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740 It Will Be Like A Full Moon! (under)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

It should be noted, in the game mode of FPP mode, it is the field of vision without any means.

     So in other words, when Jembty on the A-side came back to the door while avoiding Liu Zilang's gun line, he also lost Liu Zilang's vision.

      Thus, Jembty just missed the scene where Liu Zilang threw thunder on the elevated.

     When he heard the "bang bang" gunfire from the elevated revolver, he was slightly surprised, but just like Billy, there was a faint smile on his mouth.

     Crossbow and revolver?

     What an interesting guy.

     Since the other party was going to use the revolver to "snap" him, even though he knew that he was a bit bully with the eightfold 98K, Jembty still held up the gun in his hand.

     Let me tell you.

     What is it!

     The next moment, I saw him leaning forward from behind the door to hold the gun while the gunfire stopped, and raised the muzzle directly at the elevated stand!

     However, at the moment when the lens was opened eight times and looking towards the elevated, the pupils in Jembty's eyes shrank suddenly!

     Because in his eight-fold view,

     There was a black spot in his sight, gradually zooming in... zooming in...


     In a moment of inexplicable astonishment, the first thought that came out of Jembty's mind was...

     The left wheel plays at what time Is it hot?

     and many more!

     As soon as this thought came to his mind, Jembty couldn't help frowned.

     Things do not seem simple.

     The next moment, his whole body shook suddenly!

     What suddenly came to mind!Oh Shet!

     All of a sudden, Jembty with his scalp numb was like a wild dog.

     Quickly turned and hid behind the door.

      At the same time, the director's camera also closely followed the grenade in the air.

     "My God! Vic wants an ultra-long distance shot!"

     "Um... there is a high-throwing extra layer on the elevated, theoretically it can indeed be thrown into the A-story building."

     "Well, I tried this, but it is not easy to say."

     "This height... this angle... I feel hopeful!"

     The voice on the commentary stage just fell.

     In the game screen on the big screen, I saw that the thunder thrown by Liu Zilang drew an iconic "C" in the air, and it flew into the door frame in a flash!

     Thunder is in!

     At this moment, the audience cheered and thunderous!

     In the A building.

     Jembty just ran behind the door and heard a sudden "clang" behind him!

     This is... flying in?

     He suddenly became ill!

     and many more!

     This thunder shouldn't explode so fast, right?

     Thinking of this, Jembty is like a drowning man who grabbed the last one's last hope and rushed towards the corner.

     However, at this moment, a loud sound suddenly "boomed" behind the back, and the intense fire light expanded rapidly!

     The grenade exploded!

     Seeing that Jembty was about to rush into the corner before he had time to be happy, a powerful impact suddenly hit his back. He was shot and flew out, hit the wall with his head, and immediately slid down softly... ."4AM-Vic used a grenade to kill Faze-Jembty!"



     Seeing this ultra-long distance air-to-ground attack, the audience in the live and live broadcast rooms could not help but be in an uproar!

     "Crap! Can it be blown so far?"

     "Isn't this a grenade, or a mortar?"

     "I'll take the cheating! Thor Vic really has something."

     "The key is that this wave of revolver seduce is a real show, Jembty guesses that his mentality has exploded!"

     "Jembty: Everyone, please click to report, this person's bullet will not only get bigger, but it will also explode!"

     "The bullet will explode, okay 2333"


     When everyone was talking and teasing off the court, a kill prompt suddenly appeared on the big screen of the game.

     "AHQ-1nner killed Ghost-PrOphie with UMP9!"

     It turned out that 1nner on the second building took advantage of the gap where PrOphie shot Liu Zilang and started quietly and noiselessly touched up from the south side ladder.

     Then he attacked sideways and took it away before PrOphie could react.


     Liu Zilang also immediately realized the movement of the second building. He saw that PrOphie, who had attacked him with a rifle in front of him, was stolen, and he couldn't help but let out a relaxed breath.


      But at this moment, Liu Zilang looked at the person who stole PrOphie and seemed to climb up the side ladder, and his heart suddenly moved slightly.The next moment, I saw him act without taking time to think and put away the revolver, backhand drew out the crossbow behind him, and then directly aimed at the PrOphie corpse lying on the ground on the top of the second building.

     At this time, the broadcast of the director happened to be here at Liu Zilang. Seeing the picture on the big screen, everyone at the scene couldn't help being slightly surprised, and an idea came up with agree by chance.

     This guy... is it trying to whip the corpse?

     Almost subconsciously...

     Countless viewers in the domestic live broadcast couldn't help but think of a certain "Bai" sniper.

     For a time, the more people thought about it, the more possible it was, and the gaze at Liu Zilang seemed to be looking at a rough...

     "Please! This is the World Championship! Vic should pay attention to international influences!"

     "International influence? I'm sorry, Vic has worked in my life, so why explain to others!"

     "Puff haha, if Nighthawk saw this scene, he would definitely appreciate one another with PrOphie people of talent, right?"


     Immediately afterwards, it was not beyond everyone's expectations!

     Under the camera of the director, I saw Liu Zilang holding the crossbow's crossbow for a moment, then pulled the trigger and shot an arrow like Rainbow Piercing The Sun!


     The crossbow arrow drew a parabola in the air. At such a distance, all the audience could clearly see the trajectory of the crossbow arrow in the air and its fall.

     But has to say, Liu Zilang raised his height and angle just right, fully demonstrating a sniper's strong sense of distance and precise control!

     When everyone saw this, they couldn't help feeling a while.

     Look at others look at you,

     Even the corpse whip is so beautiful!However, just as the guide camera left the crossbow bolt and pulled it up in the air, the scene that caught the eye actually surprised everyone!

     Because at this moment,

     The crossbow arrow is still in the air.

     But 1nner, who had just stole PrOphie, touched it up from the side ladder and ran towards the box next to the corpse in the middle of the building.

     Wait... this is...

     In a trance...

     There seemed to be an electric flash across everyone's mind!

     "My God! Vic's arrow is wine-lover's heart is not in the cup!" On the commentary stage, Lord Rong also exclaimed!

     Is not it! At this moment, entire worlds and realms' countless viewers have reacted!

     Liu Zilang's arrow is not a corpse whip!

     It's the ultimate prediction beyond a thousand miles!

     In an instant, everyone couldn't help but suddenly widened their eyes, staring in shock at the arrow that broke through the sky and the roof of Building No. 2 kept running close to the 1nner next to the corpse box...

     In the next moment, as if dozing off and hitting the pillow, the two sides "be together from the first beat" very tacitly.

     I saw 1nner ran to the box and just bowed his head and slid...

     There was a sudden "poof" in the ear, and then a crossbow arrow plunged into the back of his head!

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