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789 Men Who Are Fiercer Than The Drug Circle!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     The violent explosion sounded as expected, and the fire outside the door suddenly expanded!

     In the next moment,

     Three kill messages are easily displayed on the upper right.

     And... this kind of operation?

     Hiding behind the door, Wei Shen, who was wearing a bandage, was taken aback. He originally thought that Liu Zilang's thunder could explode at most one, or even none.

     After all, thunder thunder in front of others' eyes,

     It's too easy to escape.

     But he did not expect that Liu Zilang's wave was actually fish in troubled water first, pulling the string with the other party.

     Then he played such an arrogant flying operation, using a grenade to blow up one person to block the door, and bounce the thunder thrown by the other person back...

     This meow...

     Others are full of minds are Niko!

     He is Man Naizi and Sao Zi!

     At this time, the friends in the live broadcast room were also speechless.

     If it was the previous few waves of water friends who were shown, they might even ridicule this year's water friends for being ineffective.

     But the choice of the three water friends outside the door has been very cautious. It can be said that no matter who it is, it may not be more perfect.

     However, in this case, Liu Zilang showed up, so only has one explanation.

     It's not that our army is not strong,

     But the enemy is too sassy!


     After solving the three-person team, Liu Zilang and Wei Shen hurriedly went out and slid.

     First aid kit, painkillers.

     Body armor, secondary bag...These water friends basically searched for something and didn't develop much yet, so they called friends and friends to attack Liu Zilang, but there were not many things on them.

     But even so,

     They are also much fatter than Liu Zilang.

     Therefore, since the beginning of the game, Liu Zilang, who has been living tightly, has licked this wave of packages that are extremely sweet.

      At the same time, 211 joined.

     Several water friends who were attacking the 17shou building were quickly knocked out by the two of them, but the 17shou who used a wave of flying grass also fell once.

     Fortunately, he climbed into the building in time and 211 quickly helped him up.

     Seeing that the four great chicken kings are so fierce, and now they are still four people together.

     The remaining "guerrillas and brave" around did not dare to be reckless, and quickly left distance in between to wait and see.

     When Liu Zilang finished licking their bags to make up for their condition, the water friends game just came to seven minutes.

     The first wave of poison has just begun to shrink,

     However, there were only forty people left in the 84-player Water Friends Tournament.

     The first wave of poison has lost more than half the number of people at the beginning. What does this mean?

     The audience in the live broadcast room inadvertently scanned the number of survivors in the upper right corner of their eyes. After discovering this, they were a little calm, and the barrage flew all over the sky!

     "Oc! This is too violent!"

     "The first wave of poison has just shrunk, and that many people are a bit scary..."

     "The main reason is that Vic is too violent. I feel that since the beginning of the game, he has killed nearly 20 directly or indirectly."words exceede 5100Because Liu Zilang and the others are driving faster vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles, and the four of them have made an appointment to warn them immediately.

      this is not for help.

     But rushing to have meat and everyone eat together.

     The audience in the live broadcast room saw this scene, and they couldn't help but secretly say that the general situation is gone.

     Because after the delay was set, when Liu Zilang and the others moved, no one could catch them at all.

     On the other hand, the four of them were like bandits crossing the border, one after another, one after another, they smashed these water friend teams one by one.

     There is still a lack of organizers...

     At this moment, everyone couldn't help but miss the shark pepper just now.


     After going through the hunting in the first safe zone and the second safe zone, there were more than ten people left on the third circle.

     The dozen or so surviving friends met by chance on the road. At this time, they were “shiver coldly” in the air-raid shelter on the Horseshoe Mountain in the prison.

     The scope of the third circle is actually very small, with a diameter of only about 1500 meters, which looks like a square and a half from the map.

     Liu Zilang and the others are incarnations of the "speeding party", and all four ride motorcycles.

     There was a sweep of resource points in the safe areas where Tibetans could be located, but no one was found.

     In the end, the eyes of the four naturally fell on the air-raid shelter.

     After the audience in the live room saw this scene, the barrage also exploded!

     "No, they are all hiding in the air-raid shelter?"

     "So many people, what are you afraid of?""Hehe, what are you talking about? What did you say just now?!!!"

     "These chicken kings are too violent, right? Damn, Vic was killed at 29?"


     In the game, after determining the goal.

     Liu Zilang and the others rode their motorcycles and quickly flew away toward the air-raid shelter, whizzing.

     Although the air raid shelter next to the prison is roads open in all directions, to put it bluntly, there are only four openings.

     The four of them are outside the cave, and they are simply no longer inked.

      one each hole,

     Four people go directly together.

      life and death are ruled by fate.

     Whoever dies can only recognize the dish.

     But when it was really, Liu Zilang looked at the bottomless hole and felt a little nervous, because it was too easily guarded, hard to attack.

     As long as the other party had a gunshot sight behind the hole below, he who touched through the hole would be uncovered in such a long tunnel.

     It's a perfect target.

     But now that he had already said the storm, Liu Zilang naturally couldn't squat at the entrance of the cave just yelling.

     He looked at the hole hesitated for a moment, but a smoke bomb slipped out of his hand in the next moment.