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777 Fuloli Is The Primary Productive Force! (3/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

At the same time, major domestic clubs are also dumbfounded!

     During the transfer period, when Shen Zeyan and Liu Zilang announced that they would not renew their contracts and leave the team, in fact, many teams secretly tried to contact them.

     After all, the sniper is the absolute C position in a team, and Shen Zeyan, as the "three pinnacle sniper gods in Asia" in the early game, if there were elements advocated by fans at that time.

     So this time at the California World Championships, his peak contest with top players from Europe and the United States is undoubtedly a perfect proof of his own strength.

     Needless to say as for Liu Zilang.

     Not to mention any proof.

     Under that golden rain, the trophies, medals and pans in his hands and neck that were too many to win were the most shocking and direct proof.

     But the two players of that's it came together so wordless and silent...

     And walking on,

     There were three more familiar faces beside him.

     This Nima is right!

     Thinking of the five-man team that once went out with Asian FPS, many people couldn't help but shudder. This shudder came from the awe of the legendary five who started that era.

     But now,

     It's already New Era.

     For example, the current OMG, 4AM, RNG and 17 and 1246 teams have already made their debut, waiting for the new season to show their talents.

     Under a more complete and fair game system, these teams also have the potential to become new legends.So while trembling, these teams were also aroused strong fighting spirit. As e-sports professional players, no one would content to be below others.

     From the moment you touch the mouse, the goal of all players is only has one, that is, to become a champion and create your own legend!

     So in the upcoming PCPI qualifier of the PGI China Division, is it the new king ascended to the throne or the restoration of the dynasty?

     All this is unknown or unknown.

     The only thing we can know is that when this kind of legendary second team appeared in this official tournament,

     It will definitely not be reduced to experience babies and RBQ like other second teams, but it is likely to cause a huge wave...


     At eight o'clock in the evening, Douyu platform.

     The popularity of Liu Zilang's live broadcast has reached 15 million. Looking at the major sections of Douyu, his popularity is also firmly at the top of the list, and he is simply a proper "Betta fish."

     Of course, in fact, his popularity value tonight has a lot of moisture.

     On the one hand, the melon-eating craze caused by Se7en's big moves. In addition to Liu Zilang, Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu are both in pandas. The audience on the Douyu side must come to Liu Zilang's live studio if they want to eat melon.

     On the other side, tonight is the last night of the selection of the "Four Great Chicken Kings", and fans from all walks of life in the live broadcast room have been supporting them.

     The super rockets of the local tyrants have attracted a lot of popularity value, so the popularity value of Liu Zilang's live broadcast will look ridiculously high.

     The current rankings of the top four chicken kings are as follows:

     First: Vic123; Points: 9451319!

     Second: 17shou; Points: 4986102!Third: Godv; Points: 4686716!

     Fourth: YJJPP; Points: 4065645!


     People with discerning eyes are basically able to discern.

     Liu Zilang leads the second place and nearly doubled his fan points. Among the four best chicken kings tonight, he can probably occupy a place. At present, there is still suspense about the following anchors.

     Especially the fourth-placed YJJ, Pigff and NB211, are quite deadly. This event relies heavily on fan support. In the event of a superstar, the situation can be reversed in an instant.

     So tonight's "Betta Fish Four Chicken Kings", I really can't tell who it is and who until the final moments.

     What the Shuiyou fans in Liu Zilang's live broadcast room can do at present is to try to make the difference between him and the next few people a little bigger, then bigger... try to avoid that situation in the end.

     This is why he is currently top first, the super fire in the live broadcast room and various gifts can not stop.

     After all, as the world champion who just returned, the strongest Solo king, everyone wants to help Liu Zilang get the chicken king top card, so that he will have a card face as a water friend.

     In addition, at twelve o'clock, after the selection of the four best chicken kings in Douyu, each live broadcast room will draw the top 20 audiences on the fan list and the chicken king for a water friend match.

     This is also a link that everyone is looking forward to.


     In the live broadcast room.

     At this time, Liu Zilang was playing solo game while chatting about Se7en with the audience in the broadcast room.

     The water friends have a lot of curiosity in their hearts about this newly established but already well-known team.Liu Zilang didn't watch the barrage when he played games, but every time he came out, he would pick out a few barrage to answer, to satisfy the curiosity of these water friends.

     But seeing someone scoring Misaka Kotomi as a related householder, he entered Se7en under his unspoken rules.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help being complexion turned black, and backhanded that ID a wave of "green packages".


     Am I that kind of person?

     Liu Zilang is trying to give the audience in the live broadcast room a wave of Ideological Education, so that they can be like themselves as pure people who are free from low-level tastes.

     At this moment, Wang Qianqian suddenly called.

     Why is this guy calling at home?

     He was puzzled, but still closed the microphone and connected the phone.

     Wang Qianqian first teased him to congratulate him on being the "Betta Fish" tonight, and then suddenly asked him if he wanted to be a neat and tidy family by making insinuations.

     A family neat and tidy?

     How fat is this feeling of being arranged?

     Hearing this,

     Liu Zilang couldn't help being vigilant.

     But after saying a few words, Liu Zilang was a little speechless to find that Wang Qianqian actually wanted to dig a wall and let Shen Zeyan and Li Muqiu jump over.

     Then she invited Gao Yunyang and Misaka Kotomi to start the broadcast, letting them settle in Douyu together with Se7en2, and even thought about the thematic interface at that time.

     The reason for this is that she is optimistic about the potential of Se7en2 in this PGI.

     I want to gamble before it rains, bind around with silk,

     If it works,

     That's a big profit.For this, Liu Zilang is there's nothing about it. It is definitely impossible for him to take the initiative to help dig the wall, but seeing that Wang Qianqian has helped him many times recently, Liu Zilang still gave her the contact details of Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan.

     Secretly said sorry to the two of them.

     Being stared at by this shark pepper, it is estimated that they can stand it for a while...


     late at night.

     It's past zero.

     The live broadcast of Douyu Liu Zilang suddenly broke out another round of super fire celebrations, as did the other three live broadcasts of Chicken King.

     Liu Zilang in the end still is defended the title of the top chicken king and won the four big chicken kings of fighting fish.

     The four behind him are 17Shou, Wei Shen, and 211.

      has to say, the competition for the three places in the last hour is too fierce.

     Especially the fight for the fourth chicken king, it is refreshed every minute.

     Had it not been for the last minute of the 211 live broadcast room, a water friend who was said to be Fuloli had worked hard, he would have been squeezed by the other two.

     Liu Zilang, who has witnessed this competitive process, couldn't help but sigh. It turns out that Fuloli is the first productive force.

     But then...

     It is the long-awaited first "Four Chicken Kings Betta" Water Friends Tournament.