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741 Have A Mine At Home? Sorry! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

words exceede 5100When Liu Zilang fell to his death from the underside of the elevated Billy box and started to lick one after another one after another, the equipment on his body looked completely new in a blink of an eye.

     He was dressed in a dark and shiny three-level suit, and behind him was carrying a three-level bag filled with various first aid kits and drinks.

     He has an M16 in his left hand, a crossbow in his right hand, and a revolver inserted in the arm belt of his thigh.

     That's right!

     After Liu Zilang licked the bag, he still left the crossbow. He is not a person who believes in metaphysics too much, but he is a player who is obsessed with the touch.

     The crossbow in this game has a completely different meaning to him.

     First, a shot pierced thunder on the overhead, allowing him to reverse the deadlock in desperation.

      followed by this beyond a thousand miles, let him get such good equipment without any effort.

     So no matter it is all in all, Liu Zilang feels that he will never abandon the crossbow.

     Unless there is an AM.


     It is best to add a sniper silencer.


     Host the commentary stage.

      "All right, we can see that now the first safe zone has been refreshed."

     "This circle is interesting. It happens to include two long bridges between the east and the west. Looking at it now... it's really hard to say if this is the airport circle."

     "That's right, so judging from the course of this game, whether it's the airport island or the northern land, people don't need to be too anxious to run poison."

     "But now there are not many in the airport. There are three people including Vic. The other two are Savage's assaultman Timid and Avangar's freeman Drainys.""There is also Port N, but there are only two people jumping, one container in each city, and there have been no fights until now. It seems that Port N can no longer fight drugs."

     "Then in this case, I think that during this period of time of the second wave of poison contraction, the place where there are more attritions on the field should still be on the northern land."

     "Yes, they are moving from a large area to a small area by the sea. There will definitely be a lot of friction on the road."


     Following the ebbing of time, during the five minutes or so when the first wave of poison began to shrink.

     The situation on the field was exactly as predicted by the commentary. During the long journey from north to south on the land side, many people ran and met people, and then the two of them started to work.

     As soon as the gunfire sounded, the purest "Dark Forest" law was rapidly amplified infinitely in the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds singles.

     Many people were chasing gunshots, feeling all the way, and then more and more people participated in the battle, and finally developed directly into a "meat grinder" level war...

     After the first wave of poison contraction, the player icons on the map that originally looked densely packed have become sparser and no longer look so dense.

     At the same time, only 68 people survived on the field. This number is basically the same as the number of people who survived the first wave of poisonous contraction in the first two singles today, and there's nothing about it. The ups and downs.

     "Hehe, this circle is obvious. It seems that this game is a land circle on the north coast.""Well, the second safety zone is between the east and west bridges. At present, there is still a part of the sea area in the south part, which provides a springboard for people on the airport island to cross the sea."

     "Yes, but what is strange is that the three people in the airport are still alive now, which seems to be relatively rare with Vic."

     "Hehe, I think it's also possible that Vic exposed the information, which caused the other people to be reluctant to continue fighting with him at the airport."

     "It's really possible. Think about how Vic just killed those two people?"

     "A grenade exploded, and a crossbow headshot, what's the problem?"

     "That's not enough, but anyone who has heard of Vic must not hit his muzzle in this situation, While the green hills last, there'll be wood to burn. Where there's life there's hope. It’s the best choice."

     "It seems to make sense, anyway, I will definitely not be able to change to me."

     "There are still four people left on the airport island that haven't been transferred. One of the two people on the N port left after searching. They have already landed under the east bridge."

     "Now there is only more than a minute left before the poison is broadcast. The four people on Airport Island seem to froze a bit in the East Bridge. Are they really not considering going to the sea?"

     As the commentator looked at the map and analyzed the situation on the field, the director seemed to realize something, and the camera suddenly pulled from the north to the east bridge.

     As soon as the picture came out,

     There was a burst of exclamation at the scene!

     At the end of the east bridge, I saw a small yellow car rushed over crazy snakeskin towards a person beside the bridge rail.And just between the little yellow car and the man, there was another car bouncing straight out of the fire!

     At this moment, I saw the person sitting on the bouncing back seat suddenly.

     Then he knelt on the bungee and took out the rifle, which burst into bursts like a main battle tank.

     Everyone at the scene saw that they were so passionate about playing as soon as they came up, and they couldn't help but mind shook!

     After seeing the ID of the person beside the bridge, everyone couldn't help but shake their hearts again!

     Because the one beside the bridge is no one else, but Liu Zilang who is wearing "4AM-Vic".

     At this time, facing two cars one after the other.

     I saw him holding the M16 without fear, and his backhand was a wave of "ta-ta-ta" shots!

     In an instant, the fire dragon danced wildly in the muzzle.

     Under the rain of bullets,

     That bouncing car is already in sight!

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