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771 Three Sisters Control, Who Is It! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

After a short call,

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but wonder for a while.

     According to Qin Xuanxuan's words,

     It seems that they lack a suitable COS candidate from the club, and asked Liu Zilang if he had uninterested help.

     Liu Zilang subconsciously feels that there must be some big conspiracy in this, otherwise it is unreasonable that every time he meets the other party, he will be invited by Cos.

     If it is the past,

     He might tactfully refuse.

     But the problem is that Qin Xuanxuan just helped her "arrange" a wave of water friends in the live broadcast room, and things like toss a peach, get back a plum still need to be done, otherwise there will be some cannot be justified.

     This is also the reason why he just agreed to Qin Xuanxuan.

     But after learning that Liu Zilang was going to play Cos, the audience in the live broadcast room was unable to hold back!

     It was even more excited than when I saw Zhang Xiaotong Cos Platelet!

      In the blink of an eye, various characters appeared on the barrage in the live broadcast room, such as "Rem" and "Tokisaki Kurumi", some people even brushed "Aili".

     At the beginning, Liu Zilang watched the barrage engrossing while walking.

     Because he hadn't heard most of these characters, he didn't remember that he had seen it when Zhang Xiaotong and Misaka Kotomi asked for Cos until he saw "Aili".

     Hemp egg!

     Are these all female characters?

     No wonder the names are weird.

     Seeing the enthusiasm in the live broadcast room, Liu Zilang couldn't help but slander.

     What a pervert!


     In the stadium, people coming, people going, under normal circumstances, it’s difficult to find someone.But I couldn't bear Pikachu being conspicuous enough.

     Then Liu Zilang didn't want to see her because of the big yellow sticks there.

     After approaching, Qin Xuanxuan took off Pikachu's head and greeted Liu Zilang with a smile, "I didn't expect you to really come to help, thank you."

     She has a generous and cheerful personality, with a long pony tail behind her head and looks full of vitality.

     Coupled with a dull and cute Pika autumn suit, it is easy for people to give birth to a good impression too.

     "You're welcome, didn't you help me too?" Liu Zilang waved his hand with a smile.

     Hearing what the two said, the audience in the live broadcast room couldn't help being speechless. Everyone recalled the shame of "to acknowledge the bandit as one's father".

     "I knew, there must be a JQ between Vic and Pikachu!"

     "Suddenly, I actually seduce senior sister!"

     "Bah! Shameless, go tell Xiaotongjiang!"

     "Senior Sister's Pikachu is too cute. Why doesn't the nest have such a senior."

     "Senior Sister's existence is simply too incomprehensible, I am completely without resistance to Senior Sister!"

     "No resistance +1!"

     "In the front, first of all you have to have a senior lady who is willing to talk to you."

     "Old heart, hardened!"


     Just as the audience in the live broadcast room was excited, Liu Zilang and Qin Xuanxuan had already arrived backstage in their Cos area.

     He had a Kumamoto bear in Cos last time. He knew this was the easiest one, without wigs and cosmetic contact lenses...

     It’s not hot now,It is just right to put on a "bear skin", and maybe I can scare Zhang Xiaotong and the others later.

      thought until here, Liu Zilang couldn't help but take the initiative Please Ying.

     "Senior sister, or I'm still the same as last time, Cos, please look at Kumamoto."

     "Kumamoto bear?" It was the first time Qin Xuanxuan heard someone actively propose such a strange request.

     Generally, those who come out of COS want to show themselves, and whoever wants to run around wearing a bear skin.

     Moreover, Kumamoto bears are not like Pikachu, they are cute and cute. This thing is too easy to get beaten when going out...

     "Hehe, then you might be disappointed." Qin Xuanxuan smiled and shook the head, "That prop is too big, we didn't bring it out for the event today."

      spoke until here, she cannot bear said, "But we still have Saba Juno, Kosaka Kyosuke, and Kasuga no Yu. We all brought props."

