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778 Ten Rows Of Singles! (4/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

has to say, the organizational efficiency of fighting fish is still very high.

     In less than half an hour, the top 20 water friends selected from the live broadcast room of each person entered the custom room of Douyu.

     Liu Zilang, Wei Shen, 17 and 211 were naturally the first to be pulled in, and they were chatting in the YY channel at this moment.

     Needless to say, Liu Zilang and Wei Shen are both old teammates. However, he is not very familiar with 17 and 211.

     After chatting for a while, Liu Zilang found that 17 was relatively shy and didn't talk a lot.

     But 211 is a bit older than youtiao, and within a few sentences, both sides feel familiar.

     As a week of preparation for the selection of the "Four Chicken Kings", Liu Zilang and the four of them tonight undoubtedly represent the peak of the strength and popularity of Douyu PUBG.

     The four people teamed up in the Water Friends Tournament, which naturally attracted the attention of countless people.

     "How do I feel that fighting fish is a bit messy!"

     "I also found out that this Nima is all water friends, and it feels like the four great chicken kings are going to become four roast chickens."

     "As soon as I made a chicken king, I let the water friend go up in a gust of wind and grass. This is indeed a bit messy."

     "Hey, does Wei Shen this wave to clean up the sect? one shot one kill 4AM traitor? Maybe there will be a civil war..."


     While there was a joke in the live broadcast room, the water friends in the custom server have already entered almost there.

     After checking the number of people, the staff member of Douyu quickly started this water friend competition.


     The water friend race begins.Before the flight route came out, Liu Zilang glanced at the map, "Where do we jump this wave?"

     "Airport." Wei Shen act without taking time to think.

     17Shou touched his chin, "I think it's better to look at the route, P City is also good."

     Wait until the plane flies out of sea level,

     The four of them looked at the route and realized that the game had nothing to do with the airport or P City.

     Because the route is from left to right from Port P at seven o'clock on the map, it almost cuts horizontally.

     In addition to the mines and M City, there are only the power plants at the terminal.

     And this is undoubtedly far from enough for the eighty-four people on a plane.

     Looking at this route, Liu Zilang and the four could not help but stop discussing, because on this route, it may be difficult to get to P City or the airport.

     But in comparison, they are closer to the airport.

     "I heard that the vertical landing speed after parachuting in this version has been changed. It is already difficult to fly high." Wei Shen suggested, "Or let's find a car and go to the airport."

      "Un." 17Shou murmured nodded, "This is fine, but we have to jump separately, and if we can't find the car, we really have to go to the jungle."

     "Sure, then I'll go to Xiqiao Qiaotou." Wei Shen nodded.

     "I'm in Farm Ridge." Liu Zilang said.

     "Then I will go to Dongqiao Qiaotou to see." 211 also said.

     If it is an ordinary person, they may not jump too far apart in the water friend race, because it is easy to be broken by the water friend group one by one.But Liu Zilang and Wei Shen 17 are both technical live broadcasts. Each of them has played solo four rows during the live broadcast. They can still handle such small scenes by asking themselves.

     So everyone is full of confidence at this time.

     But when he was about to land, Wei Shen suddenly remembered something and couldn't help but opens the mouth to ask, "By the way, your live broadcast rooms are all delayed, right?"

     "Of course it is adjusted. If the second fool doesn't adjust this, isn't he going to be beaten into a Muggle?" 211 grinned, "I set a three-minute delay."

     "I set it for five minutes." 17Shou said.

     But at this moment, a voice suddenly came from YY.

     "Uh... I seem to... forgot to adjust."

     Wei Shen:...


     211: ...

     This second fool is naturally Liu Zilang.

     He just interacted with the audience in the live broadcast room. Setting a delay will affect the quality of the interaction, so he did not set a delay. As a result, he did not remember this after the interaction...

     So the current situation is self-evident.

     Almost immediately after Liu Zilang finished speaking, Wei Shen, 17shou and 211, who had already descended to a low altitude at different landing points, raised the head to look.

     Seeing the scenes of parachutes fluttering around, the three of them could not help being stunned!

     They have played single four-row solo, but at least this special cat is a single ten-row single. The difficulty is not as simple as six people.

     It has increased exponentially.

     In addition, teammates also not around, if you are a little careless, you will have to belch!The audience in the live room saw this abruptly arising scene, and they couldn't help laughing.

     "Puff haha! I knew that Vic was going to make trouble!"

     "When I landed, I was chased by ten people. Thinking about it, there is some tingling sensation!"

     "This is the Battle Royale... Otherwise, looking at these rough games, I always think this game is a Battle Royale."

     "Yes, it seems that Vic is going to help Wei Shen and Beast to quit Internet addiction than they are."

     "I think he should give himself electrotherapy first."


     As soon as Liu Zilang finished speaking during the game competition, he realized that it was wrong.

     I think of the situation where the four people on my side just made a show of being very much in earnest and reported the distribution of points, which is equivalent to self-introduces letting water friends attack.

     Simply bubbling stupidly.

     At this time, it is too late to cut out and adjust the delay.

     Liu Zilang did not dare to continue drifting towards Farm Ridge, but hurriedly landed halfway.


     After landing and breaking away from the parachute, he rushed over to the nearby housing area.

     As a result, there was a roar of a jeep engine on the grass diagonally behind him before he had gone far.

     Liu Zilang couldn't help heart cooled!

     Come so fast?

     At this moment, he didn't need to look back in the wilderness around him, knowing that this jeep was mostly aimed at him.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang looked around quickly and quickly saw the small toilet on the side of the road diagonally in front of him.

     He guessed in his mind that most of the people who drove over to snipe him so quickly had not had time to get a gun, so he rushed over to the small toilet in stride.Seeing Liu Zilang, several water friends in that jeep couldn't help getting excited.

     "Haha! I finally caught your kid!"

     "I wonder, it's the first time I have seen a streamer who dare not turn off the delay in the Aquamates.

     "Quickly, don't you fuckin look down on us?"

     "Don't say more, brothers first tender him!"

     "Huh? This guy seems to be going to the toilet!"

     "Haha, is the toilet Play? I like this!"


     The four friends in the jeep saw Liu Zilang rushing into the toilet, and they were inexplicably excited, and they caught up with the accelerator.


     The jeep crashed into the small table at the door of the toilet and an emergency brake came.

     At the next moment, four black babies with explosive heads jumped off the car, and strangely chuckled towards the toilet.

     Seeing this scene, the audience in the live broadcast room suddenly widened their eyes, staring at the live video without blinking, and even breathed unconsciously...