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764 Make A Big News?
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Technology shares?

     Hearing what he said, Liu Zilang couldn't help being speechless.

     This special lady is really a talent for recruiting people, Se7en can be considered a ghost in this wave...

     But speechless to speechless, Liu Zilang was really moved by his proposal.

     But soon, Gao Yunyang hesitated again, "The problem now is that even if all three of us return to the team, we still have one starter."

     Hearing Gao Yunyang's words, Liu Zilang couldn't help being a little silent, because he heard what Gao Yunyang meant.

     The bad one,

     Of course, Li Muqiu is the most suitable.

     But the problem is that Li Muqiu is now in Se7en, he can't dig his own corner, right?

     At this moment, Liu Zilang suddenly started to test out, "Generally, those who can play well have to go to the second team, right?"

     "The dish?"

     Gao Yunyang was stunned, and reacted, but some hesitation said, "Although that guy is a little worse than me, he is not good enough, right?"

     Liu Zilang hesitated for a moment, earnestly said, "He can cook."

     Gao Yunyang: ...

     For a moment,

     He suddenly felt sorry for Li Muqiu.

     The original "AK Little Prince", the new king of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, but with the appearance of Liu Zilang, he first lost the title of "Asia's No. 1 Killer God", and then he will face "disapproval of food."

     This really meets with many difficulties in one's life...


     The next day.

     The first thing Liu Zilang did when he got up was to cheer himself up. After taking more than a week of leave, he would definitely go to school to play Polkadot.Towards the end of the term, Liu Zilang can ask for a leave, and he must not hang up, otherwise he may be beaten into a geoduck by Liu Yigang.

     And seeing the return of the "missing person" Liu Zilang, the students who attended classes with their majors were also very excited.

     E-sports events are now booming, and college students are the main force of e-sports spectators. World champions are still very popular among students.

     At this time, before class, many people came to ask for a group photo or even autograph. Liu Zilang looked like a "big star".

     For this kind of scene, Liu Zilang is no stranger.

     During his time in the Internet cafe to rebuke Heaven and Earth, he had many "dog fans", and the composition was much more complicated than those of his classmates.

     At this time, his response was extremely appropriate.

     Talking and laughing not only satisfies the requirements, but also maintains everyone's decency. After all, the university monks are also decent people...

      Ding ling ling!

     When class was approaching, Chen Zhifei, Pu Taizhuang and Ran Maotong, who were sitting in the middle of the classroom, saw Liu Zilang finally break out.

     Chen Zhifei is like a dog leg in the old society, nod one's head and bow said with a smile, "Yo! Bring the star back, sit down and sit down.

     "Bring a star! Bring a star!"

     Ran Maotong also grinningly approached him, "Sit with me, and the position has been taken for you. You said you are too, why are you still coming to class yourself."

     "That's right." Chen Zhifei said, "We can help you get on it."

     Hearing the humble looks of a few people, a familiar and intimate feeling suddenly rises in the mind."You help me?" Liu Zilang grinned, "Then I want to go to the toilet?"

     The two couldn't help but corner of the mouth twitch!


     Still can't compare with this guy...

     But at this moment, Ran Maotong suddenly tentatively asked, "Then we can help you press the gun?"

     Liu Zilang: ...

     He glanced at Ran Maotong, feeling speechless for a while.

     It’s only been more than a week since I saw it,

     How did this kid improve so much? Will you go to a cram school secretly?


     In the next few days, Liu Zilang returned to his life of studying, home and live broadcasting.

     As for the club training side, because he usually has to attend classes, the training for 4AM is naturally the same as before.

     Regarding this, everyone didn't think what's the problem before, but after this trip to the California World Championship, 4AM also realized the gap between itself and the strong teams in Europe and America-lack of systematic targeted training and tactical level drills.

     But fortunately, a new substitute sniper introduced by Dragon God Jue is said to be introduced by "e-sports matchmaker" Sy, young and talented, and his ID is called Lonely Cun.

     Liu Zilang went to see their training matches several times, and indeed he played very spiritually.

     And the style of Gu Cun and Liu Zilang are different.

     Liu Zilang is the kind of sniper who plays more proactively, but he is a team sniper who lives alone.

     You tell him to stand still,

     He might really be there to help you fight to death.From a certain perspective, being alone as a new substitute is undoubtedly more suitable for 4AM's current lineup system and daily training than Liu Zilang.


     The 4AM coach and others also discovered this, but no one was embarrassed to speak up.

     After all, Liu Zilang's achievements and heroic contributions made in this world competition can be said without an exaggeration that even if he "ages" in the club directly after the game, it is estimated that it is difficult for anyone to say anything.

     But Liu Zilang is obviously not the kind of pension-type player, after discovering that loneliness and 4AM are more and more compatible.

     In addition, Gao Yunyang's Se7en management, who seemed to have moved, agreed to join the second team, and Liu Zilang felt that he should actively propose the transfer issue.

     The process is naturally very smooth.

     Liu Zilang has been crushed by Dragon God Jue and Wei Shen on the sofa many times anyway. The relationship between them is good. Naturally, there will be no such thing as many clubs or platforms in the e-sports circle. They will be madly torn when they change jobs. Forced situation.

     However, in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts between fans on both sides, Liu Zilang and 4AM also posted a wave of Weibo after signing the agreement.

     Liu Zilang’s current Weibo fan attention has almost reached one million. Although there are no big stars with tens of millions of fans to be exaggerated, his Weibo wins because the fans are highly active, without zombie fans and Yinjun, almost every time. Weibo comments and likes can be tens of thousands quickly.

     So when Liu Zilang released the news about the termination of 4AM on Weibo, it quickly set off a controversy in the gaming circle like a typhoon.Many fans and passers-by have already forwarded the e-sports from the media, thinking that Liu Zilang is going to make a big news.

     They did not expect...

     4AM quickly posted on Weibo that the contract expired between the two parties and sent a beautiful transfer blessing to Liu Zilang, which was a perfect "peaceful breakup".

     All of a sudden, the crowds that had been done with the small benches stopped working!

     I took off my labor-management pants, so you just show me this


     There must be some conspiracy.

     For a time, many people who have an ulterior motive began to lurch in the 4AM live broadcast room.

     The intention is to analyze some behind-the-scenes intelligence from just a word or two during the live broadcast of the team players.

     But the problem is that there is really no behind-the-scenes news for 4AM and Liu Zilang, because they have already put everything on the bright side.

     In addition, the two sides usually did not shy away during the live broadcast, and whether they should joke or continue to tease each other, it looks like they have not left the team.

     After a few days, the people in the live broadcast room came excited, disappointed...

     Hemp egg!

     Isn’t it okay if you don’t eat this melon?



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