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742 One Arrow Deep Throat!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


      with a burst of the explosion of the bouncing engine, the distance between the two sides blinked to be almost within reach!

     "Vic is still playing? Run!"

     "This wave is too ridiculous, even if you knock the opposite side of this wave, you will be killed!"

     "It's over! comes without enough time!"

     Puff puff puff -!

     The bullet penetrated the body and the blood mist flew everywhere!

     "4AM-Vic used M16A4 to kill Savage-Timid!"

     After all, Liu Zilang’s fixed-point blast had the advantage in this wave of sweeping. Compared with the guy kneeling in the back seat, his gun was undoubtedly faster, more accurate and stable!

     However, at the moment he knocked down the man in the back seat, the four-wheel drive bouncing had already rushed to his face. Obviously Timid's wave was playing either the fish dies or the net splits.

     Even if you die, let the hearse take revenge!

      Life and Death Instant!

     It is impossible for Liu Zilang to dodge.

     However, when countless viewers in the domestic live broadcast room have jumped their hearts to the throat,

     I saw Liu Zilang suddenly ran to the fence of Daochang Bridge, and immediately a "monkey on the tree" was actually climbing the fence with both hands, as if he was about to climb down the bridge.

     Is this jumping the bridge?

     Everyone couldn't help but their eyes widened instantly!

     The next moment, just listen to "Kang Dang"!

     The Driverless four-wheel drive bumped into the bridge railing at Liu Zilang's feet, and bounced back.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang, who was about to jump up, suddenly climbed down.

     He just made use of his climbing and lifting movements on the bridge rails to avoid the collision of the four-wheel drive bouncing!hiss-!

     Seeing this thrilling scene between the rising and falling of the rabbit, entire worlds and realms' countless viewers could not help being stunned!

     Even the two European and American commentators on the stage of the game were open-mouthed and inconceivable!

     They really want to know what is in this guy's head? Why is it always possible to reverse the whole battle in this life Hangs by a Thread?

     On the commentary stage of the Huaxia District.

     Rong Ye even clapped and exclaimed, "It is indeed Vic! Unquantifiable spiritual thinking, the perfect combination of waves and Sao!"

     Upon hearing Lord Rong’s words, Ruofeng couldn’t help but coughed dryly, “Ahem...this...I think it’s more appropriate to use eclectic tactics.”

     "Wait, but the little yellow car behind has also rushed over!"

     "My God! This is for a second impact!"

     "What did Vic say about this wave, do you want one more time?"

     In the exclamation of the explanation!

     I saw Drainys, who was driving a small yellow car behind him, bumped into a bull and slammed directly behind the bouncing butt of the four-wheel drive in front of Liu Zilang.

     In an instant!

     That bouncing car was like a "thousand-year kill" from the back, and it rushed towards Liu Zi.

      Between flash of lightning and morning dew, Liu Zilang did not "monkey on the tree" again.

     I saw him suddenly jumped sideways on the front seat of the bounce at the moment the bounce car came, avoiding the opponent's two consecutive collisions to the limit!

     Drainys was surprised when he saw this!

      he couldn't think Liu Zilang actually avoided his death collision inconceivable by getting into the car.But the next moment, Drainys reacted extremely quickly to all the co-pilots, and immediately leaned out of the car window, raising the muzzle in his hand directly and straightforwardly!

     "No! Drainys is going to hit the car directly!"

     "My God! This player's reaction is too fast!"

     The exclaim on the commentary stage just sounded,

     Violently with a grunting sound it stops!

     At the next moment, everyone's eyes widened hard to believe!

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw that Liu Zilang was actually backhanded and bounced back to the back seat in seconds when the opponent was gaining the initiative by striking first. While avoiding a wave of shooting, he quickly drew out the huge crossbow from behind!

      It should be noted, the situation on the court at this time was that the four-wheel drive was bumped into by a small yellow car and the two were close together.

      Thus, as soon as Liu Zilang's crossbow was lifted, the exposed crossbow bolt seemed to squeeze into Drainys's mouth leaning out of the second position window.

     Oh oh oh!

     Drainys panicked.

     His eyes widened suddenly!


     However, he hadn't had time to close back,

     The crashing sound of the crossbow arrows echoed in the air full of gunpowder smell!

     In an instant, a crossbow arrow shot out, and instantly passed through Drianys' mouth!

     "4AM-Vic killed Avangar-Drianys with a crossbow headshot!"


      In the game screen, Liu Zilangchang, whose blood volume was also beaten by the opponent less than half, let out a relaxed breath!He looked at Drianys with a crossbow bolt in front of his head hanging on the door, raised his eyebrows, and whistled leisurely in his mouth.

     In this game,

      there's nothing about it is a thing that cannot be solved.

     If so, then another arrow.

     At this time, the director just gave the player the shot.

     At first, everyone thought that Liu Zilang's mortal danger, escape alive must be panting heavily with his pounding heart, but I didn't expect this guy to be such a frivolous appearance!

     "Puff haha! Vic's ratio is a typical remember to eat or not to beat!"

     "This guy is really too cheap! Seeing that I kind of went up and beat him."

     "Don't let Vic know what you think, otherwise he will be very happy. The most favorite thing to see is the way you want to fight but can't hit him..."

     "Bah! What a superficial guy!"

     "By the way, the crossbow is really fierce! Does Vic use the crossbow to eat chicken in this game?"

     "It's only the second lap that I want to eat chicken. I beg you to stop milking."


     In any case, Liu Zilang can finally claim that he is the "machine fighter" of this game after killing the two people at the bridge end of Dongqiao near the airport.

     Because of the eight people at the airport in this game, he was the only one who survived.

     But at this time on the airport island there is still one. The player from Port N saw the fierce fight at the end of the bridge, watching the fires burning across the river at the crossroads at the end of the Dongqiao Airport.

     At this time, the last "pigskin bully" who saw Qiaotou survived was Liu Zilang.

     The man's heart trembled suddenly,Quickly moved towards the crossroads, and fumbled towards the sea.

     Obviously, he is planning to find a ship.

     However, he wanted to avoid Liu Zilang, but he didn't know that Liu Zilang had been eyeing him long ago.

     After all, Liu Zilang was the first person to come to Qiaotou just now, so it is not difficult to find someone secretly parked the car at the intersection of Qiaotou.

     If it weren't for the bouncer and the little yellow car coming too fast, Liu Zilang would not have asked him to go.

     Seeing the other party slipping furtively towards the beach, obviously wanting to sail across the sea, Liu Zilang, who had just slid the two boxes, jumped into the small yellow car and rushed over the bridge with a kick and turned rushed over.

     "Oh! There is still one person by the river under the bridge!"

     "Wait! This person seems familiar!"

     "It's Aluka from 4AM!"

     After the commentary fell, the bullet screen in the domestic live broadcast room suddenly became lively.

     This is really fate!

     In addition to the four-row team competition in this World Championship, 4AM internal fighting seems to have become a reserved item, and you can see it in almost every game.

     But I just don’t know what the deer falls between Liu Zilang and boxing champion Aluka this time...

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