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735 Always Imitated, Never Surpassed!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Just go up?

     In this kind of empty hand, empty fist, Liu Zilang will not go up unless he jumps his head into the river and follows the water.

     Death is not terrible in this game, but that does not mean that Liu Zilang is going to die.

     Flop flop!

     Then Liu Zilang swung his arms and legs, swimming wildly under the river.

     Trying to get rid of the man on the shore.

     But Maxiz0r was like is determined, holding the sprayer and following the river and stopped.

     Liu Zilang looked at the oxygen in his lungs getting lower and lower, and his heart felt painful...

      It should be noted, this river is only a tributary of the inland river, the river is not wide.

     If he goes ashore from the other side, Maxiz0r on the other side can spray across the bank!

     If he is not lucky, he may just belch, so he is quite passive now.


     Another spray by the river bank!

     The fire of the shotgun in Maxiz0r's hand flashed, and a ball of shotgun instantly stirred up bursting waves on the river.

     S1897 warning??!

      It should be noted, this version of the bullet cannot penetrate the surface of the water. Liu Zilang, who was already desperate underwater, saw the opponent’s spray but did not shiver coldly.

     On the contrary, some overjoyed at unexpected good news!

     I saw him quickly emerge from the water while filling the gap after the opponent's spray.

     Take a breath of fresh air...

     Maxiz0r on the riverbank was immediately annoyed when he saw it, and he filled the bullet and flung his hand again!But Liu Zilang's grasp of time is it's just perfect. He doesn't greedy the air on the river at all. He took a breath and quickly dived underwater.

     No surprise...

     This spray of Maxiz0r was naturally empty again.

     Liu Zilang took a bite, but his mind became active at this time. He recalled the situation when he just landed in his mind. Suddenly, he divine light flashes, and immediately swam northward along the river.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "The affairs of the world are impermanence ... the affairs of the world are impermanence!" Rong Ye sighed and continued, "Vic's game was a bit miserable. He was squatted to death in the river as soon as he landed. in..."

     "You said how good it was to drive away." Su Changming shook the head with a wry smile, "This guy has to chase people, now I feel cold..."

     Ruofeng touched his big nose, wondering a bit,

     "But Vic still swims north. Is he looking for a chance to go ashore?"

     Hearing Ruofeng's words, everyone was a little puzzled. After all, landing ashore this time is not a good choice.

     But at this moment, the director's God's perspective suddenly pulled into the air from the two people on the river bank.

     Under the camera, I saw a person holding a SCAR-L in the wild area of the cabin on the half of the river suddenly appeared in the eyes of everyone.

     The man was hurriedly rushing towards the bank of the river following the sound of gunshots, and the direction that Liu Zilang swam was exactly the direction that the man came.

     This is to... meet the teacher?

     "No, Vic wants to lend sb a knife to kill sb this wave!"

     Suddenly exclaimed from the commentary stage!"Yes, Mossy from Gates, who came from the shore, if I didn't remember correctly, he seems to have landed in the jungle in the cabin next to the reservoir on the west side of Y City."

     "The excitement of Maxiz0r just now was too loud, and Mossy was also attracted. I feel that this wave of Vic guides the source of misfortune to the east is very likely to succeed!"

     At this time, many viewers also reacted. For a while, everyone was overwhelmed by Liu Zilang's "tact". This ratio is too messy!

     Soon, the distance between the two sides is getting closer and closer.

     The oxygen in Liu Zilang's lungs turned red again, and he was about to start to lose blood.

     Maxiz0r on the bank of the river stared closely at Liu Zilang underwater and couldn't help licked the corner of the lips.

     His hands are steady this time! It was so stable that as long as Liu Zilang showed his head, he would blast over him.

      At this moment, he seemed to have already saw it Liu Zilang's head was on the water, like a watermelon cracked and the juice was running across.

     However, afterwards, Liu Zilang's head had not yet split, and from the corner of Maxiz0r's eyes, he suddenly saw a person's silhouette appearing obliquely behind him, looking at him motionless like a statue...

     not good!

