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798 God Is Fair! (1/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the live broadcast room,

     There was a lively song.


     "Just like this"

     "Listen to the rain"

     "They are ticking in the feeding"


     As the "three big betta singers", Zhang Xiaotong's singing skills also isn't bad.

     Moreover, her voice has a very good background, no matter male and female, old and young can not resist.

     This song "Sister Qianwu" in Luo Tianyi was sung by Zhang Xiaotong, and it is full of sweet and agile atmosphere.

     "Wow wow wow! Hooting Hooting!"

     "My newly aborted ear seems to be pregnant again!"

     "Is the name of the song "Gianwumei"? How do I feel that there are a bunch of little people running around in my head?

     "By the way, aren't Vic and Xiaotongjiang siblings? How come the difference is so big?"

     "Don't tell me, one of them must have been picked up in the trash."

     "I think it's also possible to send it for the phone bill."


     Zhang Xiaotong started singing here.

     Many friends who knew or didn't know couldn't exit after they clicked in.

     In addition, since Liu Zilang and her appeared in the a newbie live broadcast room successively, countless water friends on the Douyu platform also heard the news.

     For a time, the popularity of Misaka Kotomi's live broadcast room seemed to be sitting on a rocket, soaring all the way up.

     In a blink of an eye,

     The popularity value of the live broadcast room came to 100,000.

      This time, someone has already picked up gifts in the live broadcast room. Of course, these are the friends of Liu Zilang and Zhang Xiaotong.Kotomi Misaka shrank behind and looked at Zhang Xiaotong, who was singing and playing in front of the computer and was not stage fright.

     For a while, I was envious and admired, just like looking at a little angel who can shine.

     Then, the four of them really seemed to be singing in a KTV. After Zhang Xiaotong finished singing, it was Wang Qianqian's turn.

     Wang Qianqian's face was elegant and calm, but he was a little flustered in his heart.

     As a fighting fish super tube, although she does not visit the live broadcast rooms of major female anchors, watching others singing and singing by herself are naturally different.

     After saying hello, she started singing directly, but she stumbled a bit just after singing the first few lines.

     I slowly found the state later,

     It became smoother.

     The audience in the live broadcast room saw another young lady appearing in front of the camera, who was somewhat astonished at first.

     But after learning that this is Douyu Supertube Shark Chili, they all started to feel like it.

     We must know that from the perspective of authority, super management and housing management are not on the same level.

     At most, your housekeeper is forbidden to water friends. But Super Tube was able to live broadcast and ban the anchor, leaving everyone with a black screen.

     When some female anchors of Douyu eat bananas or let viewers eat ice cream, they often have super-tube warnings in the live broadcast room.

     Every time this time, there is a burst of crazy output on the barrage of the live broadcast room, and the water friends shouted "Dogecoin overrun" and let him "get out of the gram"!

     So to some extent, super tubes are like "target of disdain" in many cases.

     But Wang Qianqian is different.

     In this face-seeking world, who would yell at everyone who is intellectual and beautiful?Although in Liu Zilang's opinion, Wang Qianqian sang as good as he could at best.

     However, the audience in the live broadcast room was surprisingly generous, and there was applause on the barrage. ""

     "Shark pepper puff puff!"

     "Wow! I didn't expect Douyu to have such a beautiful young lady super tube."

     "And it's also multi-talented, and I sing so well!"

     "Miss Shark, stop being super-man, come live."

     "A female anchor who was delayed by super-management."


     Seeing such a harmonious barrage,

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but choked silently...

     The sky is unfair!


     By the time Wang Qianqian finished singing, it's about time was already half past eight, which happened to be the time for the promotion of Douyu banners.

     The three of them quickly gave up their positions and stepped back to the front of Misaka Kotomi, who had been pinching the corners of his clothes and looking somewhat anxious.

     Liu Zilang and the audience in the live broadcast room said with a smile, "The galaxy girl you want is here, come and say hello to everyone."

     Misaka Kotomi was said by Liu Zilang to cover her face with her hands, and said in a shy tone, "Wet... Nest... I am not a galaxy-class beautiful girl."

     "..." Liu Zilang?

     You in the end is it not island people?

     Your island country does not draft a show every time,

     Will there be a few beautiful girls who are "once in 4,000 years" and "once in 30,000 years"?

     Unexpectedly, the water friends in the live broadcast room ate this set.

     "Wow! It turned out to be Menhera sauce!"

     "Hahaha, Menhera sauce is so cute!"

     "Menhera sauce UpUp! You have always been a galaxy girl in my eyes!""..."

     Kotomi Misaka, who covered her face with her hands, secretly passed her fingers and glanced at the barrage of encouragement and support from the audience in the live broadcast room. The tension and anxiety in her heart suddenly eased a lot.

     There was a smile on her face, and finally she gradually recovered her usual vigorous and young look.

     Immediately afterwards, she subconsciously wanted to bow, but remembered Liu Zilang's words, so she waved her hand and said hello, "Hello everyone, the nest is Menhera sauce."

      This time, the banner recommendation on the homepage has come out. Many viewers who have just entered Douyu saw the promotion and clicked the through train to enter the live broadcast room.

     Seeing that there was a beautiful girl under Hue's head, she stayed in the live broadcast room.

     At this moment, Liu Zilang's voice suddenly appeared, "The friends who came in moved their fingers and clicked to follow them. When the attention is over 100,000, there will be mysterious benefits sent out."

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, the audience in the live broadcast room was very excited.

     "Benefits? What kind of benefits?"

     "Is the welfare of Menhera sauce? Suddenly so excited!"

     "Is it some strange original series?"

     "The abnormal mud in front!"


     Seeing the barrage in the live broadcast room, Liu Zilang couldn't help but his head went black. He shifted the topic and said, "All right, Cut to the chase, Menhera sauce will premiere today. He also prepared a song for everyone to bring to everyone."

     Hearing this, the barrage started to hi again!

     "Wow! Is Menhera-chan singing too?"

     "Menhera's voice is so soft, singing must be as loud as Xiaotongjiang."

     "Sing fast! I'm looking forward to it!""Call me crazy for Menhera sauce!"


     Seeing how enthusiastic the audience in the live broadcast room was, Misaka Kotomi couldn't help being excited and excited, and the remaining tension and anxiety disappeared.

     She sat in front of the computer facing the sound card, and quickly sang a song recommended to her by Zhang Xiaotong.

     Unlike Liu Zilang's "eye-closed" singing method, Misaka Kotomi's singing method is "face-covering".

     She sang and covered her face with her hands unconsciously, looking very shy.

     However, to a certain extent, the singing of the two people is where they have different tunes played with equal skill-that is, to be immersed in their own world, regardless of the noise and disturbance of the outside world.

     Of course it also includes barrage.

      At this moment, the expectation of harmony on the barrage has long since disappeared...

     "This... is this Menhera sauce?"

     "Sorry! Excuse me!"

     "Oh, my galaxy-class beautiful girl how can it be like this?"

     "My heart hurts! Promise me not to sing anymore, okay?"

     "I understand! It must have been a change while covering his face, and the one sitting there is actually Vic!"


     Not far away, Liu Zilang was happily watching the barrage. He was hacked every time he sang. He couldn't help but feel a lot of balance when he saw someone being hacked with him.

     It seems that God is still fair!

     But at this moment, caught off guard land was hit by this pot suddenly, and Liu Zilang almost squirted a mouthful of blood!

     It's fair to your uncle!