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756 The Chicken King On The Cliff! (in)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

On the cliff by the sea.

      In the Second Last finals, Liu Zilang got stuck behind a rock on the edge of the cliff.

     From his position, it is safer to catch the people behind the right side, because there is a rock on one side and a cliff on the other side. In theory, no one can get up.

     At this time, in his hand was holding a sister who had just licked from Karl, and behind him was an exaggerated crossbow. As for the M16, he had already abandoned it.

     After all, sister control is fully automatic, not only is more powerful than M16, but the rate of fire is not much slower, in this case he naturally has no reason not to change.

     The reason why he still carries the crossbow is because in the single row, the more he needs to be concealed, the Highest Profound Truth in the single row can kill people invisible.

     Crossbow at a certain moment,

     Can achieve this effect.

     Of course, the premise is that you have to shoot accurately.

     Liu Zilang is undoubtedly one of the few crossbow players who has a relatively thorough understanding of the accuracy and ballistics of the crossbow.

     Also has to say yes.

     The reason why he was able to touch here noiselessly from the third circle just now, the crossbow can be said to have done a great job, the only pity is that there are not many arrows left on him at this time.

     After all, apart from Liu Zilang in this game, no one else will wear a crossbow in the middle and late stages.

     He can't pull out the crossbow bolt from the head or body while licking the bag and use it again.

     Naturally, the number of shots decreased along the way, and it became a consumable that could not be replenished except for special channels like AM's Magnum bullet.Host the commentary stage.

     "We can see that there are only 16 players left on the field. The circle is a little beyond expectation. I didn't expect to be in the cliff position."

     "Well, the inside and outside circles are about half each. There are only fifteen seconds left before the next wave of poisoning. The players who are still outside the circle must choose a route and transfer as soon as possible."

     "Yes, oh! Someone is driving?"

     "It's Ubah, do you still dare to drive in the finals? What does this hunk from NAVI want to do?"

     "He's already activated! Wait! Ubah seems to be rushing in Vic's direction!"

     Human thinking often sparks. For example, in the current wave, Ubah is obviously sparking with Liu Zilang.

     He took a fancy to Liu Zilang's choice, so he decided to drive recklessly and jump in blindly.

     Beside the rock on the cliff.

     Hearing the roar of engines from far to near, Liu Zilang turned his head and glanced, and was shocked.

     This is a huge cliff,

     Go at them if you have the ability!

     But looking at the look of that jeep obstinate,

     Liu Zilang knew that the only way to "friendly negotiation" with the other party at this time was to raise his gun to declare sovereignty and let the other party know the man and retreat.

     Da Da Da—!

     The eight-fold mirror was turned on, and the pinpoint was flicked, Liu Zilang lifted his sister to fire a burst of pressure.

     In fact, Liu Zilang was not the only one shooting at this time.

     After all, in the finals, he drove when he didn't agree with him.

     The top frame tinkling!

     Puff—!Suddenly, the jeep sparks scatter and made a trembling sound.

     Ubah in the driver's seat was hit by a stray bullet from an unknown source, and a bloody mist burst out of his body, and the blood bar instantly dropped a little.

     But Ubah clenched the teeth off. Looking straight ahead, there was a faint breath of determination.

     Two evils, whichever is the least!

      At this time, he felt that instead of parking on the open space, he might as well rush to the destination.

      life and death are ruled by fate riches and honor are ruled by the heaven!


      has to say, Ubah, a player from fighting race, is still very bachelor spirit.

     Of course, if he knows who the person is in front of him, I am afraid he will not so think.

     However ignorance is a bliss.

     This wave of Ubah's desperate Saburo-style violent fighting, really made Liu Zilang a no time to deal with it.

     Because he also hadn't thought that the other party actually survived the snakeskin car skills under this kind of fire, and he continued to rush forward towards him with a dead pig doesn't fear scalding water.

      At this time, the flaws of the gun that sister controlled the car were exposed.

     That is, the capacity of the magazine is too small,

     With the expansion, there are only 20 rounds.

     These twenty rounds are used to hit people, and it takes only two or three shots to knock down one.

     But used to hit a snake skin jeep,

     At the ultra-fast, fully automatic rate of fire, Liu Zilang's magazines were exhausted in a blink of an eye by pressing the left button.

     At this moment, Ubah and Liu Zilang are very close. Seeing the man in front of him hit the bullet, in his eyes a flash of light flashed!

     Stop me!

     dead!In the game screen on the big screen.

     I saw that fast as lightning jeep dragged a long black smoke, unstoppably rush forward towards Liu Zilang, which was obviously intended to be directly crushed by a bulldozer.

     Seeing this scene of Thrilling Stimulation, the audience could not help but cried out in surprise!

     "Wow! Is fighting race so fierce?"

     "Vic has no bullets, this time change comes without enough time!"

     "I'm going! He is using the revolver again, is McDaddy going online again?"

     "But this do I feel that Vic will be knocked into the air even if he knocks out someone!"

      It should be noted, at this time the distance between the two parties is already within ten meters. For a car rushing at 120 kilometers per hour at full speed, it is almost a blink of an eye.

     Therefore, Liu Zilang, who pulled out the revolver between Life and Death Instant, seems to feel like burn both jade and common stone.

     But on this occasion of Life Hangs by a Thread,

     Liu Zilang did not shoot, but turned and ran towards the edge of the cliff behind him.


     The corner of Ubah's mouth in the driving seat of the jeep was slightly cocked, and a trace of a sneer appeared.

     Can you make it?

     Indeed comes without enough time.

     In fact, just two steps after Liu Zilang ran, the jeep behind him almost hit his ass.

     However, at this moment, Liu Zilang did an operation that no one hadn't thought.

     He suddenly leaned forward and squatted directly on the ground.

     And the two steps he just ran just happened to cross a slightly convex rock on the edge of the cliff.In the next instant, the front wheel of the jeep dashed up against the rock, and the front of the car suddenly jumped up suddenly!

     that's it,

     One down,

     One jump up!

     At this moment when the two sides are about to get in close contact with each other, the slightest difference is actually staggered!


     Because the speed is too fast.

     Ubah used to flick its tail and stop the car on the edge of the cliff, but now he jumps up suddenly and the car is in the air. There is no way to use it...

     This is really a Chihuahua!

     In a blink of an eye, the car rushed out of the cliff!

     This is not the car I want!

     But at this moment, even if the car door was not welded to death, Ubah could only close his eyes as if resigning, hoping that the car would fall into the sea to offset part of the impact and survive.

     Because he jumped the car, it was mortal!

      At the same time, Lord Rong on the commentary stage saw this extremely extreme scene, and couldn't help taking a breath.

     "Vic... even the terrain is used? This is also a show!?"

     His voice just fell,

     Suddenly a loud sound came from the scene!

     At the next moment, two System Notifications suddenly appeared on the screen, both of which were kill messages starting with "4AM-Vic".

     and many more! !

     Why are there two! ?