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791 The Beast Always Walks Alone!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com


     The flash bomb exploded in the smoke!

     When Wei Shen listened to the buzzing sound in his ear, he couldn't help but chuckle. He immediately reacted and hurriedly turned his head and ran to the rear.

      has to say, Wei Shen's alertness saved his life.

     As soon as he ran out of the smoke with his front feet, a loud sound came out from the smoke on his back feet. It seemed that there was something burning in the smoke.

     Turning his head to look at the movement behind him, Wei Shen was not well.

     Whose water friend is this?

     It's too cruel!

     This thought just came out of his mind.

     The next moment, more ruthless come!

     The few water friends stuck behind the entrance of the cave saw a miss, but they rushed directly from the entrance of the cave to the flaming smoke in front, and through the smoke there was a burst of strong wind and swift rain.

     Countless bullets screamed from behind.

     Wei Shen was accidentally shot twice by a stray bullet behind his butt, and his blood volume suddenly dropped a lot.

     One or two more shots will be taken away directly.

     Looking at the light faintly emerging from the front hole, in his heart can't help but pull cold!

     What a mistake!

     Just as he was Life Hangs by a Thread, there was a sound of hōng lóng lóng's engine from the air-raid shelter behind him.

     what's the situation?

     Wei Shen couldn't help but stunned.

     The next moment, he suddenly remembered that there were three other teammates.

     Wait... the sound of motorcycles?

     One shivers in Wei Shen's heart suddenly reacted, this won’t be that shivers, right?

     He got it so soon?It's still his hole that happens to be nobody.

     And at this moment, of course, it is not Wei Shen who is most confused, but the water friends who overtake the tunnel.

     After all, from the distance,

     They and Liu Zilang should be closer.

     Listening to the sound of cars becoming clearer behind them, the four water friends couldn't help stiffening!

     As the friends of Liu Zilang's live broadcast, their thoughts at this time are surprisingly consistent with Wei Shen!

     Hot guy is here! ! !

     The next moment, I saw a whistling motorcycle jumped into the eyes of a few people from behind.

     The most horrible thing is that he didn’t slow down, and went straight into the tunnel from below rushed in

     Foggy grass!

     The few people in the tunnel couldn't help but tingling sensation.

      It should be noted, the incendiary bomb they just threw in the smoke ahead is still burning, it is impossible to extinguish it so quickly.

     That means that when Liu Zilang hits him, they have nowhere to run forward!

     "Ma Dan, this roughness is too cruel."

     "Which caveman's brother let this crude rider rush in, cheating!"

     "Don't think too much, do him quickly."

     In just a blink of an eye, Liu Zilang's motorcycle was right in front of him.

     The four people who reacted quickly raised their guns and shot Liu Zilang with a burst of bursts!

     In an instant, fireworks shot in all directions from the muzzle, and the four fire dragons rushed towards Liu Zilang with one another.

     Whoops whoops—!

     Ding ding ding ding ding ding -!

     The bullet is like rain, splitting the head and covering the face!At this time, Liu Zilang entered the tunnel around Spatial Displacement received restrictions, basically unable to perform snakeskin car skills.

     There is no refund for the other party.

     Liu Zilang is also unavoidable.

     In a blink of an eye, two balls of blood shone on his front chest and left shoulder almost at the same time.

     But at this moment,

     Liu Zilang shook the front of the car suddenly!

     The two motorcycles instantly crossed in the narrow tunnel, and the front and rear wheels rubbed and slipped crazily against the ground, and they actually slid forward on the ground spirally!

     However, Liu Zilang had already jumped out of the car, groaned the moment he landed, and his blood volume dropped a lot.

     But the next moment, he cut out M16 very quickly in his hand, slightly raised the eyebrow.

     Do you like taxis?


     Let's play together!

     He lifted his muzzle, and slid the motorcycle in front of the tunnel with sparks and lightning, which was a burst of "ding ding dang dang" crazy fire.

     The four friends in the tunnel couldn't help but their eyes widened when they saw this, and quickly stopped the shooting.

     If this is hit, it will be cold!

     In an instant,

     The strong desire to survive is gushing out!

     The few people couldn't care whether there was a fire in front of them, and rushed into the smoke quickly.

     However, a few people’s Molotov cocktails have just been thrown in, how can it be the fire goes out so quickly?

     As soon as they entered the cigarette, the blood volume of the four of them dropped down.

     But no way!

     The motorcycle behind you is getting closer and closer.

     They are also desperate!

     At this time, the four of them can only put a bold face on it and continue to move forward.But it turns out.

     This is just a futile deathbed struggle!

     The spiral motorcycle hits, and the people in the smoke are like bowling balls. The whole army is destroyed in a moment, and they are cremated on the spot...

     Many viewers in the live broadcast room saw this scene, and the corners of their eyes twitched.

     "Deranged! Extinct humanity!"

     "Are all the friends in Vic's live broadcast so miserable?"

     "Shuiyou-4! Attention-4! Black powder +4!"

     "Are you sure you only add 4 black fans? I officially announced in this live broadcast room today that the Vic black fan group is established!"

     "System:'Vict shit Vic, catch Xiaotong sauce alive' has been banned by the housekeeper for one day!"

     "Harmony Live Room, please be cautious in your words and actions."


     "Misty! Labor and management can't stand it anymore, and the dog will manage it!"

     "System:'Ye Ao Jiu Zhong Tian' has been banned by the room management for seven days!"


     In a blink of an eye, the wave of "Shuiyou Uprising" just launched in Liu Zilang's live broadcast room was ruthlessly eliminated in the bud!

     The other water friends who deducted the words on the barrage could not help but shudder in their hearts, yelling at the dog?? Room Guan, but they deleted the words on the barrage and deducted them again:

     "Well done! Good ban, labor and management have long looked at a few black fans and it's not pleasing to the eye!"

     "It's just vegetarian, our Vic is so hot and handsome, how can you bear to shit him?"

     "Excuse me, is this person in Hue Xiang's head Wu Yanzu? He actually plays chicken?"

     "VicVic! I want a housekeeper too."

     "Hehe, if you want house management, then you must first understand another use of Py.""..."

     In the game, after raising Wei Shen's hand.

     At this time, the number of survivors on the field counted them, leaving only nine people.

     Obviously this is the third positive circle right now,

     However, Liu Zilang had the feeling of being the third-to-last finals.

     However, after Liu Zilang and Wei Shen joined forces for 17shou and they cleared the people in the air-raid shelter, the chicken-eating of within expectation did not appear.

     A few people raised the head to look,

     There are still five survivors on the field.

     Then in other words, besides them, there is still one lone wolf alive.

     Isn't the air-raid shelter clean?

      there is still one lone wolf hiding in a certain hour?

     So next, several people cleared the air-raid shelter inside and out again.

     But still no figure was found.

      at the same time,

     On the slope outside the bomb shelter.

     A man in auspicious clothes with a dog on his back is lying idle on the grass.

     Looking at his ID, it was Gao Yunyang!

     It turned out that Gao Yunyang had a wave of super fire in Liu Zilang's live broadcast room a while ago, and was also selected by Douyu to participate in this water friend competition.

     At this moment, he listened to the footsteps in the air-raid shelter, and the corners of his lazy mouth could not help but a little.

     Cattle and sheep will make up a group, forming a troupe.


     Always walk alone.