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790 Self-certification Online For The First Time!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the air-raid shelter.

     "How do I hear the sound of cars outside?"

     "It's not Vic and the others?"

     "Fuck, a brother told me in the live broadcast room, it's them."

     "Bully intolerably, fight with them!"

     "Huh? The sound of the car seems to have dispersed."

     Several people are pondering.

     At this moment, there was a "clang" in the tunnel above the entrance, which sounded a bit empty.

     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

      With a burst of smoke, the tunnel was quickly filled with whiteness.

     Nothing can be seen at a glance.

     But because of this,

     Their hearts are even more frightened!


     It is the most terrible!

     The few people stuck behind the entrance of the cave stared at the smoke, and even breathed a little bit quickly.

     At this moment, what thing flew out of the smoke suddenly.

     Is it a grenade?

     The three people stuck behind the entrance of the cave reacted instantly and hurriedly hid behind the surrounding wooden box bunker.

     But when the thing "gang-dang" fell on the ground, it rolled forward for a certain distance.

     The three people hiding behind the bunker found somewhat stunned that it turned out to be just a smoke bomb.

     In a blink of an eye,

     The entrance of the cave was filled with smoke again.

     Seeing this scene, a bad feeling faintly arose in the hearts of the three.

     At this moment, there was a sound of hōng lóng lóng's motorcycle engine in the tunnel.

     The other side of the smoke.A whistling motorcycle cut through the first cloud of smoke in the tunnel, and then marched straight in unchallenged (military) through the second cloud of smoke.

     Before the three people at the entrance of the cave could react, they felt like a gust of wind was blowing past them.

     But they knew it was not wind.

     If yes.

     That's also a whirlwind charge tornado!

     as expected.

     The next moment, I saw a motorcycle rushing out of the smoke, to appear and disappear unpredictably like a spirit or a ghost behind them.


     "Don't panic, don't panic!"

     "His one person, fuck him!"

     The three people at the mouth of the cave reacted quickly after a stunned reaction, and they hurriedly held their guns at the motorcycle, and the bullets shot out like a pouring rain.

      has to say, experienced the big wind and waves of the opening "single ten rows".

     When Liu Zilang looked at these three people at this time, he felt a little "uninteresting" in his heart.

     Of course, this kind of dullness was only psychological, but his body was immediately and he responded honestly.

     The audience in the live broadcast room saw Liu Zilang riding a motorcycle, driving to the second position in seconds.

     After the motorcycle lost its power, its speed dropped sharply in an instant.

     Liu Zilang jumped out of the car directly and straightforward, and immediately hid behind the box.

     At the next moment, in his hand was holding a handful of 98K.


     Open the mirror!



     The other person just reacted.

     The body suddenly leaned back, and his head fell down."Vic123 used Kar98k with a headshot and knocked down the little sister Dida!"

     Seeing that one of his teammates was accidentally headshot by Liu Zilang, the remaining two wanted to avenge the younger sister.

     But looking at the killing message, the two of them couldn't help stiffening, and the whole person seemed to have fallen into an ice cave!

     "Fuck! It's Vic!"

     "Vic? Oh! That's the chicken king!"

     Here has to say, this water friend competition was participated by Liu Zilang and their four anchor water friends. The naturally impossible each person encountered was Liu Zilang’s water friend.

     In fact, after the battle in the Lingfang area of the farm, the water friends in Liu Zilang's live broadcast room had already been wiped out of bits and pieces. At this time, the two people he met were actually water friends in the 211 live broadcast room.

     But this does not prevent them from knowing Liu Zilang’s ID. After all, they experienced the last California World Championship.

     As long as you pay a little attention to the event, it is impossible not to know Liu Zilang's name.

     That's why the other party has such a big reaction.

     It is not that each person has the courage to challenge the legendary chicken king.

     "Fuck, what should I do!"

     "Don't panic!"

     "Don't panic, don't run!"


     next moment...

     The two seemed to have made up some kind of determination.

     I saw them one left and one right, and smoke came out of the rifle at the same time, blazing flames spurted out of the muzzle, and their faces were full of a crazy look!



     Labor and management don’t believe you can dual wield weapons,

     Beat both of us at the same time!

      has to say,Their idea is correct.

     Liu Zilang is not a violent war, and indeed cannot dual wield weapons, but this does not mean,

     He can't beat the two together!

     The water friends in the live broadcast room only saw the 98K second-cut M16 in Liu Zilang's hand, and immediately leaned out from behind the wooden box!

     At this moment, a careful water friend found that Liu Zilang's right hand holding the mouse in the lower right character's face was not slowly pulling down when pressing the gun.

     Instead, it looks like a snake moving on the mouse pad, showing an "S" drop down!

     And the direct manifestation in the game is that when the muzzle of Liu Zilang's M16 was spitting out, suddenly left, suddenly right, it actually shot two different trajectories at the same time!

     The next moment, life and death on the field are divided!

     I saw a scarlet blood mist suddenly burst out of the two people who shot from the left and right sides!

     Suddenly, he staggered, almost at the same time, and fell to the ground.


     The moment he fell to the ground, he watched Liu Zilang who clearly only took a handful of M16 in his hand!

     The two of them suddenly became ill, and the audience in the live broadcast room also started to complain weakly.

     "Two-on-one was counter-killed? Will you play?"

     "Tiezi, please help me!"

     "Tsk tusk, Asia's fastest M16, Vic's hand speed is at least single for more than 18 years!"

     "The case has been solved! The truth is only has one. It seems that Shark Pepper has not been slept by Vic!"

     "I'm a ghost... the angle of the little brother in front is a bit tricky!"

     "I said how beautiful Vic was so flamboyant. It turns out that this wave is for self-certification...""This self-certification is OK 2333"


     In the game.

     After Liu Zilang packed up the two people on his side, he turned his head and glanced at the bullet screen, his eyes couldn't help being filled with black lines on his forehead.

     He originally thought that this wave should be full-screen "666", but he did not expect that he showed a wave of hand speed, and actually achieved the effect of "prove oneself pure".

     This is really a group of criminals...

     But at this time, I heard the sound of cars coming from other holes, and it seemed that the battle was still a little anxious.

     Liu Zilang immediately became a "fire fighter",

     He jumped on the motorcycle again and raised the accelerator, rushing toward the nearest gunshot.

      At the same time, Wei Shen's side and the person stuck at the entrance of the cave were a little stalemate.

     Enter the tunnel in this situation just now,

     He naturally thought of Fengyan.

     But didn't he ride a motorcycle straight down like Liu Zilang, instead he tried to break through the defense through the smoke with a gun.

     But he hadn't thought,

     He met Liu Zilang's friends in the live broadcast.

     Watching the live broadcast without learning technology,

     What is the difference between that and salted fish?

     But the group of people in Liu Zilang's live broadcast room didn't learn anything else, but they learned 10% of his losses.

     As soon as they saw Wei Shen throwing cigarettes, it was like seeing someone taking off their pants, and a familiar and Xing Fen felt in their hearts!

     They threw in the Molotov cocktails and shock bombs one after another.

     Take it away, you are welcome!


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