     After speaking, she looked at Liu Zilang up and down, couldn't help being nodded, and said with a smile on her face, "I think these three are quite suitable for you."

     "suit me?"

     Liu Zilang stretched out his index finger and thumb to pinch his chin, making a Detective Conan shape.

     Immediately he asked tentatively, "Aren't these three...are all outstanding handsome men?"

     Hearing Liu Zilang's words, the other people around the backstage couldn't help but laugh.

      At the same time, the audience in Liu Zilang's live studio almost laughed out of a pig cry!

     "Isn't this one of the three big sisters controlling the second element?"

     "Wow! This is too real, right?"

     "No wonder the senior sister said that there is no suitable candidate, because it turned out to be fancy Vic this honor!""Puff haha, I didn't expect the senior sister to be so black-bellied!"

     "Poor Vic, he thought he was handsome."

     "What are you shouting?? Spicy?? What are you doing loudly! Don't be heard by this ratio."


     Liu Zilang really didn't expect to watch the barrage at this time. He was listening to Qin Xuanxuan in deadly earnest introducing him to the advantages and disadvantages of each of these three roles.

     Sibo jungler's style is a bit more magical, and he needs to wear a long trench coat there's some left props.

     Kosaka Kyosuke and Kasuga Yuu Cos are simpler, they are both everyday styles, as long as they change into the uniforms of high school students in the anime, and then put on a little makeup.

     After speaking, Qin Xuanxuan looked at Liu Zilang and let him choose.

     Liu Zilang has no barrages for asking for help. Today, he pitted all these water friends to "to acknowledge the bandit as one's father". Isn't it time to go up and ask for help to find a pit?

     So Liu Zilang chose to believe in his own feelings.

     Kasuga No Yu.

     This name seems familiar,

      probably not there is a pit.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang couldn't help showing a confident smile on his face, and said to Qin Xuanxuan, "Then Kasuga, I like the simpler."

     When Qin Xuanxuan heard Liu Zilang's words, before Qin Xuanxuan had time to say anything, the other people around the backstage cast strange glances.

     Qin Xuanxuan smiled and snapped a finger.

     Soon, two young ladies who were in charge of helping with makeup came over and looked at Liu Zilang with a strange smile.

     What's this special face?

     How can it be like grabbing me for a bidet?Liu Zilang couldn't help but feel a little flustered in his heart, and couldn't help but speak, "Um...Senior sister, can I change one now?"

     "No need to change, it's actually the same."

     Qin Xuanxuan blinked at him with a smile, and immediately urged, "Hurry up and change clothes, and we will go out of Cos with the Jiang Da community."

     Hearing the word change, Liu Zilang, who just stepped forward like his fate, couldn't help but tremble!

     He turned his head with a stiff neck, "Change... dress, isn't it a women's dress? Senior sister, you can't cheat me!"

     "Don't worry, how could I cheat you."

     Qin Xuanxuan waved her hand.

     The two young ladies next to her also slapped her chest quickly to make sure that Liu Zilang felt a little settled, and then walked inside.

     The next step is the subtle makeup and dressing.

     Although Liu Zilang has a shameless mouth, he has a very good foundation and a clear-cut appearance. He has a clean and clear appearance.

     It just fits well with Kasuga Yuu's temperament and doesn't need too much makeup.

     After waiting for ten minutes, Liu Zilang, who was in good condition, took a look in the mirror.

     I'm still the one myself,

     The face does not change without too many.

     But on the whole, I feel that the person in the mirror does not look like me.

     The second element is amazing!

     Liu Zilang raised his hand in front of the mirror to tidy up his clothes, and couldn't help but think to himself.

     Then he turned his head and looked at the Pikachu who was leaning against the door with his arms around his chest and was looking at him with a smile, in the heart cannot help, with another feeling of emotion.

     Ok!The elder sister is still very reliable!


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