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749 Arrow Of Kindness! (3/3)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

M city west, farm plain.

     Looking at the safety zone getting closer and closer, the assaulter Evan from the North American Underhood team opened his backpack.

     He counted the only four bandages left in the bag, but he couldn't help but let out a relaxed breath.

     Well, it should be enough.

     If the audience off the field sees this scene, I am afraid they can't help but feel sad.

     This child has been too hard.

     Especially compared to someone who drove a happy motorcycle in the poisonous wind and poured a bottle of Red Bull with "gūlū gūlū" every a period of time.

     It's so poor that people want to cry.

     In this game, Evan floated high to the jungle near the northern shooting range. Unfortunately, his luck was relatively bad.

     Either he has no car on this road, or he has a car and was Me First.

     This caused him to be in the first wave of poison during the second circle of brushing, and he was still in the second wave of poison when he was brushed in the third circle.

     In fact, if you want to be serious, there are not many vehicles in the island map. If it is a four-row team competition, basically every team can find two or three vehicles in the early stage of the competition.

     However, in single-row matches, the number of vehicles is somewhat pulling on the lapels exposes the elbows, which is in a state where there are more wolves and less meat.

     The most direct consequence of this is that many people like Evan are far away from the circle and have no cars.

     Can only run the farthest lap,

     Carry the most painful poison.

     At this time, the happy motorcycle that came and went like a wind in the poison was obviously aimed at these people.

     In fact, as a professional player, even if you haven't encountered it in the game, everyone knows how this situation exists when the game resumes after the game.It stands to reason that these people who carry drugs and run laps are naturally the most suitable targets.

     But the reason why no one is going to do this is not that everyone can't bear to hunt down those "poor players" who don't have a car anymore, but that no one wants to take this risk.

     In PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, most people see that the poisonous first reaction must be too late to avoid.

     Who is okay to wander around in there?

     Isn't that too long?

     And if you really want to snipe these people, the card poison side can also snipe.

     It's just that relatively speaking may be more luck, but it's definitely safer than running into poison to find someone. After all, if the ship capsizes in poison, it will be completely cold.

     But among these people,

     But not including the first aid medicine on his body, enough to open a small shop, Liu Zilang is still anxious to hunt people.

     And Evan, who was about to enter the circle, was never expected. Someone actually rode a motorcycle on a deranged patrol.

     So when Liu Zilang found the target, he suddenly rushed out from the side.

     The first reaction in Evan's mind is, this person is not running poison, right?

     But soon, he found out that he was wrong.

     Liu Zilang's look at Langgu, no matter how it doesn't look like a poisonous...

     Suddenly, Evan raised the spirits in his heart and became extremely vigilant, even ready to fight to the death.

     However, what puzzled him next was,

     Liu Zilang looked obstinate, but instead of riding his bike straight up, he whizzed and wiped past him not far away.

     ? ? ?At the moment when Liu Zilang passed by Liu Zilang, the fully guarded Evan looked at the man who looked like the wind. He suddenly became a little messy in the wind...

     What the hell is this special cat?


     Speed party?

     It wasn't until the sound of the car gradually disappeared to the corner of the house in the distance that Evan, who had been nervous, relaxed a little.

     However, he glanced at his own blood volume, but he couldn't help feeling panicked, and ran forward a few steps to find a place, first put a bandage on it.

     And when Evan put the bandage on,

     Suddenly there was a soft "swish" in the air, as if a cool breeze came slowly from behind.

     Evan, who was squatting on the ground, only felt a huge force coming from behind, and he couldn't help leaning forward!

     The moment I lower my head,

     His pupils shrank suddenly.

     A thin and long arrow, at some point, has penetrated his chest.


     Evan whose blood volume was instantly emptied before he could think carefully, his knees were already weakened, and he fell directly to the ground.

     My special law?

     Where does this old yin ratio come from?

      At this moment, Evan just feels that he is all bad!

     He never thought that Liu Zilang, who was clearly past, would stop his motorcycle and give him an arrow backhand.

     Seeing this scene, the barrage in the domestic live broadcast room also exploded.

     "Wow! Vic is too rough! This is the real hard to avoid the arrow in the dark!"

     "This ratio is simply deranged, this method of death is simply too awkward!"

     "The man riding a motorcycle, advise you to be kind!""Vic said that labor and management used a crossbow to prevent the deceased from being frightened and pass away without pain. Isn't that kind enough?"


     In the game, Liu Zilang was riding a motorcycle excitedly rush forward after stealing the person from behind with an arrow.

     Although he is not worried about eating and drinking now,

     But in the case of ample space, there are always not too many things like supplies.

     After all, you are in poison, "supporting war with war" is the last word to break into a house for robbery, sustainable development.

     However, when "Red Dead Redemption" Liu Zilang came over excitedly on a motorcycle and looked at the only three bandages in the box in front of him.

     His face turned green all of a sudden...

     This is so even if you don't count the fuel cost of the motorcycle, it is not enough to pay for it.

     But thinking of the number of kills the other party contributed to him, Liu Zilang felt a little more comfortable.

     At last he was not too depressed, even though Evan was already depressed and about to vomit blood.


     In the following time, Liu Zilang used the same method to wander around the poison side.

     Whenever he met someone, he first came to "pass by", and then came back to the horse arrow.

     This is undoubtedly much safer than riding a motorcycle directly.

     And if he is really stunned, even if Liu Zilang can hold it, he won't be able to hold the motorcycle after a few waves.

     Another point has to say is Liu Zilang's analysis of the players' psychology.

     Generally, it is like people who have not entered the circle in the poison at this time, and most of them are not in a good state. The first thing people think about is it is better to avoid unnecessary trouble.As long as Liu Zilang shows a "passing" appearance, the other party will definitely be happy to see it, so that he has the opportunity to take advantage of innocence to get between the sheets from behind.

     When the third wave of poison on the field began to shrink and Liu Zilang finally ended his "hunting trip", the number of kills also came to eleven.

     Obviously, this wave of poisonous patrols made him profitable, and directly pulled the number of kills into the top three.

     After a while, the third wave of poisonous contraction on the field ended, and the fourth safe zone was refreshed.

     This circle is brushed in the middle part of the East Bridge and West Bridge land blocks, that is, the area around the farm. There is basically no safe zone in the sea to the south.

     Just in the second and third waves of poison, the number of people on the court experienced a sharp drop again. In this circle, including Liu Zilang, there were only 39 people.

      At this moment, Liu Zilang should consider not only how to hunt, but how he should survive while hunting.

      Thought until here, he glanced at the map and quickly rode his motorcycle towards the barn on the farm side.

      It's too dangerous to wander around at this time. Finding a place to shoot is the most correct choice.

     Of course, Liu Zilang riding a motorcycle must use his mobility to find a best position in front of others.

     However, what Liu Zilang didn't know was that in the second-story barn he had selected, an "old acquaintance" was staring at his roaring motorcycle.



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