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759 We Are Champions Again!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:


     Number one!

     Kills: 24Kills!

     Seeing this horrific kill as if it was soaked in blood, the scene instantly seemed to have been instigated by some kind of magic, and fell into a mysterious silence...

     It seems that Liu Zilang really hit a kill that can almost ignore all opponents!

     On the commentary stage, the two European and American commentators on the scene were also excited "Oumaika".

     "My God, this is really inconceivable! Is this guy a monster?"

     "No! I think he is Monster Hunter! Satan these guys are monsters."

     "I thought he was going to be poisoned to death in the next second. I didn't expect him to jump off the cliff."

     "What is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds? This wave of Vic can be said to show us perfectly."

     "But I am there is a question, how did it feel that Satan and Olves fell together just now?"

     "If it is reasonable, I think Olves should be a step back. After all, it is the first hand."

     "That would be bad! If olves comes first, it means Satan once again won second place in this game!"

     "The first three in three consecutive games, worthy of True Eye of the Evil King, this player is so stable that he makes one's hair stand up in anger!"

     "Oh! The director has given the replay footage! Let's take a look first."

     On the big screen, the playback picture is cut out.

     Just now when the incident happened suddenly, the audience off the court only saw that Shen Zeyan seemed to be stolen by Liu Zilang before he could fight back. They felt sorry for him...But at this time, looking at the replay footage, everyone was stunned to find that Shen Zeyan had not had time to react just now. On the contrary, he reacted very quickly!

     Almost at the moment when Liu Zilang shot an arrow, Shen Zeyan instantly pulled the quasi-centre of the M24, and faced the swift crossbow arrow that didn't dodge or evade shot out!

     Seeing this somewhat weird scene, many people off the court are somewhat puzzled all the time.

     However, a part of the audience reacted quickly, and they couldn't help but marvel at Shen Zeyan's calmness and determination!

     Because of this wave, Shen Zeyan didn't forget to hide, but because the bullet speed of M24 was much faster than that of crossbow arrows.

     At this distance, even if the opponent has a first-hand advantage, he is confident enough moves later but arrives first.

     As long as you get rid of the opponent first, then the opponent's crossbow arrows won't have to be avoided.

     Stop killing by killing!

     This is Shen Zeyan's way of sniping.

     But his only mistake in this wave was that Liu Zilang dared to jump off the cliff directly.

     As if he had practiced countless times, he just avoided his backhand to the limit!

     Although everything at the scene is a foregone conclusion.

     It seems that there's nothing about it.

     But if Liu Zilang can't kill in midair just now, then he will be 100% landing into a box.

     So it's not an exaggeration to say that it's a gamble.

     At the next moment, the director's replay camera flicked.

     In the big screen picture.

     I saw that almost at the moment when Satan fell to the ground, Shen Zeyan, who had not much blood, was shot out of his body by the crossbow bolt, and fell to the ground on his back.To the naked eye,

      basically unable to distinguish who is first and who is last.

     But just at this moment, the playback screen ended, and a leaderboard suddenly jumped out of the big screen.

     The kill statistics for the third game are out!

     For a moment, everyone off the court looked at the past impatiently!

     First: 4AM-Vic; 24 kills!

     Second: SSK-Satan; 13 kills!

     Third: IG-olves; 11 kills!

     In an instant, everything was clearly visible.

     This wave of crossbows should have killed Shen Zeyan first, and then the mid-air sister controlled to drop from the sky, completing a wave of epic ultimate lore!

     So in other words, Liu Zilang's champion skin weapon in the third game should be MK14, which is also called the "girl-controlled" gun.

     In fact, this is reasonable.

     After all, the speed of the crossbow arrow is slower, but it is still faster than Liu Zilang jumping off the cliff and cutting the spear.

     But the next moment, the domestic commentators and audience suddenly realized what...

     If Satan gets second again in this game, he will eat two chickens, but Liu Zilang, who is ranked extremely low.

     In today's three games of the "strongest Solo king" competition, it is likely to encounter a terrible rival!

     "It's hanging up! Satan's performance is really too stable. Can you believe it in the first three games? I think this wave of Vic is really hanging up."

     "Well, now I can only wait for further statistics in the backstage. If I remember correctly, the accumulated points in the first two games seem to be Satan first and Vic fifth?""I looked at the record and it was indeed like this, and the top three scores were relatively small, but starting from the fourth place, the score difference was in the early 100s."

     "Huh? If it's just like this, I think Vic's hopes seem to be great. He scored 24 kills in this game!"

     Hearing this, everyone off the court suddenly woke up and couldn't help but breathe in air-conditioning.

     What is the concept of 24 kill?

     That is more difficult than eating chicken in a game, absolutely only high and not low, even if it is converted into the number of components, it is a huge score of 240 points.

      It should be noted that eating chicken in this world competition only has 250 basic points, so Liu Zilang in the third game is like eating one more chicken!

     The only thing I need to worry about now is whether Satan's kill points and the second-place base points add up, can he continue to lead Liu Zilang.

     Next, in the half-minute waiting for the final data to be released, the atmosphere under the court quickly changed from fiery hustle and bustle to tense fell silent, as if a low air pressure enveloped everyone in the sky...

     After a while...

     The big screen behind the stage lights up suddenly!

     In the next moment, the total scores of the three games were drawn from high to low!

     First: 4AM-Vic; 1010 points!

     Second: SKK-Satan; 1000 points!

     Third: IG-oloes; 890 points!

     Fourth: SSK-Karl...


     From top to bottom, the top ten are drawn in turn!

     But at this moment, no one off the court cares about the following ones anymore.Almost all the audiences around the world focused their attention on come first in triennial palace examinations, Liu Zilang who ranked first!

     A difference of ten, a difference of a kill!

     Liu Zilang in the end still leads Satan and won today's Solo game!

      without omen...

     The big screen on the stage went dark, and all the data was vanish from sight.

     In the next moment, I saw a few big golden letters and a crown logo appeared on the big screen behind the stage.

     The strongest Solo king!



     Immediately afterwards, all kinds of data are like skill trees, one after another emerges and lights up.

     Total kills, damage, average survival time per game, headshot rate...

     Seeing this exciting scene, the audience in major domestic live broadcast rooms suddenly became excited.

     After continuing the four-row team competition, Huaxia players once again stood at the Summit of World!

     "Champion! We are champions again!"

     "Fuck! It's so cool!"

     "Vic is awesome! Cheating!"

     "Hurry up and come out the champion skin, labor and capital are a little impatient!"

     "I don't know what it will be designed into, I still have a little expectation after thinking about it."

     "Haha, no matter what the design is, buy, buy, buy! Lord, let me shuttle!"