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757 The Chicken King On The Cliff! (under)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

"4AM-Vic used R1895 to detonate the vehicle and killed NAVI-Ubah!"

     "4AM-Vic used R1895 to detonate the vehicle and killed AHQ-K3!"


     Everyone off the court looked up at this double kill in a daze, but for a moment they were a little confused!

     The revolver blasts the car...

     Well, this can understand.

     After all, Ubah’s Jeep had already smoked black smoke, and Liu Zilang’s revolver was of the “Meat Daddy” level. It seemed not unusual to blow up a car.

     The point is,

     The extra kill is what's going on?

     The footage that was broadcast on the big screen just now is replaying Liu Zilang's use of the terrain to show the limit of the turbulent water flow, and the audience at the scene also watched in awe.

     Everyone hadn't thought, just in a blink of an eye, there were two kills on the screen...

     And when everyone in the live and the live room was full of black question marks, the live director quickly gave a replay of the kills just now.

     Under the playback lens of the big screen.

     The moment the car flew over Liu Zilang's head, Liu Zilang climbed up from the ground extremely quickly, and immediately raised his revolver to take aim, and shot at the jeep that flew out of the cliff with a burst of "bang Bang Bang"!

     Just as the Jeep was about to fall into the sea, Liu Zilang's revolver's muzzle flashed, and a 7.62mm bullet was exploded again.


     The jeep suddenly swelled into a group of dazzling flames, and the waves of fire and impact exploded and spread around, and the whole car instantly turned into a "chariot of the dead".At this moment, countless audiences off the court were also stunned!

     They were surprised that it was not the ear-splitting in front of the jeep, the mighty explosion, but the figure in the sea under the poisonous side of the jeep...

     That's right.

     That person is K3 of AHQ.

     After K3 brushed in the Second Last circle, he decided to start the ranking first.

     You must know that this version of bullets cannot penetrate the surface of the water, so unless someone deliberately fries fish against him, the sea is undoubtedly an excellent "position".

     However, he never expected

     Before I had time to take my first breath, I had a sudden and unexpected disaster...

      In this brief moment, K3's heart is broken.

     The countless viewers in the live and domestic live broadcast rooms have their eyes widened, and their faces are dumbfounded!

     "I'm a Buddha! Anything special?"

     "Distressed for a wave of K3, who did I piss off?"

     "Who did I piss off is not important, the important thing is that you met a hot man!"

     "This wave of Uabh is also a quick turn into a hearse, puff haha, LMAO!"

     "Take notes! Next time anyone dares to hit me, labor and capital will show up."

     "The brother who took notes earlier can have a snack. Can ordinary people learn Vic's operation?"

     "2333 I already feel a cool breath..."


     On the edge of the cliff.

      Liu Zilang, who was mortal danger, escape alive, let out a long sigh of relief. He was also a little shocked just now. He didn't expect that the other party would actually have a "kill one get one free" activity.Looking at the two boxes floating on the sea, Liu Zilang suddenly felt a pity.

     But it's a pity to return,

     It is impossible to go down.

     You must know that this cliff close to the sea is steep and rugged, even though you can jump up hard.

     But in this kind of finals, bandaging on the cliff like a kangaroo is simply too lifelong.

     Next, ten seconds passed in a blink of an eye, and the surrounding poisonous circle soon began to shrink towards the middle.

     At this time, the few people under the cliff will not be greatly affected by this circle, but as the poison circle shrinks, the living space on the field shrinks further.

     As soon as the people outside the circle ran, the gunshots on the field suddenly spread, and in a blink of an eye they became a piece of the cliff.

     And those people under the cliff heard such a lively fight above, although they could not directly participate in the war.

     But they can throw thunder!

     For a time, one after another, like a trebuchet during a siege, they were thrown high from the cliff to the cliff.

     The court suddenly turned into a pot of porridge.

     However, a closer look reveals that there are actually traces to follow in this chaos. In a word, the upside of the cliff is the circle outside the circle.

     Fighting in the circle, beatings outside the circle.

     of course there are exceptions.

     "Oh! Two beautiful shots! Ze Shao rushed in!" An exclamation came from the commentary stage.

     On the cliff, I saw a person holding an M24 figure and striding forward very quickly. After two thunder-like gunshots sounded back and forth, he instantly knocked out his opponent on the cliff and successfully broke into the circle.But just after he rushed to the bunker, a dull gunshot suddenly sounded on the court.


     Shen Zeyan, who rushed to the rock, was shot in the back, suddenly bursting out a cloud of blood, wearing a third-level armor, his blood volume was instantly lost more than half!

     "My God! It's AM!"

     "This instant... is it Satan?"

     "It's not Satan! Look! It's Vivian from SKK!"

     Under the exclamation of the explanation,

     The shots of the director were also given quickly.

     It turned out that Vivian, who was not far from the cliff, was suddenly robbed of his head while shooting with a rifle.

     With a hot temper, she got angry on the spot, and if she pulled out the AM, she would argue with the other party!

     At a glance, he unconsciously discovered Shen Zeyan who had successfully made a breakthrough, but he didn't take a shot.

     In the director's God's perspective, the person who snatched the head was quickly found.

     When I saw this person,

     The faces of the people off the court did not fluctuate at all, but instead showed a look of "it really is him".

      Not surprisingly, this person is naturally Liu Zilang, who is holding the eightfold sister-controlled automatic.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Tsk tusk! Vic, this wave of Plentiful Rewards, actually took three heads in one fell swoop."

     "Yes, I just looked like the two people running toward him hammered each other halfway, and he happened to have a wave of chicken stolen by him."

     "This guy is a real chicken thief. He was eating the bowl and looking at the pot. After stealing the front, he stole Vivian's head."

     "Hehe, so Ze Shao shot Vic for this wave?"" seems to be the case."

     "Then there are only three people left on the cliff, Vic, Ze Shao, and Vivian. Counting the six under the cliff, there are currently only nine people alive on the field."

     "Well, now it's up to the last circle. If it's on the top, the six people below will probably be cold, but if it's on the bottom, the three people on the top want to go down as harder than ascending to heaven."

     "I think it's like tossing a coin, heads or tails, depending on God's will, it can't be held upright, huh..."

      without omen...

     The sound on the commentary stage with a grunting sound it stops, Su Changming's "hehe" in the end still did not come out...

     Because just as they analyzed the situation on the field, the boundaries of radiation and safety zones coincided.

     The last circle refreshed.

     And this circle was actually brushed on a steep cliff, under normal circumstances basically unable to stand...

     The moment I saw a safe zone,

     The commentators on and off the stage instantly opened their eyes, their faces full of surprise and surprise!

     Is this particularly poisonous?

     This kind of circle...who can enter?