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743 Coronation Of A New Generation Of Thor?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com



     A car horn honked.

     Aluka abandoned the car and walked this time, thinking about playing but sneak through the passage of Chencang, but did not expect that Liu Zilang on the bridge would have spotted him a long time ago, but at this time he drove the car and chased him all the way with his horn. Come up.

     The situation is as if you just got off the train, and a black car driver chased after you with his horn and asked.

     Do you want to get in the car?

     I'm on your brother-in-law!

     When Aluka heard the whistle, he couldn't help but complexion turned black.

     This guy is bully intolerably!

      Thought until here, he ran away without sullen his head.

     I saw Aluka directly turned around and took out his gun, and there was a wave of fixed-point pressure guns.

     "Oh! Aluka is going to fight back!"

     "Yes, the situation on the court now is that Aluka knows Vic, but Vic doesn't know that it is Aluka. This is also an invisible advantage in information for Aluka."

     "Is Vic still rushing forward! Does he want to drive straight into it?"

     "Crash by car? It's too cruel, right? I think it's likely to be swept down."

     In the game competition, Liu Zilang, who was driving a small yellow car, suddenly showed off his skills after approaching, and there was a wave of ultimate drift.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     Suddenly, I saw a frenzied friction between the tires and the ground, and suddenly patted Aluka.

     However, in this wave of Aluka know yourself, know your enemy, after knowing who came, he knew in his heart that since the opponent dared to rush over, it would not be so easy to be swept down by himself.So he has been secretly vigilant.

     At this moment, it looked like Liu Zilang was "taking off his pants", and Aluka quickly reacted, hurriedly lowered his gun, covered his butt, and flashed aside.

     "This person responded very quickly!"

     In the little yellow car.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help being slightly surprised when he saw that the other party was avoiding his drifting tail.

     But the next moment, he raised the eyebrow.

     After the little yellow car flicked its tail, the castration was not exhausted. Liu Zilang in the driving position stepped on the accelerator!

     Suddenly, the wheels rubbed on the beach, and then they rammed backwards.

     From the God's perspective of the director, I saw that Liu Zilang's tail-drifting and emergency reversing seemed to have drawn a mysterious number on the beach!

     That is "7"!

     For a while, the domestic audience became excited, and countless "7" and "Se7en" barrages appeared in the live broadcast room...

     But as a teammate, Aluka never let go of his vigilance towards Liu Zilang.

     At the moment when the opponent reversed, he made another big jump, avoiding the opponent's collision again!

     At this moment, Liu Zilang is really somewhat astonished.

     He didn't know that the other party was Aluka, and thought that the other party had escaped this wave of "7" roundabout killings entirely by his reaction and consciousness.

     So although I don’t know who the other party is at this time,

     But for enemies of this level, Liu Zilang's heart quickly raise the spirits!

     The next moment, he saw his hand beating on the keyboard extremely fast, and the person in the game had already switched from the driving position to the second position.as expected.

     After Aluka flashed the collision sideways, he quickly cut out the M4 on his body, and hit the driving position of the small yellow car with his backhand, which was a wave of "sudden" bursts.

     However, Liu Zilang cut his seat in seconds like a seer, and avoided Aruaka's fire to the limit.

     Seeing the other side dodge, Aluka's side naturally pulled his center and aimed at the co-pilot.

     However, Liu Zilang did not play the same old trick and switched seats again, but jumped out of the car.

     At this time, the speed of the car was already extremely slow, and Liu Zilang would naturally not lose any blood after jumping off the car.

     But at this time the little yellow car still retreated with inertia. Liu Zilang squatted quickly, cutting the gun while following the little yellow car.

     This is the only cover between him and the other party.

     Once the little yellow car had slipped away, the two had to face each other's guns.

     For Aluka, this is naturally the same.

     So next, under the camera of the director, I saw the little yellow car that was retreating towards the beach.

     Liu Zilang and Aluka moved with the car.

     While walking,

     One side is separated by two car windows,

     Crazy dodge against the gun.

     All of a sudden, the little yellow car was beaten "ding dong", splashing numerous eye-catching sparks!

     "Holy shit, this is too chicken!"

     "It's a 4AM civil war! It's a different fight."

     "Vic was so embarrassed that this wave of car skills was completely resolved by Aru."

     "What do you say now? If you continue to fight, I feel like the car exploded!""I don't think it will explode. Didn't you find that this car is going to sea?"

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw the little yellow car that was going backwards drifting away from the shore, and it was about to fall into the sea.

     Although Liu Zilang and Aluka on both sides of the car seemed to be fighting fiercely, there was a car in the middle, and neither of them actually lost much blood.


     At this moment, the little yellow car finally slid down the slope into the sea, and Liu Zilang and Aluka could only follow into the sea.

     So no matter who they stop, it is tantamount to voluntarily giving up the bunker, and then they will face the other side's ruthless firepower.

     But going to the sea is not the solution to the problem. At this moment, Aluka suddenly divine light flashes!

     A bold idea came to mind.

     At the next moment, he suddenly put his gun away next to the small yellow car, and slipped a grenade out of his hand without sensuality.

     Da Da Da—!


     Under the cover of gunshots from Liu Zilang on the opposite side,

     Aluka opened the lead directly, and the grenade began to warm up in his hand.

     Through the director's God's perspective, the commentary on stage naturally realized his action clearly.

     "Oh! Aru wants to take the opportunity to throw thunder!"

     "This Thunder has a chance! Vic just happened to shoot. He probably hadn't noticed that Aluka had pulled the wire."

     "Hehe, if Aluka is to throw this wave, it should be a low-throwing hooker."

     "Well, it seems that 4AM players are very good now, even Aluka has played hook grenade.""Hehe, I suddenly looked forward to it, do you think this wave of Vic's Thor legend will be ended, and the new generation of Thor Aru will be crowned!"

     Along with the commentary, many spectators on the scene couldn't help but stare at the game screen.

     At this moment, following the little yellow car towards Aluka, which was slowly moving in the sea, the fragmentation grenade in his hand seemed to warm up almost there.

     However, at that moment when he was about to raise his hand, something happened that made everyone couldn't think!

     In the game screen on the big screen.

     Seeing that Aluka's hand was about to be lifted, Lei hadn't thrown it out, and his body was submerged in the sea, and he suddenly made a floating movement with both hands.

     At this moment, Aluka just felt his head "buzzing" all of a sudden, and suddenly the whole person was bad!

     If it is in normal times, this is a normal phenomenon in the only one game. When people go into the water, they will naturally make such swimming moves as they slowly deepen.

     But at this moment,

     Aluka’s situation is somewhat different.

     do not forget!

      in his hand but holding a cord grenade!

     People cannot use any weapons to throw objects and medical supplies while floating.

     So naturally, the grenade that was about to be thrown was held in the hands of Aluka's moving water...

     In the next moment, just listen to "boom" a loud sound!

     After the sea crashed into a thousand waves,

     On the water next to the car, only a floating box was left...

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