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755 The Chicken King On The Cliff! (Top) 3/3
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Seeing Liu Zilang's "shadow clone" of smoke threaten the east and strike to the west, it was actually do sth when least expected to take Li Muqiu away.

     The two European and American commentators on the scene couldn't help but open their mouths for a while, looking like two dumb-headed geese...

      has to say, where have they been commenting on European and American tournaments for many years, have they seen such "tactical ghosts", they don't play cards according to common sense at all!

     And that moment when Li Muqiu was brought down,

     It's like being born when a person dies, and flat images will emerge one after another in the mind.

     At this time, his mind was also like a slide show, playing back the scene of Liu Zilang throwing cigarettes one by one, and finally appeared behind him...

     After a while,

     He couldn't help but sighed saying.

      in the end still underestimated the shamelessness of this guy, it's really so dirty!

      thought until here,

     He couldn't help looking at the sky for a while.


     In the game.

     Liu Zilang, who is licking his bag while praising himself for his wit, is there's nothing about it shameless guilt.

     Tactical this stuff.

     Not dirty, how is it called a tactic?

     After licking a wave of packets,

     The poison is already on the ass.

     However, Liu Zilang didn't rush to run. Instead, he poured a drink and filled the energy bar before sprinting into the safe zone with the poison.

      This time, without a cover, sprinting into the safe zone is undoubtedly extremely dangerous.

     As long as someone notices the poison, he will fall into a huge passive state.

     An accident,

     May died on the spot.But there is no way, being dragged by the "melon skin" of Li Muqiu, Liu Zilang can only run after getting him, or else he is really an internal trouble and outside aggression.

     So if you change the point of view, his situation will be improved at this time...

     On the stage of the host of Huaxia District.

     "Vic has been poisoned now, but he is already at the center point. Although this distance is not close, it is not far."

     "Yes, I think the penultimate wave of poison is actually good, and it's not as painful as I imagined. The biggest difficulty Vic is about to face is the obstacle on the way to the circle.

     "Well, although the footage of the director was not given, we can see that there are still 21 people left on the court. The probability of Vic meeting someone is still quite high."

     "In addition, for Vic, there is still one. The unfortunate news is that the players who are ahead of him in the first two games, Satan and Karl and Ze Shao... these people are still alive, so It means Vic this time must not fall."

     "Oh! Look, there are really people on the poison side!"

     "My God! It's Captain Karl, it's really when it rains, it pours."

     "Most of Karl's attention is out of poison, so it might be difficult for Vic to enter the circle safely."


     Seeing this scene under the director's lens, the heartbeat of the audience in the domestic live broadcast room could not help but speed up.

     It's like seeing someone walking a tightrope high in the sky without any protective measures. No one knows where a mountain breeze will suddenly blow in the next moment.At this moment, the director's camera was suddenly pulled back from the wave of kills on the cliff, and once again gave Liu Zilang the poisonous side position.


     Everyone off the court couldn't help being surprised!

     It is indeed found.

     But Liu Zilang is one step ahead of Karl.

     Found each other.

     He did not choose to forcefully confront the opponent in the poison, but quickly slipped a grenade out of the palm of his hand, and the person was running and jumping, raising his hand and throwing it towards the poison.

     Cang Dang!

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

     When the smoke fell, Karl naturally noticed Liu Zilang coming from the northeast.

     But the two are not close,

     As soon as he opened the lens and fired two shots, his field of vision was filled with white smoke.

     Liu Zilang seized the opportunity and sprinted straight away.

     Karl frowned slightly when he saw this.

     He didn't know who came in from outside the circle, but everyone who came in was divided, and there was no reason to refuse.

     I saw him pulling away to the side and drawing out a grenade with his gun.

     In my mind, when the opponent was almost out of the poison, he directly raised his hand and threw a grenade.


     A grenade slipped out of his palm again.

     Obviously, Karl is preparing to become a "bomber" in this wave.

     According to the normal script, Liu Zilang must not have much blood left in the smoke from the poison.

     Then Karl these thunders went out,

     Even if he didn't blow up, he still hopes to take Liu Zilang away directly if he touches him.However, he overlooked one point. Liu Zilang has never been a "script-type" player. He throwing cigarettes here is completely obscured, for fool people.

     According to the director’s God's perspective, after throwing out the smoke, he caught the opponent’s sight and ran obliquely behind the smoke, lay down directly on the ground, and tied up the first aid kit first.

     Boom boom!

      In a burst of loud sounds,

     The violent flames rose in the smoke.


     Karl, holding the last thunder in his hand, couldn't help but brows tightly frowns.

     With his keen sense of smell, this time how can it be hasn’t been found, right?

     The next moment, I saw Karl slowly put the grenade back, not a word or movement, pulling out the sister controller from behind again, and his eyes scanned the grass around the smoke warily.

     "Haha, Vic is a trick to eat fresh all over the sky, this wave shows Karl again, Qiu Shen can look down in the sky."

     "But Karl currently already found something wrong. It seems that he guessed that Vic was lying on the surrounding grass, but he never thought that Vic was still in the poison."

     "Oh! Vic gave a first aid kit. He has gotten in from the poison."

     "Smoke this time, isn't he afraid of Karl throwing thunder again?"

     Accompanied by a slightly puzzled commentary.

     On the big screen of the game, after Liu Zilang got up from the poison, his steps quickly changed from walking to running, and at the same time he reached out and pulled out the crossbow behind him.

     At the next moment, I saw others not staying, grandeur rushed over in Karl's direction like rainbow.It should be noted, once the smoke comes out, the two people don't have any cover, then in other words, Liu Zilang wants to face each other head-on!


     Seeing this abruptly arising scene, the biggest reaction is naturally the live European and American commentary and audience.

     After today’s three games,

     They are used to seeing Liu Zilang's "scheming and cunning", all kinds of tricks have the words at hand.


     It was discovered that Liu Zilang's painting style suddenly changed and he became a macho like Stallone.

     It is inevitable that there is some discomfort in my heart.

     But at this moment, I saw Liu Zilang holding the advance courageously crossbow, but he had already touched the layer of tulle on the edge of the smoke.

      At the same time, Karl, who was holding his sister-in-law, shrank his pupils, immediately realized that it was wrong!

     In the next moment, he drew his heart like a flash of lightning.

     Towards the edge of the smoke, there is a burst of eight-fold automatic sister-controlled pressure gun!


     The muzzle of the fire dragon danced wildly, the bullets rustled like rain!

     However, the next moment, Liu Zilang rushed out of smoke. And almost the moment he rushed out of the smoke, there was the sound of a crossbow collapsing!

     People out!

     Arrows are also out!


      Between flash of lightning, morning dew, a flash of light suddenly cut through the grass and shot towards Karl's door!

     Karl was holding the mouse and pressing down on the eight-fold sister in his hand. When he reacted, the arrow of the crossbow had already submerged in his head.


     The dark and thick third-level head shattered!Karl, with a crossbow arrow stuck in his head, couldn't help but fell down ...

     "4AM-Vic killed SKK-Karl with a crossbow headshot!"


     Seeing the scene of "arrow blood sealing the throat", there was a burst of uncontrollable exclamation all around the venue!

     No one would have thought that Liu Zilang would take away the third place in the first two standings with an arrow in such a fierce way!

     And before that, the surrounding radiation also coincides with the boundary of the safe zone. Everyone who recovered his wits off the field looked intently and could not help but make another inhalation sound.

     Because of the Second Last circle,

     Awesomely brushed on the cliff by the sea.


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