishing the medicine here?"

     "Is this wave going to be like Vic's wave just now? Oh! Austin pulled out the pan!"

     "My God! Does he want to kill Ze Shao in this wave?"

     "This heart is too big, right? But if Ze Shao didn't find it, it seems that it is really possible!"

     "Yes, just like in the official promotional film, if it succeeds, then this Austin wave can be said to be a Tianxiu!"


     Under the lens of the director on the big screen,

     I saw Shen Zeyan squatting halfway on the ground, holding a gun in a circle, and moving his feet step by step to the right.

     With every step he moved, the distance between him and Austin, who was lying on his side in the grass, would be closer.

     The audience at the scene and the live broadcast room also quickly saw the situation on the field. For a while, everyone couldn't help but become tense, their eyes fixed on the screen.

     For this kind of pan shooting operation, many audiences at the scene are also very happy to see it happen, so many people are secretly cheering for Austin!

     During the game, Austin, lying in the grass, held a pan tightly in his hand.

     Every step Shen Zeyan moves,

     The light in his eyes will be hot.

     Hey!Kang busy Beibi!

     Come here!

     In a blink of an eye, the distance between Shen Zeyan and Austin was less than two meters.

     If Shen Zeyan continues to pan to the left, he can even step on Austin's head with one foot.

     But at this moment, Shen Zeyan suddenly stopped, and Austin, lying not far away, saw that mind is startled!


     Was it discovered?

     However, in the next moment, the surprise in his heart quickly transformed into a burst of ecstasy!

     After Shen Zeyan stopped, he suddenly squatted on the ground, and the 98K in his hand opened the lens and aimed at a place in the wheat field circle where gunshots kept on.

     The opportunity is here!

     At this moment, Austin, who was lying on the grass holding a pan, slowly climbed up.

     Immediately afterwards, I saw him squatting halfway and walking from behind Shen Zeyan, holding the pan in a quiet step.

     One step, two steps...

     Like a minion!

     Is the devil's pace!

     Seeing this tense and exciting picture, the nerves of countless people in the audience suddenly tense!

     "Crap! Ze Shao is a little careless in this wave!"

     "It seems that Austin is really going to complete the achievements of the finalists."

     "But wait... I always feel a little weird..."

     At this moment, Austin finally reached the back of Shen Zeyan, not a word or movement.

     There was a grin in his mouth!

     Say goodbye to this World...The next moment, the pan in Austin's hand was raised high, and everyone off the court couldn't help but stare, as if they had already saw it and then the pan fell over.

     However, as soon as the pan fell,

     Under the camera of the director, Shen Zeyan suddenly turned around without knowing it!

     The 98K in his hand has completed an extremely exaggerated whirling and oblique pull!



     The crisp sound of gunfire and the falling of a pan is like a spring thunder that suddenly exploded in the sky of black clouds really dense in the spring afternoon!

     Should come,

      in the end still!

     The next moment, I saw Austin, who was holding the pan in his hand, fell to the ground with a face of hard to believe.

     Shen Zeyan's hand that flashed back to the horse to kill is really beyond the expectations of everyone on the court!

     Is this a terrifying reaction on the spot?

     Also talk about...he already knew someone in that grass?

     If it is the former, then his reaction is simply inhuman, and if it is the latter, then his forbearance and scheming to make one's hair stand up in anger even more!

     Soon, in the shots of the players that the director gave, everyone off the court finally discovered the slight change in Shen Zeyan's eyes at that moment when he entered the circle!


     Seeing this scene, the commentators on the stage couldn't help but take a breath of air!

     Think about it carefully...

     This wave of Austin is like a little white rabbit, believe oneself infallible, a big bad wolf, but step by step step by step into the script written by Shen Zeyan...

     This is simply shiver all over though not cold!"I was wrong, I was really wrong!"

     "I always thought that Shao Ze was a ruthless president, but I didn't expect him to be a black belly evil young man."

     "It seems that the sentence is correct, the heart of playing tactics is dirty!"

     "Bah! You are the heart!"

     "Dare to talk about my brother Zeyan's heart. Believe it or not, my old lady will kill you!"

     "Yes! Zeyan, the best guardian in the world, must have been damaged by Vic before."

     "Just for nothing! Come and kill Vic personally! He actually ruined our brother Zeyan!"

     "Can't afford to offend... Mrs. Ze Shao Tuan is really strong! Then why do I have a little trouble with Vic?"


     In the game, Liu Zilang naturally did not expect that he would squat in the grass, the pot came from space.

     In hail of bullets, he has already entered the "no-self" state, which is simply to leave the keyboard with both hands and let himself completely fuse together in the bushes.

     In fact, in such a tense situation, as long as he is not unlucky enough to be killed by a stray bullet or a thrown grenade, Liu Zilang should not worry too much about being discovered.

     However, with the shrinking of the safety zone, the number of people surviving on the court became less and less. At this time, an unexpected guest suddenly came next to Liu Zilang.