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800 Xiaotongjiang's Small Goal! (3/4)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

I've heard of someone who doesn't pee rough, and I've never seen someone who can't write!

     Next, Liu Zilang turned his back to Zhang Xiaotong to play with his mobile phone. Zhang Xiaotong pulled his clothes when he met those who couldn't, and Liu Zilang turned his head to explain.

     Under the warm yellow light,

     Time goes by every minute and every second.

     In this period of time, the two communicated without too many. Very often, it was Liu Zilang talking, and Zhang Xiaotong was listening with his ears, but it seemed inexplicably warm.

     This kind of warmth lasted until Zhang Xiaotong asked a multiple-choice question, and Liu Zilang, who was playing on the phone, glanced at it.

      said without thinking is A.

     As a result, Zhang Xiaotong referred to the answer, but found that the correct answer was B. For a while, she looked at Liu Zilang with somewhat suspicious eyes.

     Liu Zilang was also a little embarrassed, scratching his head and explaining, "What I just said was not this question..."

     Not a question?

      What does it mean?

     Zhang Xiaotong blinked suspiciously.

     Liu Zilang also blinked at her.

     Suddenly, Zhang Xiaotong lowered her head and glanced, her small face couldn't help but blush. She biting the lips to look at Liu Zilang, then lowered her head to do her homework, "Perverted."

     metamorphosis? !

     Meow meow meow? !

     "What are you thinking! What, why am I perverted?"

     Liu Zilang's mouth crooked, and he refused to accept.

     "I'm talking about the following question. I must choose A. If you don't believe me, please refer to the answer later."

     Zhang Xiaotong stayed, suddenly both ashamed and angry, stomping his feet vigorously under the table, "You, you, you...you deliberately!"

     "Huh? What deliberately?"Liu Zilang asked dazedly.

     This is simply baffling!

     Zhang Xiaotong was embarrassed and angry. She glared at him angrily, and then coldly snorted turned her head away.


     Liu Zilang was slanderous.

     But he didn't bother to care about the little girl, and turned his head to continue playing on the phone.

     But after this incident, Zhang Xiaotong was so embarrassed to talk to Liu Zilang.

     She wrote a few more in a mess,

     He quickly put away the exercise book and test paper, and stared at Liu Zilang unblinkingly.

     Liu Zilang was stunned for a moment, only to realize that this was "receiving the question and seeing off the guests", and he couldn't help dumbfounded.

     He glanced at the time on the phone and found that it was unconsciously 11:30, so he stood up and nodded, "That's it, I'll be here tonight. You are now when your body is growing. Remember to rest early."

     Never wanted to hear Liu Zilang's words,

     Zhang Xiaotong is complexion turned red again, pushing Liu Zilang out with both hands vigorously.

     Liu Zilang was pushed out of the door a confused face, and turned around to see that Zhang Xiaotong was staring at him with shame.

     But at the moment he noticed his gaze, he quickly lowered his head.

      a pa sound!

     The door was closed from the inside.


     Wasn't it okay just now?

     Liu Zilang of Best Puzzling rubbed his chin, but he didn't understand it for a while.

     I had no choice but to turn my head and replay to sleep.

      at the same time.After Zhang Xiaotong pushed Liu Zilang out of the room, she stood in front of the bedroom mirror blankly and looked at herself for a while, muttering something dissatisfied.

     Then she jumped on the bed and rolled around the quilt a few times before turning around, lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling quietly.


     Zhang Xiaotong wrinkled her small and cute nose, and secretly set a small goal for herself.


     I slept beautifully,

      Next morning, Liu Zilang was still wandering in his dream, and was awakened by a sound outside like a piggy arch.

     Why did this silly girl come in the morning?

     Liu Zilang vaguely shouted "The door is unlocked", then rolled over, and went on sleeping.


     The door was pushed open,

     Misaka Kotomi walked in quietly.

     Although she has also entered Liu Zilang's room, she has never looked at it carefully.

     At this moment, seeing Liu Zilang throwing things around, Misaka Kotomi could not help clicked the tongue

     Wet is really a casual and natural person.

     The next moment, Misaka Kotomi's footsteps paused.

     Because she inadvertently glanced at the paper towels in the trash can next to Liu Zilang's computer,

     Can not help but subconsciously covered his mouth with surprise!


     Wet him...

     Unlike Zhang Xiaotong,

     When Zhang Xiaotong saw this, Liu Zilang felt sloppy.

     But Kotomi Misaka, who likes to peek at some "cold knowledge" in secret, understands a deeper meaning of this.


     Turns out so...No wonder I sleep so long every day...

      Thought until here, she looked at Liu Zilang's "wasting" body lying on the bed with some distress, and silently put down the breakfast she had just bought in the morning.

     Yesterday Liu Zilang invited her to have breakfast and helped her get the live broadcast in the evening. This morning, Kotomi Misaka wanted to invite Liu Zilang back.

     Woke up early and bought breakfast.

     But thinking that Liu Zilang's nutrition might not be able to keep up, Misaka Kotomi hesitated for a moment, still somewhat reluctant to part with, and put down her share of soy milk and tea eggs.

     At this time the morning sun shined on her face,

     She is shiny and looks like a breakfast angel...

     Liu Zilang, who was still wandering in his sleep, naturally didn't know that he was just throwing a little paper towel on the mouse while playing games, and forgot to fall.

     He received sympathy from the stupid apprentice, and added a portion of soy milk and eggs to his breakfast.

     Three poles in the day.

     Liu Zilang rubbed his eyes, struggled to sit up, and looked at the two soy milk on the bedside table.

     His head was stunned.

     Who bought this?

     At this moment, Kotomi Misaka suddenly ran in, she hehe said with a smile, "You wake up wet, let me clean the room for you."

     "No, I'll handle it myself."

     Liu Zilang waved his hand.

     Although he said that when Misaka Kotomi moved in, he asked her to take care of bathing, mopping the floor and cooking, but those were just jokes, it was naturally impossible to really let her do it.Unexpectedly, after hearing Liu Zilang's words, Misaka Kotomi blinked at Liu Zilang, revealing a mysterious smile, "It's okay to be wet... I understand... I understand."

     "What do you know..."

     Liu Zilang was somewhat unable to make any sense of the matter, turned his head and looked at the breakfast and said, "Did you buy these?"

     "Yeah." Kotomi Misaka quickly nodded, with a serious face, "You can eat more so that you can keep up with your nutrition."

     "Nourishment can be provided?"

     Liu Zilang was really confused this time.

     Misaka Kotomi suddenly thought of something at this moment, turned around and ran out, and then brought back a long box on four sides.

     "What is this?" Liu Zilang asked.

     "It's wet, this is a gift from Wo." Misaka Kotomi said seriously.

     "Gift?" Liu Zilang showed a smile on his face, "Yes, you finally know that you are honoring your teacher."

     While talking,

     He opened the box somewhat anticipated in his eyes.

     What will this stupid apprentice give away?

     The next moment, sitting on the bed, he couldn't help but twitch his eyes, because the box was a vacuum flask.

     This meow...

     What do I want a vacuum flask for?

     If you really want to give it, you might as well give some individual cups...



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