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736 Is It Because I Am Not Enough?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!

     The picture on the big screen freezes, and the last gunfire seems to still be echoing in the stadium, but there is already a burst of enthusiastic cheers from the surrounding audience.

     As for the last chicken in this game...

     There is some beyond expectation, but it is reasonable.

     That person is Karl of SKK.

     In fact, the reason for beyond expectation is that after Liu Zilang was eliminated in an unbelievable way at the start, everyone felt that Satan, who was defeated in a match, should be the most powerful competitor in this game.

     But he didn't expect Karl to eat chicken in the end.

     But thinking about it, it's normal. After all, Karl, as the captain of SKK, must be without a doubt in terms of strength, so it makes sense that he can eat chicken in the second game.

     However, after a burst of cheers, the audience felt a little melancholy, always feeling that something was missing in the finals.

     Is it because the playing is not intense enough?

     Soon, everyone reacted.

     The reason why they have this kind of feeling is because the man who always makes trouble in the finals is drowned at the beginning of the game...


     Next is the usual inter-game interview.

     When the "big wave" smiled and asked Karl that there's nothing about it in the last game.

     Sure enough, Karl hesitated for a moment said that Liu Zilang was drowned, and he was very sorry for not being able to kill the chicken king in the last game...has to say, European and American audiences still like to listen to this "Flag", so as soon as Karl's voice fell, there was a roar of cheers from the surrounding audience. .

     Kotomi Misaka heard the words, raised her small fist in dissatisfaction, and watched Liu Zilang walking towards the backstage with confidence.


     Next game,

     You must be shit if you are wet!


      After 20 minutes,

     The short break ended.

     Under the notice of the field workers, the players in the background will appear in sequence to prepare for The last battle of today's Solo game.

      At the same time, this is also the "curtain call" of this California World Championship.

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     Master Rong looked at the game screen, "All right, our players are almost ready, and the next wife is about to enter our third game today."

     Ruo Feng Chunfeng said, "Our China team has a gratifying result in this World Championship. We won the 4AM quadruple match. In yesterday's double row exhibition match, the performance of Vic and Menhera sauce also aroused the attention and enthusiasm of entire worlds and realms'. Discuss..."

     "As for today...cough cough cough..."

     Su Changming coughed dryly, "Today's solo Solo game first Vic's performance is still very impressive, but the second game is a bit anxious, it is a typical one that will not die if you don't die..."

     "Yes, then let's take a look at the overall situation of today's game."

     "After the first two games, although Vic won the first game and took the chicken, but in the second game, his ups and downs were too big, so his total score has just entered the top five.""But it's not Karl who is number one in the standings, but Satan, who hasn't eaten chicken in the two games."

     "Well, even though Satan hasn't eaten chicken today, he was in a good state in both games. He ranked in the top three in each game. Coupled with the high number of kills, this point is also the number one point."

     "But Karl is also very competitive. He is currently third in the standings, but the difference between the top three is very small, and only a few head points can catch up."

     "There is also the fourth Ze Shao, haha, it seems that so far today, the title of the strongest Solo king is still a little confused. The top five players have a good chance."

     "However, Vic must be stable in this game. The top three points difference is only a few dozen, but starting from the fourth place, it is almost a hundred points behind. This gap is still relatively difficult to make up."

     "Ye Rong is right. Some viewers may think that a hundred points difference is not too big, but I'm here wants to remind everyone that you are scoring points during the game and others are also scoring points. There is a gap It might get bigger and bigger."

     "Then in other words Vic wants to win the championship, in this game not only must he play well, but also to contain the development of the previous opponents, otherwise it will be useless even if he eats chicken in the end."

     "Well, it is true in theory, unless he can hit a killer point that ignores all opponents, directly making up for the drowning point difference in the second game..."

     "Hehe, ignoring all opponents' kill points against the sky? Hehe, I think this is not realistic, right?""If the test kills can ignore the competitors and make up for the points difference, then Vic's kills in this game are so damn good. In comparison, I think he might as well pray for the previous rival landing into a box. "


     When the three of you on the stage were analyzing the situation on the court, many players were almost there.

     After a while, there was a roar of planes taking off on the field, and PUBG's first California World Championship The last battle Solo officially began.

     This game is an island map.

     The route departs from Port P in the northwest, passing through Shangxia City and Port G, as well as Ruins Water City and P City, including the final terminal airport. It can be said to be a route with a relatively high utilization of map resource points.

     In the cabin of the plane.

     After Liu Zilang glanced at the route, his eyes quickly converged at a certain point in the south.

     That place is called the airport.

     Of course, to be more accurate, it is a Military Base, a first-level resource point on the island map.

     But at the same time,

     Many times there is also a Shura field.

     After the second game ended, as soon as Liu Zilang returned to the lounge, Long Shenjue asked him to "reflection".

     So Liu Zilang sat there thinking for twenty minutes, and finally summed up the fundamental reason why he played so hard in the first two games.

     That is because of oneself, not enough waves!

     In the first game, he jumped to R City. From the very beginning, he lost the heart to fight. In the end, although he ate chicken, the chicken was not enough.

     Not to mention the second game.Thinking that he looks like a chicken king, he was so downhearted that he went to Y City to grab a car in the field, and was drowned alive...

     So in addition to not being too waved, and suppressing his own mind too much, he really doesn't know the reason for what else is there.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang strengthened his determination to go to the airport for this game!

     If the Dragon God knew that Liu Zilang had "reflected" for almost half an hour, and finally reflected on such a result, I am afraid that he would not be able to resist a mouthful of blood!

     However, in the game competition at this time, the plane was traveling along the route, and the number of people in the cabin quickly decreased.

     In a blink of an eye, this transport plane arrived over the airport and was also the terminal of this route.


     With the sound of the wind in his ears, Liu Zilang and the 7-8 people who jumped out of the plane at the end went straight down together.

     And the goal of his trip,

     It's the elevated bridge on the edge of the airport!