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806 I Bloom In The Killing!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Liu Zilang, who was still in the car, couldn't help but convulse when he heard Misaka Kotomei's screaming in a long tone...

     This stupid apprentice is too obedient!

     At the very least, you should brake the car!

     He took a deep breath deeply, not looking at Misaka Kotomi, who had been thrown into a Muggle from behind, staring closely at the front, still shooting from the muzzle in his hand!

     Ding ding 哐 哐 -!

     However, in the blink of an eye, his pickup truck was smoked!

     What is even more critical at this time is that although the speed of the pickup truck driving Misaka Kotomi jumped down sharply, the distance between the two sides is still getting closer!

     If Liu Zilang hadn't gotten out of the car, he was likely to bump his head into the opponent's face.

     Seeing this extremely dangerous scene, the audience in the live broadcast room couldn't help but their eyes widened!

     "Fuck! Is this going to play bumper cars?"

     "Hurry up!

     "This speed... I think it's a bit mysterious..."

     "Vic is playing with fire!"


     Liu Zilang is indeed playing with fire.

      At this moment, seeing the distance between the two sides getting closer and closer, they are about to collide together, as if there is a ball of flame beating in his eyes!


     The other party is also really ruthless. At such a close distance, he actually held down the left button without letting go, as if he would not give up unless Liu Zilang was shot down.

     Ten meters!

     Five meters!

     Three meters!


     At this distance, for a moment, Liu Zilang could even see Huang Chengcheng's bullets leaping from the fire and gun flames of the muzzle, shooting towards him!

     Or more accurately,He himself was rushing towards the other side.

     The scene at this moment looked a little weird, even horrifying, but Liu Zilang did not panic at the back, flashing all the seats behind him, avoiding the bullet instantly!



     Two cars crashed together at the foot of the mountain!

     Suddenly, it was like a spark falling into the gasoline. Suddenly, the flame stood straight and a violent explosion arrived as scheduled!

     However, Liu Zilang jumped out of the car at the last metre distance.

     But at this time, even from his own perspective, the whole person was swallowed by the expanding fire at the moment of the explosion.

     However, his remaining blood volume of about one third clearly tells everyone

     ——He is not dead yet!

     The moment I realized this, the barrage in the live broadcast room exploded in an instant!

     "This Nima is not dead?"

     "Fuck! This fate is too hard!"

     "According to my analysis, Vic's wave should trigger the hidden passive, Nirvana Rebirth in the fire."

     Just halfway through the car, he was kneeling on Banpo and looking at Liu Zilang's Misaka Kotomi with eyesight. At this moment, his eyes widened and his mouth opened into an "O"!


     It's so wet, so hard!


     But then again, this wave is really not how hard Liu Zilang's life is.

     The reason why he survived this time was because he just jumped out of the car to the limit during Life Hangs by a Thread, so he won the opportunity.

     And this is also related to the explosion mechanism of the vehicle.Although the explosive effect of the vehicle sometimes looks exaggerated than the grenade, in fact, the damage area and lethality are not as large as the grenade.

     In many cases, as long as you are not in the car when you explode, the survival rate is still very high.

     Liu Zilang just exactly like this.

     He jumped one meter away from the explosion point, and the blood he had just dropped was from the jump when he jumped. The damage caused by the explosion may have been caused, but at most it was a mild bruise.

     Of course, this wave of explosions is not without casualties.

     After Liu Zilang's car crashed into the opponent's car, it exploded and also detonated the opposite car.

     Seeing that the situation was bad, the other party quickly ran away. The other person is fighting endlessly.

     So when the car exploded, it was naturally not surprisingly left to kneel down.

     The man who escaped by chance, looked at the burning fiercely of the two cars in front of him...

     I couldn't help being thankful.

     If this wave wasn't for his wit, the two of them might have to explain here.

     At this time his teammate fell to the ground, he was about to help.

     But after two steps, the person suddenly felt a sudden heart, and realized that something's wrong was there.

     and many more!


     He glanced at the screen on the upper right again!


     Why are you alone!

     When the two cars exploded just now, the flames blazed into the sky, with great fanfare, they didn’t see Liu Zilang jumping off the car, so they all subconsciously thought that the other party was killed.

     But the system information will not deceive people. From just now to the present, there is only one prompt on the top right of the screen.

     Isn't the other party dead?As soon as this thought came out, the man walking towards his teammate suddenly turned around!

     Through the two overlapping vehicles, burning fiercely, he vaguely saw that there seemed to be a figure shaking on the opposite side, and subconsciously raised the muzzle.

     However, at this moment, a shuttle bullet whistled out of the flames!

     The person hasn't reacted yet,

     Blossoms of blood blossomed on his head and shoulders, and his face fell down hard to believe.

     What shocked him at this time was not why Liu Zilang was able to hit him through the flames.

     But in the big explosion just now, why did Liu Zilang who was obviously in the car not dead?

     Why did he not die?

     Labor and management are dissatisfied Ah!!!

     On the other hand, Liu Zilang whistled.

     Turn on the character action that just appeared recently, and gave the opponent a "cut throat" gift, and said softly,

     "I bloom in the killing,

     Like a flower at dawn..."

     The audience in the live broadcast room saw Liu Zilang suddenly incarnate as "wandering poet", and they couldn't help being speechless...

     "Turtle tortoise, have you started?!"

     "Hurry up, whoever has yellow urine to wake him up."

     "Pretend if you don't agree, I'll serve it spicy!"

     "But this wave is really showy, I was shocked by the explosion."

     "Vic is too daring. If I changed, I would have jumped out of the car."


     If Liu Zilang knew that someone praised him for being fat, he would have vomited blood in his heart.

     He just wanted to jump off the car, but the problem was that the stupid apprentice didn't even brake the car.

     The speed of the downhill car is not slowing down,If he jumped off the car ahead of time, he would not be killed, but would definitely be thrown to death...

     "It's wet! Wowowo...would be here!"

     At this moment, Misaka Kotomi's voice came weakly from her voice.

     What about the good master and apprentice going west?

     Shouldn’t the apprentice save the master according to the script? No matter how he became a master, he was a stupid apprentice.

     Liu Zilang's heart is sighed saying.

     If I knew you were so stupid, I should let you continue to be an iron head baby at the ship terminal tonight...

     After rescuing Kotomi Misaka who was dying,

     The two of them licked a wave of bags. At this time, they were already in the circle, so naturally there was no need to run poison.

     Liu Zilang touched his chin, wondering whether he was stuck with poison or hunting.

     At this moment, there was a sudden roar of airplanes overhead, and an airplane flew in the sky 50 degrees northeast.

     next moment,

     A black spot soon appeared under the plane.

     The airdrop is down!

     The airdrop didn't seem to be far away, even if it ran over, it was too late.

     However, Liu Zilang didn't expect that someone would pass a pillow when he fell asleep. When the two of them ran halfway, they saw a motorcycle parked on the side of the road. Now it was even more like a tiger that has grown wings.

     Liu Zilang hurriedly greeted Misaka Kotomi to get into the car, and the two drove fast as lightning in the direction of the airdrop.

     But in such a small circle, airdrops can naturally be seen by almost everyone.

     Some choose to wait and see, others choose to compete.

     Liu Zilang undoubtedly belongs to the latter.However, Bai Shaobin and Hou Dongfang of Tyloo belong to the latter as well, at this time they are driving a truck all the way north.



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