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815 The Group Of Death!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

As soon as the players appeared on the stage, there was a huge noise in the surrounding audience!

     Although it sounds a bit noisy, but if you listen carefully, you can still tell that Se7en2 has the largest number of fans and cheers, accounting for at least 60%.

     In fact, this is not without reason.

     After all, teams like 4AM and 17 and IFTY are equally well-known in China, but there are often only one or two star players in these teams.

     However, Se7en2 is different.

     Liu Zilang, Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan, these three are all big anchors representing the top traffic on major platforms, and Shen Zeyan still has a huge "wife group" as backup.

     When the female fans came to the scene, the cheering shouts and the male fans were not at the same level.

     As for Kotomi Misaka, her popularity in Douyu's live broadcast has remained at around 500,000, which is considered to be a second-tier anchor.

     When this silly apprentice came on stage, he looked in all directions. When he saw someone holding the sign of "Mehera sauce? ('???`)" cheering for her, he couldn't help smile spread across the face and put his hands happily. Comparing a heart to the head.

     The director’s lens just captured this scene,

     For a time, the audience in the live broadcast rooms of major platforms saw this scene, and they couldn't help but froze!

     "Mama! A young lady is teasing me!"

     "This young lady is too forgiving. I feel like I'm in love."

     "Wow! Is that young lady a professional player?"

     "Professional player? Is it SnakeTc's Miss Mozi?""Not Mozi, this is Vic's apprentice Menhera sauce!"

     "Unreasonable! How could it be that rough apprentice of Vic?"


     The audience at the scene also noticed this scene, and the enthusiasm off the scene suddenly became even higher.

     The three commentators on the stage saw that they hadn't spoken much, and the atmosphere on the scene was stirred.

     In my heart also couldn't bear sigh,

     The mascot vigorous girl is indeed name is not in vain.

     Otherwise, if this were replaced by them, even if the dry mouth and tongue were used for most of the day, the effect is estimated to be not half as good as that of Misaka Kotomi just now.

     Msjoy said with a smile, "It seems that the popularity of Menhera sauce is very high. Now we have all the 20 teams of Group A and Group B in our game today. They are connecting to the debugging equipment and will bring us soon. Here comes a wonderful game."

     "Well, for many teams today, our A and B groups are the Death Group."

     The person on the side also glanced at the team grouping in his hand and couldn't help but continue.

     "There is no need for me to say more here in Group A. It can be said to be a strong dialogue. In addition, there are many strong teams in Group B. We can see SSS where 211 is located and Tyloo where Nighthawks are located. The most popular qualifying team for the game."

     "Yes." PDD nodded, suddenly cannot bear saying, "But I heard that a dark horse team appeared recently, and it seems to be coming fiercely?"

     "Oh! OMG should be what the prostitute wants to talk about?" Msjoy said with a smile.

     "OMG was assigned to Group C in the draw a few days ago. They will play against Group D tomorrow."After spoke until here, Msjoy paused and continued, "Speaking of which, the momentum of this team has been a bit fierce recently. If the training results are counted, I guess they are at least in the top five by now."

     "Although the members of this team have undergone a major change of blood, I feel that they are also the hottest team of our PCPI this time."

     At this moment, the one on the side suddenly shook the head, "I don't think so."

     Hearing good words, everyone on stage and off the court couldn't help but look at him.

     Fortunately, it didn't sell anything, and soon continued, "I don't deny the strength of the OMG team, but this time we have too many strong teams among the forty teams in PCPI."

     "Moreover, the training game is different from the main game. In order to prevent being touched by intentional opponents, most teams will not expose their tactics and operations too much in the training game. Many teams adopt a more brutal style of play. Details of other teams."

     Msjoy nodded slightly when he heard the words, and said in a looking thoughtful manner, "I understand what you mean a little bit, which means that the training game is just a mock test for many teams. Everyone is trying to figure it out, right?"

     "It's almost like this." It's nodded, continued, "But I've watched the video of the training game. OMG exposed a lot of things during the training game. They currently already aroused the vigilance of various teams. The transfer route into the circle was touched by other teams almost there.""So if OMG's tactics don't change and respond in the next big test, it will be easy for some teams that are looking at them to squat before and during the game, so I am not very optimistic about them. "

     Even after hearing the analysis, the PPD on the side was also a little surprised, cannot bear saying, "It seems that the game is really not quite the same in normal times, but the little lion of OMG is still quite fierce, and I personally prefer it."

     Msjoy heard the words cannot help but laughed and said, "It seems that the teacher and the prostitute have a little disagreement with the OMG team now, so let's wipe one's eyes and wait for tomorrow's game. Okay, return to the topic, who are you more optimistic about today’s game?"

     "I think 17 and Tyloo are very strong." Ye Hao act without taking time to think, "In addition, I am very optimistic about 4AM."

     Hearing what he said, Msjoy and the audience could not help being somewhat uncertain.

      It should be noted, today's biggest highlight should be the reorganized Se7en second team, but the three teams named in a row do not have Se7en2.

     It seemed to see everyone’s doubts and couldn’t help but smiled and continued, “Se7en second team’s current All-Star lineup is not altogether inexcusable, but don’t forget, they are on the bench today.”

     Hearing this,

     Everyone could not help but suddenly.

     After all, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ four players are quite cooperative, especially in the high-intensity battles with powerful enemies in the middle and late stages of the game.

     Once there is a disconnection,

     It is easy to cause a "short board effect", and even cause the entire team to destroy.

     If Gao Yunyang is here today, Se7en2 may be the biggest hit.But Se7en2's lineup today is three starters plus a mascot substitute. It's no wonder that some are not optimistic about Se7en2.

     At least in comparison, winning the championship at the California World Championships and introducing a new 4AM with a talented youngster sniper alone is even more promising.

     Msjoy quickly thought of this, and couldn't help but nod slightly, "This is a problem, but it is said that the breakthrough player Sloth of Se7en2 is going home to visit relatives. It is estimated that he will not return until the finals of the winner group."

     "It seems that in the initial stage of the competition, it is also a test of neither too big nor too small for Se7en2..."

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