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780 Tears Behind Bars! (1/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     Footsteps in the ears getting closer and closer.

     Hearing the sound of footsteps, Liu Zilang in the toilet couldn't help but heart sank.

     At this moment, he is like a young girl with a ponytail. The toilet is blocked by four black babies. What will happen next, I must have already imagined...

     But slightly different from the script, this young girl holds a knife in her hand.

     A machete.


     The wooden door of the toilet was pushed open, and the water friends walked in with a cheerful atmosphere.

     Liu Zilang held up the machete with both hands, and immediately slashed down.

     Everyone has just landed, no heads and no armor.

     The first person to enter the door was headshot by Liu Zilang, and instantly thumped to his knees.

     "Vic123 knocked down Brother Long with a headshot with a machete"


     They are already ready for Liu Zilang to have weapons in his hands, but the people in this wave of ideas are to punch the master indiscriminately. Four black babies rushed into the toilet and pushed Liu Zilang against the wall. That was act wilfully The ultimate act wilfully, so they didn’t panic at all.

     However, Liu Zilang's "good start" with this attack slightly disrupted their rhythm.

     Because the entrance to the toilet was narrow, the first person fell to the ground and blocked the way for people behind, preventing them from entering.

     But seeing that Liu Zilang only had a machete in his hand, everyone couldn't help but relax.

     Not just a gun.

     "Brother Long, don't stop here, take your butt and face us!" someone shouted behind him."Move a place, let us go in and kill this guy!" the other person said.

     Hearing the urging of his teammates, Brother Long, who was kneeling on the ground and crawling backwards subconsciously, couldn't help but a burst of chills looking at Liu Zilang's bright machete ahead.

     He swallowed!

     Simply in my heart,

     Climbed directly inside.

     Willing to pluck,

     Dare to pull the chicken king off!

     Seeing the person who was lying on the ground crawling in with one hand on his belly, followed by three people with a blow-out black baby, the audience in the live broadcast room couldn't help but get excited!

     "Fuck! Is this the bloody battle at Causeway Bay?"

     "I think it's a bloody battle against the toilet in Causeway Bay."

     "It's obviously a story of a young woman and four black people has to say."

     "Don't do this, I'm still a child, is there any story I can't tell?"

     "For 1V3, won't Vic be beaten into a Muggle?"

     "The toilet is too small to pull, this wave feels like it's going to punch the master!"


     In a narrow space, a wave of toilet violence is about to take place.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, Liu Zilang suddenly put away the machete and turned on the public voice, "Don't do it, you guys are who's water friend?"

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said,

     Those three are also not anxious.

     These water friends attacked Liu Zilang originally for fun and to challenge the legendary sense of accomplishment.

     A swarm of swarms of rushing directly to death has What does it mean, of course, it is fun to take a bit of teasing slowly.Unexpectedly, the three people in the back did not speak, the man lying in the middle of the two sides suddenly shouted angrily, "I will let you understand today, my Quincy Long brother will live..."

     Long brother?

     Liu Zilang was stunned, feeling a bit familiar.

     Soon he couldn't help complexion turned black, said ill-humoredly, "Dead man Don't say anything."

     "Mist, labor and capital are not dead yet."

     Brother Long is dissatisfied.

     Liu Zilang squatted down and punched him in the head.


     Brother Long's red blood suddenly dropped this half at the speed visible to the naked eye, and he quickly closed his mouth.

     The three friends behind also burst into laughter when they saw this, and the toilet instantly filled with cheerful air.

     At this moment, a little white face named Africa saw Liu Zilang put away the knife, cannot bear saying:

     "Well, let's not bully you..."

     "Are you going one by one?"

     Liu Zilang one's hearth is happy.

     "We will go together, but you can take a knife." African little white face said.

     Liu Zilang: ...

     This Nima is still called not bullying?

     You squeeze me over and push me against the wall. I can't cut it with a knife.

     Liu Zilangshen took a deep breath and flatly rejected the other party's "kindness".

     "No, I have all my skills in my hands." After speaking, he suddenly waved a fist, posing on the spot.

     "Wing Chun, Master Lang, please advise!"

     puff! ! !

     Hearing this, the audience in the live broadcast room suddenly peeed. This is a special style. It's not right!Obviously it is a Hollywood gunfight blockbuster, how did it suddenly become a martial arts action movie in the Republic of China?

     In the game, the corners of the eyes of the three people opposite the toilet twitched.


     Tell your brother-in-law!


     Shit this Zhuang Bifan!

      In the blink of an eye, the three of them waved Wang Ba's fist together and swung up towards Liu Zilang in the corner.

     At this moment, I saw Liu Zilang suddenly cut into the first perspective and joined the other three.

     He must not be stuck in a corner at this time, otherwise he would really not be able to move.

     The fist and the wind roared in the toilet, and the four of them jumped and punched every time like jumping di.

     However, because there was a fallen dragon in the middle as the "demarcation line", and the space was small, the three water friends often accidentally injured their own people, and they did not show an overwhelming advantage for a while.

     And at this moment, the most unlucky and sad reminder was the Long brother kneeling in the middle.

     When you come and I go between the two sides, it is natural to trample on him, and often jump directly on his back.

     In this kind of chaos, if he hadn't been lying on the ground, he would have been made up by now.

     And it is estimated that most of them are his own.

     "Go harder! This ratio was punched by me again!"

     "One more punch he must fall!"

     "Huh? Wait! How did he get there?"


     At this moment, one of the three suddenly discovered something was wrong.

     He somewhat stunned found that after a few people were jumping around in the toilet, Liu Zilang unexpectedly came to the door of the toilet unconsciously."No! This is better than slipping!"

     Someone reacted.

     But when he yelled this sentence, it was too late. Liu Zilang, who was beaten with only a trace of blood, opened the door with a backhand, rushed out!

     "Fogweed! This ratio is too treacherous!"

     "Hurry up! Don't let him run away!"

     "Eh eh...hurry up and save me! Labor and capital are getting cold!"

     However, the three of them jumped one by one from Long Ge, and it was no person who stopped.

     Brother Long couldn't help howling in his heart.

     In this indifferent world, can no one make me feel warm?

     But at this moment, I only heard the sound of an engine suddenly coming from outside.

     The next moment, I saw the two people who rushed out of the toilet one after another, "swish", and flew back upside down one after another, and shot them on the wall.



     The two slumped down from the wall without strength!

     The next moment, a dark shadow suddenly blocked the toilet door.

     The four people in the toilet stared at the scene in amazement, their throats suddenly blocked, and there seemed to be two lines of tears passing by the corner of their eyes...

     Tears behind bars!