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816 Detective Ji! (Third More)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

On the host stage, several commentators were analyzing the major participating teams of the PCPI.

     The players on the field have not yet completed the debugging and preparation, but the picture changed suddenly on the big screen behind the stage, and the PCPI game promotional video was released.

     Burning music!

     Dazzling special effects!

     With the appearance of one after another popular star players in the camera, cheers in the audience also rang one after another, and the atmosphere gradually rose.

     In the big screen picture.

     I saw all the big teams stepping out of the shadows around the stage one after another, and the darkness behind them was constantly approaching like a poisonous circle, but they were marching toward the stage under the middle shadow with incomparable steps.

     At this time, the lights and shadows of each player were blurred, and with the extremely exciting music, it sounded like a warrior on the wasteland with a horn of battle. The whole picture looked like a blood spray out.


     The lights on the stage sprinkled a beam of light!

     I saw a figure with his hands in his pockets, his head slightly lowered, and some invisible faces appeared on the stage under the heavy light and shadow.

     next moment,

     It's another light shone!

     The rhythm of the live music changed,

     It makes people even more exciting.

     At this moment, I saw that the person standing under the light gradually raised his head.

     The lights are on,

     The contours of the face gradually become clearer,

     This person is naturally Liu Zilang who "leads the lead" in the promo.

     He looked around and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised.A breath of "Secondary 2" named If I can not do it, who can began to overflow gradually.

     Liu Zilang couldn't feel anything when he was shooting, but at this time, if he saw his "evil charm and crazy" smile in the picture under the special effects,

     It would be ashamed to find a seam to get in.

     Next, I saw Liu Zilang suddenly step forward, holding the shiny trophy on the stage with both hands, and holding it high above his head!

     Under the action of lights and special effects, the trophy exudes an incomparable eye's radiance.

     At this moment, the director's footage showed close-ups of the facial expressions of the star players of the four major teams on the stage.

     The pictures flowed on the screen, and everyone had a different look on their faces, but they all looked up at the trophy, exuding an aura called desire.

     In the end, the darkness around the stage swallowed everyone, but in the next second, the middle of the screen suddenly exploded, and the logo of this PCPI league appeared immediately.

     "Fuck, this promotional film is a million late!"

     "I drop ghosts, this special effect is too explosive, right?"

     "Uh...how do I feel like Vic was blocked by a group of people just after school..."

     "Puff haha, it looks like you such a saying."

     "Same +1!"


     The audience in the live broadcast room was marveling at the quality and special effects of the promotional film on the barrage, but before they had a few words, they began to crooked.

     Fortunately, after the broadcast of the promo video, news soon came from the scene-the players who just took the stage are ready and the game is about to begin.Upon receiving the notice, Msjoy on the commentary stage smiled and slapped his hands. "All right, after watching the promo, I believe everyone is as full of expectations for today's game as I am."

     "Yes." The commentary on the side also said, "Now the opening game of our first game day is about to begin, oh, our players are already on the plane."

     "This game is an island map in FPP mode. Let's take a look at the route first."

     Accompanied by Msjoy's good voice,

     The music on the scene suddenly changed, and it sounded a little like the starting sound of a mechanical shaft.

     The lights on the stage also shone.

     In the big screen, an airplane flying from a distant sea level appeared.

     MSjoy looked at the game screen, "We can see that the route is from City Z in the upper left corner to the airport in the lower right corner. The overall direction is to the left. Then the resource utilization rate for the right half of the map will be less in this game."

     "Well, we can probably analyze a few dense jump points on this route, such as Shangxiacheng District and Port G..."

     "Wow! There are so many people around Port G."

     "Yes, now the route is almost at the terminal. From the map, we can see the power distribution of the various battle teams, such as Shangcheng District and Port G with SSS and SnakeTC."

     "Well, this game in P City is still the hometown of Team 17, they are already floating there, and Team Tyloo is also in the past."

     "There are also many team choices at the airport. We can see that the 4AM game chose the airport very strongly. Then the remaining two teams in the plane are...""My God! The two remaining teams in the plane are actually Se7en's first and second teams!"


     Hear the exclamation of the commentator!

     At the beginning of the game, the audiences who were not very focused, their eyes widened!

     "I'm hot! This is too real!"

     "4AM and Se7en crashed, I can understand, but what the hell is Se7en crashing with himself?"

     "Wait! How do I feel the breath of conspiracy?"

     Could it be Se7en who guessed that 4AM jumped to the airport before the game, so the two teams jumped to the airport in total, and then the 4AM was encircled? "

     "Wow! Then this is too shameless!"

     "Distressed for a wave of 4AM, I was frantically engaged when I was in the game."

     "Hehe, it looks like the billboard on the elevated airport, this game is about to become a tombstone for 4AM."


     At this time, not only the water friends in the live broadcast room, but also many people in the audience thought of this.

     For a while, they watched 4AM, who were caught in the C-building by the Se7en team, who jumped into the A-building and the boiler room respectively, utmost feeling in the heart full of sympathy.

     This Se7en seems to have something!


     Is this really a conspiracy against 4AM?

     The answer is of course not.

     This situation in this game can only be said to be saponification.

     In the game competition, after Liu Zilang, Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan landed, Kotomi Misaka, who was arranged to "swing" in the air, suddenly said with excitement:

     "It's wet! I see it!"

     "What did you see?" Liu Zilang was startled.Kotomi Misaka pointed to the sign on the overhead, and said in a somewhat agitated tone:

     "I saw you! Wow! That's cool!"

     Hearing this, Liu Zilang couldn't help but get a black line in his forehead!

     Li Muqiu also coughed twice before trying to hold back his smile, put on an act and sighed.

     "Tsk tusk! It really is A famous teacher trains a fine student."

     Liu Zilang's face was black, and he felt a sense of misfortune.

     But he resisted the urge to knock on her, and continued to ask, "Let you stare at people, can you see the other teams clearly?"

     Hearing this, Misaka Kotomi immediately became the detective Ji, crackle rattle reported,

     "I see it! I see it!"

     "Elevated Morder!"

     "There are two in Building 3, and one in Building No. 2 and Building 1."

     "The three in the boiler room team went to the south observation platform."


     Hearing Misaka Kotomi's report in such detail, Liu Zilang couldn't help but let out a relaxed breath.

     Although this stupid apprentice was a bit off the line, he was not too shameful yet.

     Unexpectedly, he hadn't finished his breath yet.

     Misaka Kotomi's voice suddenly sounded again, "Ah! It's wet! I'm hanging on the shelf..."