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758 Jedi, Survive!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

After three minutes and fifteen seconds, the surrounding deep blue radiation will continue to spread, devouring this last piece of pure land in the safe zone.

     This circle of radiation will shrink within fifteen seconds, and it will groaned every second of poisoning, almost no different from a person being shot in the chest with a pistol.

     Take poison for fifteen seconds and shoot for five minutes.

     The two can be equated to a certain extent, because it implies that people who are already dead can no longer die.

     But at this moment, looking at the last safe zone on the field, the last few people left in the game were a little dumbfounded...

     For the people on and under the cliffs, it's not that they have never thought about the Scourge, brushing on or under the mountain.

     But this is the only circle that brushes up to the steep half-slope of the mountainside, which they did not expect at the outset.

     Except for Spider-Man,

     Who can get in this circle?

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Hehe, it seems that this wave was unfortunately said by Mr. Su, when the coin was really up, then the current situation is not very good."

     "Yes, although there are almost three minutes before the countdown to the end of the poison circle, but for this kind of circle, I think it is basically impossible to wait until the end, and the players on the field should play almost there."

     "Oh! It's already fighting, Vivian is fighting Ze Shao!"

     "Vivian is still very deterrent with AM, but there is Vic behind her, and she is sandwiched between them, so now she doesn't dare to be unscrupulous too much."

     "Satan is under the cliff. His position is relatively safe. He doesn't need to move yet.""Wait, someone touched under Vic. It's TSM's Break. He seemed to hear gunshots. This position...this position..."

     "Oh! Break is going to throw thunder!"

     Accompanied by the exclamation of the commentator, the director's camera was quickly pulled from the confrontation between Vivian and Shen Zeyan to the vertical angle between Liu Zilang and Break.

     At Break, he obviously heard Liu Zilang carrying his sister and attacking Vivian's gunshots from time to time, and then he took out such a grenade and prepared for a wave of fixed-point blasting.

     Ray warmed up slightly in his hands.

     As Break's eyes condensed, he raised his hand and threw it high on the cliff.


     The grenade drew a parabola in the middle of the cliff, and flew over Liu Zilang's head suddenly on the cliff.


     In the thick smoke and fire, the violent shock wave suddenly spread to the surroundings.

     Liu Zilang was not surprisingly affected.

     I saw him spit out a mouthful of blood in an instant, and almost fell to his knees by the explosion.

     Fortunately, Break couldn't see the specific location of Liu Zilang, so he could only throw thunder with his feelings.

     However, his feelings were a little worse, so that he had let Liu Zilang's remnant blood survive.


     Seeing this thrilling scene, a sound of holds breath cold air could not be heard.

     Break also frowned slightly.

     Did not explode?

     He somewhat unconvinced and cut out another grenade.

     Seeing this scene, the three commentators on the stage could not calm down.

     "Wow! Break, this is a bomber, Vic is feeling cold in this wave.""Well, it's mainly that Ze Shao and Vivian are also on the cliff, he can't move at all with the blood remaining."

     "Yes, once he leaves that stone, I believe neither of them will start off leniently."

     "Oh! Vic didn't fight medicine, he will throw thunder to fight back!"

     "This is a good choice, but Break is still throwing thunder. Vic's blood volume is too low. As long as the thunder is thrown up, Vic's blood volume will die. The best result is that the two are swapped.

     "Well, there is another possibility that Vic's thunder smashed the opponent's thunder down. He has not done this without, but it is too lucky.

     When the three people on the stage were deeply worried and sick at heart analyzing the situation, the Thunder had already warmed up, and the thunder was thrown up again.

     Familiar feeling, familiar parabola...

     Break stared at the top, but he was confident in his thunder.

     However, at the same time, standing on the edge of the cliff holding a hand thunder is stick one's head out and look around, looking for Liu Zilang who guessed the position of the opponent, his pupils suddenly shrank!

     not good!

     I saw a black spot whizzing from below, and it was getting bigger in his field of vision!

     At the critical moment, Liu Zilang didn't think about the chaotic show. The most important thing is to survive in the finals.

     So at the moment that thunder "screamed his face", Liu Zilang put the grenade back abruptly, and quickly pulled out a pan from behind his ass, and made a backhand as fast as an electric flash!

     Ah hit! ! !


     A crisp and sweet pot sound rang!

     The next moment, I saw that the grenade was flew upside down by Liu Zilang.Only the opponent's thunder can find the opponent!

     Among the Lightning Spark, the audiences off the court stared wide, but they still didn't react..

     A loud sound came from under the cliff!


     The expansive fire light and black smoke arrived as expected, and Liu Zilang on the cliff saw from a distance, it seemed that a what thing had been blown out from the foot of the mountain.


     The countless viewers in the domestic live broadcast room are like pouring a bowl of water in a frying pan, and the pot is boiling instantly!

     "Fuck! Is this a brown bear caught?"

     "No! It's Yan flashing back!"

     "666, Vic's pan is getting better and better!"

     "If you don't blow up, you can't get black, his pan is definitely worth a champion skin."

     "2333 Pan champion skin? Hints Back Pot?"


