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770 Wipe Dry!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

No way!

     Can't give her any more shots!

     The strong desire to survive instantly rises in the mind.

     Baoer quickly switched the rear webcam of the mobile phone to the front, and the scene of the live broadcast room suddenly changed from Zhang Xiaotong on the booth to herself.

     However, the audience in the live broadcast room who hadn't recovered his wits from the stunning yet refused to buy it. They all asked to see "Xiaotong Sauce" again on the barrage.

     It's like seeing the honor of a little fairy, who would be interested in ordinary women in the world.

     But Bao'er didn't stop, and said awkwardly, "Hehe, I didn't expect Xiaotongjiang to be so cute, like a little fairy."

     She said so not without reason.

     After all, the eyes of the masses are discerning. Even if there are differences in aesthetics between people, the surprise cannot be so big that they are blind.

     If she still lie through one's teeth this time, it is not Shi Lezhi.

     I'm afraid I'm crazy.

     Instead of that, might as well say some scenes to ease the embarrassment.

     But except for her old fan who is a small part heart is dead with no plans for anything new in her live broadcast, most of the water friends still ask on the bullet screen to continue to see Xiaotongjiang.

     Because the beauty area is different from other sectors.

     Aquarium audiences are highly mobile, and many people come to the beauty zone just because they are just bored to see the young lady. Whichever looks good, the loyalty will naturally not be too high.

     Of course, except for people like Liu Zilang who broadcast and eat chicken in the face value area.

     He belongs to a craftsman. He doesn't sell a laugh or sell himself. The degree of fan adhesion is naturally different from that of female anchors in other areas.Seeing the endless barrage in the live broadcast room, Boa quickly let's talk while we walk:

     "Xiaotongjiang will look at it next time. Let's go to the exhibition area first. I haven't done it today. There is still one Cos. I will show you how good it is.

     With that said, she also put her hands on the top of her head to compare her heart. This is a common way for female anchors to sell cuteness. Every time, countless people in the live broadcast room are ups and downs.

     But Bo'er didn't expect it to be different today.

     Upon hearing this,

     Not only did the audience in the live broadcast room have no ups and downs, but there was a Hot Tempered Elder Brother who couldn't bear on the spot.

     "What, your sister! Labor and management depend on Xiaotongjiang!"

     At this moment, I don’t know who sent a barrage, “Go to the chicken king! The chicken king is broadcasting Xiaotong sauce.

     "Chicken king? What chicken king?"

     "The face value chicken king in our face value area!"

     "Oh! You mean Vic!"

     "Madan, you are such a clever ghost!"

     "Go to the chicken king! Go to the chicken king!"


     The barrage rhythm comes together.

      In the blink of an eye, the popularity value of Baoer's live broadcast room has dropped from 200,000 to 20,000 to 30,000. As for how many viewers are left, it is not easy to say.

     See this abruptly arising scene.

     Bo'er stood on the spot in an instant, feeling like wants to cry but doesn't have tears in her heart.

     The audience just now was pulled away by Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotome, but now it’s good, even the popularity of the live broadcast base camp was quickly sucked up by Liu Zilang...

     Made! evil! what!


     On the booth.At this time, the surrounding people were moving, and they saw a large area of Wuyangyang at a glance.

     Many people who didn't pay much attention to the animation of working cells before were attracted to it.

     There are also many anchors like Liu Zilang who hold a selfie stick to open outdoor live broadcasts.

     They all seem to be so popular here, so naturally they also gathered around.

     No way, Zhang Xiaotong's platelets are so cute and cute.

     Plus a red cell Misaka Kotomi.

     The two of them are really cute and kill a big piece, and the Zhais said they couldn't stand it.

     The only thing that was a bit obstructive was the male anchor standing between the platelets and red blood cells on the booth, who was also pulled by the platelets.

     Seeing the dependence of platelets,

     After the people who had just arrived in the surroundings were inspired to protect themselves, they couldn't help but feel another fire. The barrage of many outdoor anchors' live broadcast rooms also started to discuss.

     "Who is that person? How come you laugh like a second fool."

     "It's not Cos, so hurry down, stand still in the middle, what about the C debut?"

     "Wait, that person seems to be Platelet's brother..."

     "Platelet and brother? Blood plate?"

     "I read little, don't lie to me, you turtle grandson!"

     "The idiot in front... that's the real brother."

     "Brother in reality? Wow! Isn't that..."

     "Don't say anything, elder brother is here, please accept me!"

     "..."The wind direction of the barrage changed so quickly that it was speechless and astounding. In a blink of an eye, the second idiot who hated everyone in the crowd became the eldest brother who everyone loved.

     On the booth.

     Suddenly Zhang Xiaotong realized that something was wrong, and could not help but quickly retracted the hand that was holding Liu Zilang's clothing corner, and immediately lowered his head a bit uneasily.

     Liu Zilang hadn't paid attention to this just now. Seeing her small gesture, he couldn't help but slightly cocked the corners of his mouth.

     At this time, seeing that there's no problem on Zhang Xiaotong's side, he just retreated, not staying on it was an eye-catcher.

     "You continue, I will go down first."

     Liu Zilang waved his hands at the two, then walked down the other side of the booth quickly.

     Zhang Xiaotong realized that Liu Zilang was about to leave, and he suddenly raised his head, looking after Liu Zilang.

     At this moment Liu Zilang just turned around.

     The next moment, the two sides four eyes met.

     Liu Zilang smiled at her, then raised his mobile phone and said, "Come on, smile, and say hello to the audience in the live broadcast room."

     Zhang Xiaotong couldn't help being lightly snorted when she saw this. If it was the past, she would definitely turn around and turn around.

     But this time I don’t know why,

     She bit her lip.

     In the next second, a sweet platelet-like smile suddenly appeared on her face.

     It looks lovely with a honey juice.

     Liu Zilang was also taken aback.

     He was only teasing, but he didn't expect Zhang Xiaotong to laugh, and laugh so suddenly and so cutely.

     In particular, the change in expression before and after is so great that it is simply not expected at the outset.This little girl... Yan Yi is pretty good!

     Liu Zilang murmured in his heart.

     The audience in the live broadcast room was even more affected by Zhang Xiaotong's direct impact on the camera. Everyone was shocked!

     "Mom! A little fairy is smiling at me!"

     "They all robbed me, I will guard Xiaotongjiang's smile!"

     "Wow! Xiaotongjiang's smile almost made my heart laugh."

     "Wait! What's Vic doing? Don't you go!"

     "Langge Langye, please! Take a look, let's take another look!"


     Seeing Liu Zilang emerge from the crowd, he looked like he was about to be far away.

     The audience in the live room wailed.

     "I just laughed and laughed, what else are you looking at, don't make any noise." Liu Zilang cannot help but laugh and said:

     "I will take you to other places to take a look. It is a mission for the organizer to invite me."

     He was originally talk random nonsense.

     Unexpectedly, as soon as he finished speaking, the phone rang.

     At first glance, the call reminder was Qin Xuanxuan, who had exchanged her mobile phone number by chance.

     Senpai... why are you looking for me?



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