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772 Self Exploded!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Before the mirror.

     Liu Zilang was wearing a high school uniform, with the buttons unbuttoned in front of him, and wearing a silver-white wig by Kasuga Yeyuu on his head.

     His face was already tender, and he looked alive as a high school freshman.

     The two young ladies who helped make-up also crossed their hands and looked at Liu Zilang in amazement, saying that his Cos is good, and his temperament image is too perfect.

     Praised by others,

     Liu Zilang still feels happy.

      This time he picked up the phone, turned on the front camera and pointed at himself, then flicked his hair a little bit, he was ready to accept the ridicule.

     Liu Zilang knew too much about the audience in his live broadcast room, he just couldn’t accept the fact that he was handsome.

     Always live in a dream.

     no way.

     As a handsome man, Liu Zilang feels that he needs to be more tolerant to the audience.

     Ran goose beyond expectation,

     Liu Zilang, who has done mental preparation, glanced at the bullet screen, but found that the bullet screen was actually praised with clear color.

     "Wow! This is too handsome!"

     "God, how come there is such a handsome person!"

     "I celebrate Wu Yanzu willingly acknowledge defeat!"

     "My Northwest Wang Tiezhu's real-name system calls for Vic!"

     "Male god Male god! I want to tweeted love with you!"

     "VicVic! As a coach, do you usually feel pressured?"

     "By the way, go and show Xiaotongjiang soon!"

     "Yes, yes! Let Xiaotongjiang see you who are different."

     "..."Seeing the barrage billowing in the live broadcast room, Liu Zilang couldn't help being stunned for a while, wondering if this group of Bi was taking the wrong medicine?

     But anyway, although a little strange, it's better than mockery.

     Liu Zilang also said modestly, "You're too kind, I'm also less handsome than Lao Qiu and Ze."

     "Actually, there is something that many people may doesn't know at all, I tell you, don't talk nonsense."

     Everyone in the live broadcast room was trying to encourage Liu Zilang at this moment, so naturally following his words, Swear toward the Heavens would not speak nonsense.

     "Do you know why Ze Shao speaks so little?" Liu Zilang lowered his voice and asked mysteriously.


     "Isn't Ze Shao born to talk less?"

     "Aloof God is like this, right?"


     Liu Zilang chuckled, "In fact, Ze Shao used to be a chatter, but since I joined the team, he was stimulated by my handsome, so he became less talking."

     After speaking, he rubbed his chin with his thumb and index finger, and sighed helplessly:

     "Oh, sometimes I am quite annoyed. Such a face is unfair to others."

     Seeing Liu Zilang's mean look, the audience in the live broadcast room suddenly couldn't stand it!

     For a time, the wind direction of the barrage changed, and the full screen of praise all turned into mockery.

     Seeing this familiar picture, Liu Zilang finally felt relieved. He smiled and said, "That's right, jealousy is your true face, I won't blame you, sometimes even I am jealous of myself."Seeing Liu Zilang madly smashing the water friends in the live broadcast room, everyone in the makeup backstage was shocked!

     They often see anchors, and some of them even broadcast live broadcasts themselves, but they are not very popular.

     But which one is not for the water friends? Pā pā pā again... Like Liu Zilang's live broadcast style, everyone is simply unheard-of.

     Qin Xuanxuan looked a little speechless, but she raised her hand to look at her watch, and quickly clapped her hands:

     "It's about time, everyone is ready, and it's our turn to join Jiangda Cos."

     "So in a hurry?" Liu Zilang asked.

     "Well, there is a competition in the circle." Qin Xuanxuan said.

     "The game?" Liu Zilang glanced at himself nervously, "I won't be holding back, am I?"

     Qin Xuanxuan smiled and said, "It's okay, small competition, friendship first."

     At this time, the others in Cos also came out. In addition to Qin Xuanxuan's Pikachu, Liu Zilang saw a lot of people with fantastic oddities of every description.

     There are Deadpool with double swords, Miss Er B with a long sword, Himura Kenshin with an inverted blade on his waist, and Sakata Gintoki with a wooden sword...

     Seeing that these people have weapons and props in their hands, Liu Zilang left his hands empty, always feeling that something is missing.

     When he went out, he happened to see a cool big sword that no one used in the corner.

      what is this?

     Liu Zilang scratched the head.

     But being cool is over.

     Then I saw him holding a selfie stick in one hand and Frostmourne in the other and followed...

     ......has to say, Qin Xuanxuan's vision is still very high, and their appearance in this group of people is above the standard.

     Coupled with the effect of makeup, such a high-quality Coser is naturally very attractive.

     Seeing the group of people headed by Pikachu walking out, there were indeed many people around, and then they picked up their phones and gathered around.

     "Wow! It's Jiang Da's Pikachu team!"

     "That Jiangda's Cos president is too funny, right? Every time I see her in an exhibition, she is Cos Pikachu."

     "2333, but the quality of Jiangda's Coser really has been very high."

     "That second sister B is a bit handsome, oh yes! It's L'?tudiante."

     "I just read the Coser list, that looks like a male Coser."


     "But the others are pretty good too."

     "Misty grass! Even Kasuga Yeyou? The temperament is quite similar."

     "Puff! What the hell is that Frostmourne... Kasuga is going to kill someone?"

     "Huh? Didn't you find that Cos Kasuga Yuu's familiar?"


     When the group of people came to the exhibition area, the surrounding people suddenly gathered around.

     Since they have more Cos boys in this wave, many of the people around the booth are young ladies. They held up their mobile phones and took pictures with chirp chirp twitter twitter.

     "Sucking! Hey, this wave has made a profit!"

     "I just said there are so many little brothers here, that Jianxin is so cool!"

     "I think Kasuga is warm, and it feels so gentle."Hearing the whispers of the surrounding Onee-chans, the hearts of the neighbors could not help but roar in despair!

     Hemp egg!

     Carrying such a big sword, how can you see gentleness!

     This look at the face of the world...

     Isn't the fat house unworthy of having love?

     But soon, someone from the surrounding crowd recognized Liu Zilang.

     "Fuck! The one with the selfie stick... isn't it Vic?"

     "It seems...really!"

     "Oh my God, put on your clothes...ahhh, I really didn't recognize it after changing my clothes!"

     "I'm a ghost, Vic actually Cos Kasugano Yu, this is blew!"

     "My sister has a real hammer, I didn't expect him to be such a crude man!"

     "It seems that the project to save Xiaotongjiang has been pressing in on one's eyelashes, to brook no delay."

     "Down with Vic and protect Xiaotongjiang!"


     All around the crowd suddenly became angry!

     Above the booth, Liu Zilang carrying Frostmourne was switching positions. Suddenly, he saw two familiar people walking towards this side.

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