     In the game, after a thrilling escape, Liu Zilang couldn't help but squat behind the stone and let out a relaxed breath. He quickly took out a first aid kit and stuck a needle in his chest.

     Although the two people next door didn't know that his blood volume was critical, Liu Zilang couldn't guarantee that the mad lady Vivian would "send thunder in the snow" to him, that would be really cool.

     But obviously,

     Liu Zilang thinks too much this time.

     At this time, Vivian, who was holding the Xeon Sniper, was aroused by Shen Zeyan, thinking that my AM is right, but your M24?

     So she actually competed with Shen Zeyan.

     But after all, she is not a professional sniper. Although Vivian holds AM, she still lacks sniper experience and details, but she still fights hard to untie, hard to separate with Shen Zeyan by virtue of her superhuman body.

     ......But in the next moment,

     All the gunshots up and down the cliff were stunned!

     There is no other reason.

     At this time, it was less than ten seconds before the last wave of poisonous contraction.

     After just a few waves of firefights, there are still seven people surviving on the field.

     Three on the top and four on the bottom.

     "This safe zone... I think the best way to eat chicken is to kill everyone else on the field before being poisoned to death."

     "Well, but the few players off the field are still moving towards the safe zone."

     "Yes, after all, even if you can't get into the circle, the poison is in order. The closer you are to the safe zone, the later you can eat poison."

     In fact, at this time, it is a comprehensive test of the players' personal abilities.

     They not only have to judge the terrain, but also make the right choice with the fastest reaction when encountering various opponents.

     Of course, the marksmanship must be accurate!

     In this case, the player who can eat chicken is the "strongest Solo king" with full gold content!

     On the cliff.

     After Liu Zilang lost a piece of smoke, he hurried cautious and solemn along the steep slope towards the safe zone.

     At this time he not only has to guard against his opponent,

     You have to be careful.

     Otherwise, if you slip and fall, you will be really suffocated.

     At this moment, the last wave of poison began to shrink toward the middle, the living space on the field was compressed, and the conflict broke out unavoidably again.

     Da Da Da—!


     boom!Various gunshots quickly joined together.

     The bullets roared, the sense of crisis was on the back.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang's mood suddenly became extremely calm. This was his most focused state. The surrounding information gathered in his mind. Everything in front of him seemed to become a spider web in his eyes, and his perception reached the highest level.

     I saw his sister on the cliff to shoot from both sides, just like dancing ballet on a steel wire, showing the body and marks to the extreme!

     Just a blink of an eye...

     The kill prompt at the top right of the screen is like flowing water one after another.

     "IG-olves used M24 to kill Faze-Haxete!"

     "4AM-Vic used MK14 to kill Vega-ENINOEL!

     "4AM-Vic used MK14 to kill Underhood-Alva!"


     With the kill information constantly refreshing the screen, Liu Zilang succeeded in getting two kills.


     At this moment, a kill prompt of couldn't think suddenly appeared on the screen.

     "SKK-Satan used Kar98k to headshot SKK-Vivian!"

     The audience could not help but exclaim for a while!

     "My God! Satan stole her with one shot when Vivian and Olves were facing each other!"

     "Horrible! This is really a killer with no emotions!"

     "True Eye of the Evil King is the most feared!"

      In the blink of an eye, Liu Zilang, Shen Zeyan and Satan are left on the court. At this time, the three are in different states, but Liu Zilang is in the worst situation.

     Because he has eaten poison!On this occasion of Life Hangs by a Thread, Liu Zilang suddenly made a move that no one expected.

     I saw him groaned in the poison, directly raised the crossbow that had just been switched, and shot an arrow at Shen Zeyan on the slope next door!

     And at the moment the crossbow arrow collapsed!

     It seems that the arrow hasn't been shot yet, but he actually jumped and jumped directly from the poison on the cliff!


     Everyone off the court was suddenly in an uproar!

     This is life-and-death wrestle!

     next moment...

     People are in mid-air, sister control is already in hand!

     Da Da Da—!

     The muzzle burst into flames!

     Countless bullets burst out!

     Satan, who was being poisoned from the foot of the mountain, was struggling to climb up and heard gunshots.

      raised the head to look,

     The fireworks above are gorgeous!

     Under the lens of the big screen director.

     I saw Liu Zilang, who was holding her sister in both hands, shot in the air with fire tongue and waist, like an Avatar holding a huge sword, like a hot knife through butter, and penetrated Satan through the whole!

     One sword evil king kneels!

     As soon as the reactionary Satan raised his gun, he fell to the ground.

     But the next moment,

     A shocking scene appeared.

     Because just as Satan knelt down, a line of yellow font suddenly popped up on the big screen!

     "Great luck, great profit, eat chicken tonight!"

     This...have chicken?

     The audience off the field and the commentary on the stage have not recovered his wits from the shock of Liu Zilang's flying giant grass. They couldn't help but be stunned when they saw this scene...

     and many more!

     Suddenly, someone realized what!Champion weapon skin!

     Everyone saw the last wave of Liu Zilang first crossbow and then spear, but the question is... who died first?