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809 The Prodigal Son Liu (third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

"Other, what else?"

     Liu Zilang asked suddenly.

     Hearing Liu Zilang, Bai Shaobin couldn't help being speechless for a while, he said ill-humoredly,

     "Don't mess around, I can tell you I'm live broadcast, be careful of my water friends to blast you."

     "Oh! You mean..."

     Liu Zilang seemed to remember suddenly, cannot help but laugh hehe said,

     "Who do you think of me as, am I so boring to do things that children do?"

     Bai Shaobin felt contemptuous in his heart.

     However, he was relaxed, "That's good, this time I think you are cloudy enough, I will retire first."

     "Don't!" Liu Zilang said suddenly.

     "What?" Bai Shaobin was wary.

     Liu Zilang has not replied, but said to Misaka Kotomi who jumped from the tree and was running over to help him.

     "Don't help, hurry up! Our white team is going to go and sweep his grave."

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Bai Shaobin was stunned, and suddenly furious, "Dog thief speaks nothing!"

     "How come I'm not a big deal?" Liu Zilang chuckled, "Introduction, my apprentice, Se7en2's free bench substitute, a minor!"

     Unexpectedly, when the eager Misaka Kotomi heard Liu Zilang's words, she suddenly twisted and said, "It's so wet... Nest... Nest is grown."

     "I'm an adult? Oh, then I remembered it wrong."

     Liu Zilang patted his head, "We are going to do adult things when we are adults, hehehe, did you see that box."

     "Yeah!" Misaka Kotomi nodded."That's the box of the White team." Liu Zilang said in deadly earnest. "The White team was also a decent man before his death. You can't let him die like this. Go and give him a name."

     "Oh..." Misaka Kotomi took two steps, cannot bear saying, "It's wet...what's his name?"

     "You don't need your full name, just leave a code name." Liu Zilang raised head towards sky and said leisurely, "It will be done if you want."

      has to say, Misaka Kotomi's hand speed is still very fast.

     As soon as Liu Zilang finished speaking, she held the AK for a while, and two flamboyant or bold cursive calligraphy appeared next to Bai Shaobin's box, English letters shot by the bullet.

     Bai Shaobin heard the gunshot and looked down, almost spraying a mouthful of blood on the screen!

     The amount of rain!

     Did you hear Gan Lin? ! !

      At this moment, the friends in Bai Shaobin's live broadcast room were also angry!

     In a blink of an eye, they spontaneously formed a team to start the "Burning Crusade" and crossed two platforms to the Douyu continent.

     Considering that for every grievance someone is responsible, for every debt there is a debtor.

     Of course what is more important is because Liu Zilang's popularity is too high, and the barrage in the live broadcast room is too fast.

     They went to Liu Zilang's live broadcast room to do some barrage, and it was estimated that they sank without even a splash.

     So they decided,

     First go to Misaka Kotomi's live room to explore the way.

     After many inquiries, they finally found Kotomi Misaka's live broadcast room, and they flocked in.

     In the live broadcast room.

     Kotomi Misaka is helping people. She is wearing a V cartoon short sleeve tonight and is in a good mood after helping Liu Zilang eliminate two powerful enemies.A steamed bun's face is full of vitality, although it is a bit happy, it is really cute and pleasant.

     As soon as those water friends enter the live broadcast room, the system will prompt.

     "XXX entered your live broadcast room!"

     "XXX entered your live broadcast room!"

     After Liu Zilang's reminder, Misaka Kotomi now attaches great importance to interacting with water friends.

     After she accidentally saw the System Notification, she couldn't help but eyes shined, staring at the screen quickly, and chanting the names of those people happily.

     Hearing Kotomi Misaka’s sweet and cute voice, the barrages on the keyboards of those "Expeditionary Army" have been hit, but they can’t send them.

     "Wow! This young lady is so cute!"

     "Ouuuu, it's been twenty-five years, this is the first time a young lady says my name."

     "Me too! So Jier is excited!"

     "Tell the white team, we can't go back!"


      At the same time, after Bai Shaobin vomited blood, he was full of resentment thinking about thirty years on the east side of the river thirty years on the west side of the river.

     When the PCPI started at the end of the month, he didn't believe there was no chance to kill the opponent!

      do not bully the youths just because they are poor!

     When he and Hou Dongfang started to play a new map double row, Bai Shaobin couldn't help but cut out and looked at the barrage in the live broadcast room, suddenly his eyes widened.

     "Sorry for the White team, this may be my last live broadcast."

     "Ouuuu, Team White take care, I can't come back either."

     "Just ask, who is the young lady you are talking about? Where is the live broadcast?"

     "It's the young lady who just swept the white team's grave. It was broadcast live on the enemy station. The room number...""..."

     Seeing these barrage, Bai Shaobin in front of the screen almost sprayed out a mouthful of blood again!

      bully intolerably!

     This grudge is not reported, Heaven cannot tolerate this!

     In the game, Liu Zilang did not expect these stories to follow.

     Hearing Kotomi Misaka elatedly welcoming new audiences at one by one, he wondered how that many people came all at once.

     But then, Liu Zilang picked up Bai Shaobin's AM, Misaka Kotomi put on Hou Dongfang's auspicious clothes, master and disciple in this passerby game with more than 20 people left, naturally flying high.

     In fact, this is the characteristic of the minimap.

     For many "just gunners", as long as they survive the first few waves after the landing, the bigger the later, the better the fight, and the chance of eating chicken is still great.

     Unlike the big maps like islands or deserts, the start is easier, but the harder you play as you go back.

     Next, after the last two waves of poisoning, Liu Zilang and Misaka Kotomi quickly wiped out their last opponents. They had 20 kills and 9 kills, and both succeeded in eating chicken.

     After playing a few games with Misaka Kotomi, Liu Zilang glanced at the time and was ready to go away, "Happy time is always short, and it's time to say goodbye to everyone."

     Unexpectedly, hearing Liu Zilang's words, the audience in the live broadcast room stopped buying.

     "Fogweed, did you broadcast it under such a big sun?"

     "I said that the big sun's dim sum..."

     "Wait! It's down so early... Does Vic have an X life?"

     "My tears fell when I discovered the truth!""Wait! No matter if you don't broadcast it until dawn tonight, labor and capital will be closed!"

     "The dog is better than Vic! The pigeon has been so long, and it is good to compensate us."

     "That's right, just play a hundred million more, just one hundred million!"


     Seeing the barrage of the live broadcast, Liu Zilang could only explain, "I really can't broadcast it tonight. I'm going to shoot this PCPI promotional video and makeup photos tomorrow morning. Can I come early tomorrow night?"

     "Everyone who wants to watch the live broadcast can go to Menhera sauce, I will slip away first!"


     After speaking, he kissed Shaoxiang. The streaming ended in a blast of retching, and it broadcasted at the speed of light.

     And seeing the black screen suddenly in the live broadcast room, I couldn't help but berate this guy as improper!

     However, Liu Zilang is really not fishing tonight. Tomorrow he will indeed have an appointment with a PCPI promo.

     As the world champion and "most valuable player" returning from the California game.

     The director in charge of the filming revealed that he had a lot of roles in this promotional film...

     Liu Zilang rolled over on the bed,

     Suddenly there was a little nervousness in my heart. It looked like an amateur shooting an action movie for the first time...



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