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766 There Can Be No Female Fans In This Life...(2/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

The barrage is gradually perverted...

     Although Liu Zilang hadn't heard of it before, it was not a good thing to think about it as he saw this group of people talk more and more excited.

     He decisively exposed the topic and asked them if someone came to face the scene?


     Speaking of this, the audience in the live broadcast room immediately became more interested and more vigorous than before.

     A lot of people are checking the location on the barrage, what are "H1", "H2" and "H3"...

      At the entrances and exits of these all are venues, it seems that a lot of water friends in the live broadcast room are actually here.

     Upon seeing this, Liu Zilang hurriedly stopped, and made an appointment with them to meet together.

     Otherwise, if he was met by two or three big men by chance, he would still be a little bit overwhelmed.

     But the crowd is different.

      Under thousands of staring eyes, Liu Zilang really doesn't believe they dare to go together?


     Next, send Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi to the COS area of the venue.

     Liu Zilang took a look inside and found that many two-dimensional young ladies were wearing all kinds of strange clothes that were not normally seen.

     He retracted his gaze, coughed dryly, "You guys go in first, the water friends in my live broadcast room come to me."

     "Ah! Wet you are going to ask for water friends?" Misaka Kotomi asked, turning her head.

     "Well, go meet them." Liu Zilang said.

     Misaka Kotomi immediately showed a worried look, earnestly said:

     "That's wet, you have to be careful ah, I heard that many Hentai will capture male anchors now, it's terrible."

     Capture...male anchor?

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but look black.However, seeing Zhang Xiaotong also sneaking at him, Liu Zilang couldn't help but look like a muscular man. He put on a pose to show that he did not exist in this dimension of biceps, and he said "haha" in his mouth.

     Then he self-confidently said, "Don't worry, the live broadcast room is full of dead houses, and I can't get close to me after waiting four or five. These people came up and were rubbed on the ground by me."

     "Wow! Wet you so formidable!"

     Misakakoto thought it was true, turned around and poked the non-existent biceps on Liu Zilang's arm, and then grinned "hehehe".

     "Huh, you know bragging." Zhang Xiaotong murmured, twisted his head and turned and walked in.

     Liu Zilang hit the silly Misaka Kotomi with his backhand, secretly said in heart, this one is really heartless.

     A few days ago, she was like Lin Daiyu, but today she became Mo Xiaobei...


     Next, they split into two groups.

     Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi went in to make-up Cos, while Liu Zilang held a mobile phone and met with the audience in the live broadcast room near a Marvel exhibition area.

     Previously, Liu Zilang's live broadcast was delayed, and his people kept walking around the venue. Even if the audience in the live broadcast room wanted Gank, Gank couldn't reach him.

     But it's different now.

     Liu Zilang stayed in stand still, and soon many people carrying bags and cell phones appeared nearby.

     I saw them looking down at the mobile phone live broadcast from time to time, and then looking up at Liu Zilang who was standing there.

     Gradually, as if a river flows into the sea, there are more and more people around. At first glance, there are probably forty or fifty people, but they all hesitate to stay in place.It looked like many martial arts masters obstinately encircled and suppressed the big evil cult. At the crucial moment, no one dared to step forward.

     Seeing no one came up to talk to him, Liu Zilang couldn't help but laughed. These people shouted on the barrage to come to him, like an excited little Teddy.

     But after meeting each other, they were more restrained and shy.

     However, seeing Liu Zilang smile, the familiar feeling came up, everyone immediately became cordial and gathered around to say hello.

     Soon, Liu Zilang became a big man.

     Fortunately, security personnel everywhere in the stadium had been staring here, seeing that someone seemed to be besieged, and quickly came over to maintain a wave of order, and Liu Zilang was released.

     Long Liu Zilang let out a relaxed breath, and then it was like "Night Parade of One Hundred Ghosts".

     He led the way with his mobile phone selfie stick, followed by a large group of water friends fans, the mighty group of people crossing the street like crabs, Overbearing Riot got up.

     The audience in the live broadcast room looked at the large-scale face-based scene in the camera, and heatedly discussed on the bullet screen.

     "Misty grass! Where's the okay little sister?"

     "Isn't this poisonous? Why is it all gay!"

     "Don't look at gays! I want to see female fans!"

     "Wake up in front of you, Vic is a female fan than where?"

     "Wa doesn't believe it! This must be a lie! What about those who usually babble in the live broadcast room?"

     "Hey, hey? Hey, who doesn't know how to babble when watching live broadcasts these years."


     Liu Zilang just didn't pay attention to this.Seeing the barrage in the live broadcast room, he still didn't believe it, and couldn't help but look back a few times.

      Follow behind The fans of the water friends who are together are basically holding their mobile phones in his live broadcast room, naturally knowing what he is looking back.

     After getting acquainted now, everyone burst into laughter when they saw it, and urged Liu Zilang not to be carried away by one's wishful thinking.

     It’s impossible for female fans to have female fans,

     There can be no female fans in this life.

     But Liu Zilang didn't believe it.

     Thinking about me, even if the ratio of men to women is unbalanced, it is impossible to come from a group of Dungeon Masters.

     At this moment, he looked through the front camera of the phone and suddenly saw a dozen young ladies follow behind obliquely behind.

     More precisely,

     It seems to be behind them.

     In the stadium, people coming, people going, and behind him is a turbulent piece of water. Just now Liu Zilang really didn't care about this. At this time, he quickly discovered something was wrong. These young ladies are definitely water friends in his live broadcast room!

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang couldn't help but chuckled. He didn't say anything, but deliberately said to the audience in the live broadcast room, "You don't really think I don't have a female fan?"

     Upon hearing this, not only the water friends in the live broadcast room, but the people following behind couldn't help but laugh.

     "Female fan? It doesn't exist."

     "Wake up Vic, face reality."

     "Yes, although we know it is difficult to accept, this is reality."

     "Brother Vic, if you really want to have a female fan, I can barely wear women's clothes. I will still babble."

     "Wow! Woman's Clothes-wearing Bigshot is surprised!""..."

     Seeing that the more they talked, the more they became more and more unremarkable, Liu Zilang knew that he could not be silent anymore.

     Seeing his face unchanged, he said calmly, "Or we bet on whether I can find ten female fans in one minute."

     "Yes! Tell me, what are you betting on?"

     "Turtle! Ten female fans, this guy is still alive in his dream."

     "Everyone will let him go. Whoever urinates will wake him up."

     "Brother, I'll come first, I can't do you guys come again..."


     Liu Zilang almost laughed and peeed when he saw this group of Bi Chengzhu on their chests, but on the surface, he said not a word or movement:

     "I'm very reasonable, and I never make unreasonable demands. For example, whoever loses in the father-son game is called a father. We are all civilized people. I know you will not accept it if you lose."

      has to say, Liu Zilang's retreat in order to advance is really too showy. When the audience in the live broadcast heard this, how could anyone not be able to play it?

     All of a sudden the sentiment became angry.


     Who counsels the sun thief!