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765 The Attacking Xiaotong Sauce, The Sadness Of Kotomi Sauce! (1/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

The 4AM wave of melons has not been eaten yet, and soon the e-sports circle broke out a new melon, that is, IG's sniper Shen Zeyan was also exposed during the transfer period to end the contract renewal and restore his freedom.

      Thus, contact Liu Zilang again.

     Many old fans in the FPS circle have smelled an unusual breath.

     Could it be that...

     But what puzzled them next is,

     Compared to other clubs’ Weibo, there are constantly new news coming out, but Se7en’s official Weibo is still as stable as a mountain, it seems that doesn’t have any personnel adjustments.

     Of course it is not that there is no movement at all.

     I don't know at what time. At the beginning, a group of fifty navy soldiers can be seen at a glance, suddenly swarming under the club Weibo.

     In the comment area, it is said that Se7en's current "top brand" Li Muqiu is too good, and that it is still a "selfie monster" that affects the club's image, and it is recommended to replace it immediately.

     After Li Muqiu saw it once in a while, he was suddenly yelled with anger!

     Let alone the issue of food, the self-portrait blamed Li Muqiu for killing him.

     He also posted five, six, seven or eight selfies a week on his Weibo, and what he shared with his fans became a "selfie monster"?

     Okay, even if he shoots a little bit more, but it doesn't affect the club's image, right?

     For a while, he hate sb to the bone to this group of navy. When it's okay, he secretly gathers information in the comment area, trying to see who is doing him.


     Regarding these things on Weibo, Liu Zilang said he had no knowledge of it.

     He is preparing for BML at station B on the weekend.The full name of BML is "BilibiliMacroLink", which is an annual large-scale offline activity created by the well-known domestic live video website B station.

     After Liu Zilang received the invitation, he didn't plan to go. After all, the venue of BML is in the Jianghai Mercedes-Benz Center. The style is more in the live form of stage performance, which is singing and dancing. I heard that there are overseas guests.

     As a game anchor, it is difficult for him to perform on stage when he goes to this kind of occasion a lot of things.

     The reason for letting him go is naturally Zhang Xiaotong.

     This girl is not only a game anchor, but also a well-known UP host at station B, known as "can sing and dance", although in Liu Zilang's view, it is only "can sing and dance".

     After she received the invitation to perform, she felt some hesitation in her heart, because she usually wears a mask during live broadcasts, so it is natural that she will be nervous when she goes to places with so many people alone.

     But several times, he stopped talking to Liu Zilang, and obviously wanted to go.

     Liu Zilang didn't notice too much at first, and even almost forgot about it in his heart.

     However, it is approaching the weekend. When he is broadcasting these nights, he often sees people on the barrage in the live room asking him whether he will go on the weekend.

     If you go, you will make an appointment on the street. When the time comes, we will meet together, and there will be many fans who are out of town and can't come. If Liu Zilang goes, he must open an outdoor live broadcast.

     They can help call the police if they are caught by "enthusiastic fans" at that time.

     Liu Zilang naturally ignored these barrages, but Liu Zilang reacted to Zhang Xiaotong's performance these days.Only then was I going to go with her, just to take Misaka Kotomi, who was crying these days, to relax.

     These two stupid apprentices are heartless all day long.

     Suddenly he became Lin Daiyu, which made him suddenly not used to it.

     And to talk about why Misaka Kotomi has undergone such a big change, naturally, I have to start with the phone call on the third night after returning.

     The call is from Japan.

     To be precise, it is the SST club from Japan.

     On the phone, the person in charge of SST Club's said that now PUBG leagues are becoming more and more regular, and they can no longer follow the idol route of "Vitality Girls" as before.

     In other words, they want to score in this PGI league.

     Next, the contract was terminated gently...

      has to say, the person in charge of SST would be okay if he terminates the contract directly, but this kind of reveal(ing) everthing is really hurtful...

     When the silly apprentice Misaka Kotomi was so hurt, he didn't sing like usual when he took a bath at night.

     When washing the dishes the next day, she missed and broke a plate.

     Liu Zilang was about to criticize, but seeing her "weeping" look on her face, she couldn't help but stop talking and just wrote it down in a small notebook.

     On a certain day in a certain month, a silly girl smashed one.

     And seeing that Kotomi Misaka is in poor condition, Zhang Xiaotong, a good friend, often comforts her and will find a better club in the future.

     But Kotomi Misaka was very pessimistic about this, and she felt that she was live without hope's in the future.It wasn't until Liu Zilang told her that he would take her to play rough, Misaka Kotomi stopped sorrowing, and hummed a song while taking a bath in the bathroom at night.

     It made Liu Zilang feel that he had made a very wrong decision.


     Sunny weekend.

     The sky is like washing, cloudless.

     Because they were going out in the morning, the three of them got up early in the morning to clean up.

     Wang Qianqian did not go together today.

     She is currently planning an event for the Four Great Chicken Kings of Douyu. As the main initiator and planner of the event, she has to deal with many things every day.

     Of course, say to pack up.

     Mainly Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi.

     Zhang Xiaotong heard that he received an invitation from Cos to be a popular anime character in Cos.

     Kotomi Misaka was also invited, as if Cos's and her are still the same characters in the anime.

     Liu Zilang is fine. His main task today is to open a live broadcast outdoor and take the audience to stroll around. In fact, the B station invited him to do this.

      Another aspect is to temporarily act as Zhang Xiaotong's "personal bodyguard and consultant".

     Packed up, the three set off together after breakfast.

     After about half an hour's drive, the magnificent Jianghai Mercedes Benz Center's main stadium is nearby.

     The atmosphere at the scene is still very hot.

     Just early nine o'clock, there was a vast crowd outside the stadium, and people were everywhere at a glance.It should be noted, this time the BML tickets were pre-sold at 8 pm about a week ago, and they were quickly sold out within two hours. Even the 90 percent tickets were sold within ten minutes.

     Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine how hot it is.

     In addition to fans and passers-by, there are many anchors like Liu Zilang who are doing outdoor live broadcasts with selfie sticks and mobile phones.

     Therefore, Liu Zilang and the three of them walked up and down in the crowd, but they didn't look conspicuous at all.

     After the three of them took the official tickets, they were rushing towards the COS area.

     The audience in the live broadcast room learned that Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi wanted COS animation characters today, and they were all very excited and asked her what she wanted to COS today, and there were many put forward plans and ideas (also derogatory) on the barrage.

     Some people say "Sister Qiong Gao", some people say "Little Buried is the best", and some people say "Izumi Sagiri" or something, and even there's some left. What is the audience saying "Ariha Hehe"...

     Anyway, none of these Liu Zilang have heard of it.



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