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776 Wu Qi Zhaoyuan, Se7en! (Below) 2/4
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Jiang Hai.

     Se7en club base.

     Shen Zeyan was sitting in front of the computer playing FPP solo, Gao Yunyang lying on the sofa eyes slightly narrowed.

     Su Changming, wearing glasses, sits at the table and writes and draws on some information.

     In the middle of the meeting room, Li Muqiu walked around.

     He held the phone with his fingers and kept sliding on the screen, his face looked a bit hideous, and he suddenly said with righteous indignation, "Excessive! Really excessive!"

     "Said my food is also just sufficed, and I actually said that I am fried noodles!"

     "Slander! This is slander!"

     "Don't let me know who it is, otherwise I have to give him a lawyer's letter!"


     The door of the meeting room was pushed open.

     Liu Zilang stepped in, followed by Kotomi Misaka who stick one's head out and look around.

     The next moment, the two four eyes look at each other.

     "Why are you looking at me?"

     "What am I looking at you?"

     "You look at me angry again!"

     "How can you be angry!"


     Liu Zilang looked at Li Muqiu as if something was wrong, cannot bear saying turned his head and asked, "What's wrong with Lao Qiu."

     Shen Zeyan has not replied.

     Gao Yunyang glanced up at her slightly, then turned his head and continued to squint.

     Su Changming raised his head and pushed down the eyes on the bridge of his nose when he heard the words, said with a smile, "This kid has been hacked for almost a week, understand."

      "Oh!" Liu Zilang nodded, not a word or movement glanced at Gao Yunyang, then nodded seriously, "This can understand.""All right, Yunyang must have told you about the specific things." Su Changming clapped the hand, "The second team is temporarily attached to the Se7en club. I am the team leader, coach and club manager.

      He spoke until here, his gaze flicked over several people in turn, "As usual, Yunyang and Muqiu broke through, Zeyan sniper."

     "A Lang is still a free man and captain. Do you think there is no problem?"

     For this long-time old configuration, a few people naturally don't have any problems.

     Only Li Muqiu was a bit unwilling.

     If it's a program to ask him to come out of the first team, it's okay, then he at least feels a bit of a card.

     But today Su Changming suddenly called him, and said very seriously that his recent reviews on the Internet were not very good, and asked him to go to the second team to avoid the limelight.

     Avoid... the limelight?

     Li Muqiu is so angry!

     So there was this scene of this afternoon.

     At this moment, seeing Liu Zilang and Gao Yunyang look with a smile, Li Muqiu somewhat suspicious glanced at them, suddenly a thought flashed through the mind, and a bold guess emerged...

     and many more!

     This meow...

     Could it be that we had two traitors?

     On the other side, Su Changming suddenly saw Misaka Kotomi who was standing behind Liu Zilang, looked at Liu Zilang eagerly, and immediately turned the head and looks to himself.

     It looks like a puppy with his tongue out, no home to return to, beside the garbage dump on the roadside.

     "A Lang! Menhera sauce this is..." Su Changming cannot bear ask."Oh, yes, she and SST have terminated the contract." Liu Zilang said with a smile, "I wonder if our team has just been established and there is no substitute? Bring her over for a trial."

     In a formal professional team, substitutes are of course essential.

     After all, professional players are also people.

     Everyone has a headache, brain fever and fever, if they are forced to play at that time.

     It's okay to lose the game, but if something goes wrong with your body, it won't look good.

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Su Changming could not help but nod slightly, and then he nodded:

     "Let's do it, since you brought it, then you can help check it. The average KD per game in the passerby game can reach the professional standard 6.0."


     Kotomi Misaka couldn't help being full of excitement when she heard this. Since she was a professional player, she naturally reached this standard long ago.

     I saw her bow suddenly ninety degrees, and a bun said seriously:

     "Instructor Crab! Crab is wet!"

     "I will definitely work hard!"

     Seeing this, Liu Zilang couldn't help but moved his steps, not a word or movement blocking her in front.

     Misaka Kotomi glanced at him suspiciously.

     Next is the signing of various contracts. All five of them have been teammates for several years, so naturally there is no routine at this point.

     It can be said that looking at the entire e-sports circle, there is no more transparent and loose contract than this.

     After the contract was settled, the new team "Se7en2" also submitted for review on the official website soon.

     One coach has four starters.Oh, yes, there is still one "Treasure of the Town Team"-Mascot Misaka Kotomi.

     As soon as such a lineup was submitted, the auditors of Tencent's PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds event were shocked on the spot. Why did they suddenly make a big news?

     It seems that tonight is destined to not be peaceful...

     as expected?

     In the evening, the new team approved.

     Se7en club breeze is still, waves are quiet The official Weibo for almost the entire transfer period, suddenly seems to have thrown into a huge rock and suddenly stirred up waves!

     In the official Weibo,

     First, I warmly congratulated the establishment of the second team in the new season, announced the starting lineup and substitutes, and then followed the Weibo of the three starting players and coach Su Changming.

     Gao Yunyang and Misaka Kotomi don't play Weibo, so naturally @cannot stop them.

     Suddenly, since Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan left the team during the transfer period, they have been staring at the audience who wanted to eat melons. Suddenly, I felt that a big melon fell from the sky and hit the forehead. The whole person was a little confused!

     The official Weibo of the Se7en Club has just been released, and the following comments are over 1,000 in ten minutes and over 10,000 in an hour.

     Various e-sports self-media also forwarded the news, and it soon made it into the top ten of Weibo search.

     In the following time, Liu Zilang, Shen Zeyan, Li Muqiu and Su Changming also posted blogs one after another, and @了Se7en club official Weibo.

     Liu Zilang: "Reunion at the Peak, Five Primordial Qi @Se7en Club."

     Shen Zeyan: "@Se7en club."Su Changming: "I am honored to be the team leader and coach of Se7en2. We will not let down the expectations of our fans and will continue to move forward! @Se7en俱乐部."

     As for Li Muqiu, who was hacked as a "fried fan monster" on Weibo for a while, he posted on Weibo saying:

     "Because of my poor performance in the game recently, I voluntarily obeyed the club's arrangement and transferred to the second team for training. I need [email protected] club.

     After seeing Li Muqiu's Weibo, many fans underneath expressed distress...

     "Where are those black fans? Why aren't they jumping today?"

     "Distressed my autumn god! I feel uncomfortable and want to cry."

     "Those black autumn god fried noodles, I advise you to be kind!"

     "Excuse me, are you talking about fried pho or fried rice noodles?"

     "Go! It's you guys who are fried!"


     But in the past, those were just corners. Most of the focus was on the reorganization of Se7en. The Dark Era of the PUBG professional tournament circle may be coming!

      It should be noted, Liu Zilang and others are all players who have proven themselves in this California World Championship, regardless of their qualifications or strength, anyone with eyes can see it.

     Imagine that a group of top domestic teams in the league in the future may be rubbed on the ground by the second team of a club, also known as the "substitute team"...

     At the same time that everyone was shiver all over though not cold, they suddenly felt a little expectant.

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