     He squatted quickly, and gunshots suddenly rained behind him!

     Puff puff-!

     Avoiding the fatal headshot of Maxiz0r, a bloody mist burst out of his back instantly!

      During Life Hangs by a Thread, he reacted quickly, just like Liu Zilang plunged into the river in three steps and two steps before sinking quickly.

     But Liu Zilang took the opportunity to expose his head to the surface of the river, and once again took a big breath of fresh air.Unexpectedly, Mossy knew very well about the situation on this side of the river. Although he could only aim for a wave without solving Maxiz0r without a magnifier, he immediately drew the line and aimed at Liu Zilang.


     Liu Zilang didn't expect a wave of guides the source of misfortune to the east, but it was a disaster for himself. He didn't dare to be greedy for that breath, and quickly dived before the bullet hit.

     The next moment, Liu Zilang and Maxiz0r, who had just launched into the water, shook their limbs under the water, and they looked at each other head to head...

     The audience in the live and live broadcast room saw this funny scene, and couldn't help but enjoy it for a while.

     "Puff haha, now the two are really hard to differentiate between elder and younger brother."

     "Vic: Demo, do you have this day too?"

     "Maxiz0r is full of face, can't you obediently and honestly let me kill?"

     But underwater is obviously not a place in Chang'an, because after Mossy ran over there quickly, evilly chuckling actually found a grenade...

     The underwater Liu Zilang and Maxiz0r couldn't help but their eyes straightened when they saw this, and they quickly lost one's head out of fear underwater and swam to both sides.

     The two of them have been entangled as soon as they landed, but Mossy has searched a wild area before coming over. Naturally there is thunder and it is not at all surprising...


     String pulling sounded.

     Mossy looked left and right.

     That seems to say, which child will be so lucky next?

     The next moment, after warming up in his hands, Mossy raised his hand and shook it to the right.

     Everyone off the court couldn't help but their eyes widened, and the person on the right was Maxiz0r!


     The grenade entered the water, the fire flashed, and a wave of water exploded in the ear-splitting sound on the river!

     In a blink of an eye,

     A box floated to the surface of the river...

     "Gates-Mossy killed Vega-Maxiz0r with a grenade!"

     In fact, Mossy chose Maxiz0r for this wave, not because of how pleasing Liu Zilang is.

     But the two evils are the less powerful. Maxiz0r is carrying a sprayer behind his back. Mossy subconsciously feels that the threat of this person is greater than that of Liu Zilang.

     Maxiz0r did not expect to kill him. An S1897 that could not even kill anyone would eventually make himself that "lucky kid"...

     However, although Liu Zilang escaped a catastrophe, it did not mean that he was able to escape.

     As an adult, Mosssy said that children only make choices, and I will kill both!

     Next, I saw him holding SCAR-L, following Liu Zilang like a fish.

     This threat is much bigger than Maxiz0r's spray. After all, S1897 needs to be bombed, but SCAR-L does not.

     As long as the opponent held the spray and stared at the water, Liu Zilang didn't even have a chance.

     Mossy was also at ease at this time.

     Friends, I think you should have no oxygen, come up and let me kill, I'm in a hurry!

     But then,

     Liu Zilang swims ah swims...

     Mossy wait and wait...


     But he found something wrong...

     This time is too long!

     Is this guy a fish?As soon as this thought came to mind, the next moment, I saw Liu Zilang under the river suddenly "separation of the qualitative wall".

     The body sank under the water, and the box floated to the surface.

     "4AM-Vic drowned and died!"

     At the age of 89.

     This is rather die than submit!

     For a moment, Mosssy's eyes twitched in the corner of Mosssy's eyes, who was stunned by the river bank.

     And countless audiences all over the world are also dumbfounded...


     You know the people who were killed by bullets, those who fell to death, those who died in the pot, those who were blown to death...

     Even those killed by fists have appeared, but they have never been drowned by water.

      has to say, Liu Zilang once again used his actions to refresh the death record of this World Championship...

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