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737 Vic Is Wrong For Life
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Looking at the figures in the airport, the three commentators on the stage are also stunned on the spot, slightly open...

     "Vic is really going to jump to the airport? It's too risky, right? This game is like an airport but it's all ‘runaway’"

     "Well, we can see that the players in the airport are all lagging behind in the first two games. Those who want to take a fight in The last battle, bicycle transforms into a motorcycle, will be very confused later."

     "On the contrary, except for Satan who chose Port G, the top ten players are all in a relatively safe place, because they know that the competition for the first-level resource points in this game will be fierce and it is easy to have a box reaction."

     "Well, after all, many players just lag behind in the rankings. It doesn't mean that their strength will be much worse than others. So everyone can avoid it, but will Vic really want to land directly at the airport? I remember he used to be like Have you tried the jungle tricks near the airport?"

     "Oh! That's right at the airport! Vic flew directly over the sky!" Ruofeng's exclaim immediately caught everyone's attention.

     The two people on the stage who were analyzing their guesses couldn't help but stunned, and then smiled bitterly on their faces.

     The audience at the scene and in the live broadcast room also followed the director's camera to stare at the game screen. They wanted to know how Liu Zilang would die at the airport?




     Before Liu Zilang landed,

     I keep thinking so unflinching in my heart.

     But when he fell straight from the top of the elevated ledge, he searched all the way forward, and finally looked at a revolver and a crossbow on his body.

     this moment,

     Liu Zilang's heart is broken...The director needs to control the overall situation, and the shot is naturally impossible until Liu Zilang.

     However, in the early stage of the game, the airport is undoubtedly a resource point for the fierce battle.

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     The director just caught a wave of battles that took place in Building No. 2 in C. A wave of S12K from Pr0phie from Ghost from the "North American Spectre" rushed to the face, and directly took away the TSM player Aimpr who was holding AK suddenly.

     "Awesome! Everyone is really tough in this game!"

     "Huh? Isn't Vic also at the airport? Why haven't you seen his kill screen yet?"

     "This is not already cold..."

     "It shouldn't be, is this guy struggling?"


     Everyone saw that the airport was so lively, but there was no news of Liu Zilang for a long time, and they couldn't help feeling somewhat uncertain.

     At this moment, everything about the director's camera was given to Liu Zilang on the elevated side.

     After seeing what Liu Zilang was holding, everyone was stunned, and immediately laughed overjoyed.

     "Revolver crossbow! This equipment is a fraud!"

     "It's okay for this face to be dark. Could it be that Vic was possessed by McCree and Hanzo in this game?"

     Everyone off the court was teasing.

     In the picture, I saw a person suddenly climbed up on the spiral staircase on the side of the elevated C-shaped building.

     At this time, Liu Zilang was running towards the spiral staircase on that side, and he seemed to want to search there.

     But if he continues to move forward, he is bound to collide with the person who climbed up the spiral staircase.Looking at the ID of the person who climbed up the spiral ladder again, everyone at the scene couldn't help but be confused again!

     Because that person is not someone else,

     It was King Billy who was slashed by Liu Zilang in the first game today in R City. Unexpectedly, the two met again in the third game.

     "Haha, this is really Nie Yuan, I didn't expect the two to meet again."

     "I don't think it's surprising that in the first game, Billy was forced to eat chicken in the opposite direction. He almost didn't score a point. In the second game, he only made the top ten."

     "So if he wants to compete for the first place, he has to fight in the final game. From this point of view, the airport is undoubtedly the best choice."

     "Well, speaking of Billy's strength in this World Championship, he can definitely rank in the top ten. The reason why he is now is really because he met Vic."

     "And I have encountered it again in this game, but this time, I feel that Billy may have the time comes, fortune turns. Vic can kill people with this equipment, but it does not have much lethality."

     While there was a discussion on the stage, the distance between Liu Zilang and Billy on the elevated platform was getting closer and closer.



     Almost at the same time, the two of them heard each other's voices and couldn't help but stop quickly.


     Liu Zilang flashed his body and squatted behind an iron pillar in front of him, watching the direction of the spiral staircase opening vigilantly.

     On the spiral staircase.

     Billy's body fell slightly.

     He chose to jump to the airport in this game, in order to "by killing prove the Dao" like Liu Zilang, relying on high kills to fight for the last strongest Solo king.So there was no tension on his face at this moment, but his eyes were filled with familiar heat.

     One step, two steps...

     Billy hugged the M4 in his hand and slowly touched the position of the spiral staircase. He glanced at extremely quickly, and then quickly retracted.

     At the next moment, he couldn't help being slightly surprised.

      It should be noted, although the elevated pillars can barely be used as shelters, they cannot cover too much.

     Just now Billy saw the huge crossbow behind the opponent with a startling glance.

     Crossbow fighter?

      interesting ...

     Billy licked his lips, his eyes sparkled with excitement, and raised the M4 in his hand.

     The next moment, he suddenly got up from the opening of the spiral staircase, and faced the crazy fire over there.


     The fire snake spit out, and the bullet exploded away like strong wind and swift rain. While making a ding ding dang dang metal tremor, it also splashed a dazzling spark.



     At this moment, a gunshot that sounded abruptly suddenly came, and the figure behind the iron pillar flashed, in a flash, and a bullet burst out suddenly.

     As soon as Billy's gun line was pulled over, the opponent retracted behind the post.

     At the same time, he only heard a "pouch", too late to avoid, a scarlet blood suddenly appeared on his shoulder.

     This gunshot...revolver! ! !

     Crossbow and revolver?

     Prey, it seems more and more interesting...

     After Billy reacted, the gaze behind the pillar in his eyes became hotter!words exceede 5100