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817 Killed The Master Indiscriminately? (1/3)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Hearing Misaka Kotomi's words, Liu Zilang's heart collapsed.

     On the shelf?

     Why don't you hang on the tree!

     But fortunately, the other two teams are searching for things at the moment, and no one should notice here yet.

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang couldn't help but said, "You jump, jump down and I will catch you."

     "Catch... Nest?" Misaka Kotomi was taken aback.


     At this moment, there was a gunshot from the roof of the C-shaped No. 3 building!

     Hearing a "shoo" sound, a sniper bullet passed by Misaka Kotomi's ear.

     The director's camera pulled abruptly and gave it to the second building.

     I saw the lonely holding a 98K in his hand, somehow he found Misaka Kotomi, and without a magnifier, he was directly aiming to "shoot the bird.

     "Wow! The sight of the machine is 98K, and it's a pure man!"

     "Distressed for me, Menhera sauce, being used as a mascot also just sufficed, and now being used as a target."

     After a shot was empty,

     Lonely's face did not change at all.

     Wei Shen in the building next door heard the gunshots and frowned slightly, "What's the situation with you alone? Do you need support?"

     "Uh...not for now...no need."

     Gu Cun said in his mouth, but with a pull bolt in his hand that acted without taking time to think, he pushed another 7.62mm sniper bullet into the chamber.

     He raised the muzzle, his small eyes narrowed slightly, revealing a seam.

      At the same time, Misaka Kotomi was also pressing F in crackle rattle.


     Another shot!However, at the moment when the gunfire sounded, Kotomi Misaka also landed from the elevated ground abruptly.


     She couldn't help exclaiming.

     But has to say, the shooting speed of this lonely gun is too fast!

     Faster than the shot just now!

     The moment Misaka Kotomi fell, a bloody flower suddenly burst out of her body.

     The next moment, she was like an egg in a tree branch bird’s nest, hit by a slingshot from a bear kid.

     "Pachi" fell to the ground.

     Broken eggs, death!

     "Se7en-Menhera fell from a height and fell down!"

     Seeing this scene that appeared at the beginning of the game, the audience off the scene were slightly surprised, and they all said "cannot help but laugh"!

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy also said with a smile, "It seems that the Se7en2 team is the year's horoscope augurs ill. The mascot was cold at the beginning. This is not a good sign."

     The commentary on the side is also good for staring at the screen, shook the head, "Menhera sauce in this position... I feel a little hard to save."

     "Well, there are no bunkers around, I'm still aiming, and at most two shots can make up for Menhera sauce."

     PDD nodded slightly, suddenly surprised,

     "Huh? But wait, Vic seems to have smoke bombs in this wave, oh! He has blocked the smoke!"

     Under the lens of the director.

     Liu Zilang quickly ran out of the K-shaped building, a smoke bomb slipped out of his palm, act without taking time to think, and threw it under the elevated.

     "Tsk tusk, you can find the smoke bomb on the ground."

     Msjoy couldn't help but exclaimed, "It seems that the mascot is really a Koi carp. This game is also fated to escape death."In the game.

     The lone cun on the roof of Building No. 2 saw someone throw something in Building K.

     Although he couldn't see what it was at this distance, he felt that the opponent wouldn't be so fierce as to throw thunder or something to deny teammates in order to prevent him from taking the manpower.

     So he guessed that it was a smoke bomb.

     as predicted!

     The thing was just landed, and it spewed out a large amount of smoke.


     Another sniper bullet was pushed into the chamber.

     Lone Cun turned on the sight again, holding his breath, and immediately blasted it with another shot.


     The bullet penetrated and the blood mist rose!

     Climbing towards Misaka Kotomi like a puppy, she suddenly burst into blood!

     Her constantly losing blood bars instantly dropped more than half at the speed of visible to the naked eye.

     Fortunately, at this time, the large swaths of smoke dispersed, and Kotomi Misaka's figure was instantly covered by clouds and mist. Then, if he wanted to make up for someone alone, he could only rely on feeling.

     In the 4AM team chat voice.

     "Huh? Is it Menhera sauce?"

     When Wei Shen saw this, he couldn't help but smiled bitterly.

     "It seems that the teams in Building A and Building K should be the Se7en2 team. This is a bit tricky."

     As a former teammate, he knew too well how difficult this Liu Zilang was.

     At this time, in addition to the loneliness of "newborn calves do not fear tigers" in 4AM, Aluka and Xiao Biao's faces also filled with worry.

      This is not said that 4AM was shocked when it met Se7en2.As professional players, when they were assigned to Death Group B in the draw, they were already ready to play against Se7en2 before the game.

     But this is not at all surprised because they want to play against a strong team like Se7en2 at the beginning.

      In that case, even if they win in the end, most of them are attrition seriously, which will have too much impact on the next game.

      Thought until here, Aluka couldn't help being speechless, "How come I met Vic, this is a coincidence."

     Of course, if he knew that the team in the boiler room to the east of the airport was the Se7en team at this time, he wouldn't think it was a coincidence. He would probably guess like an audience off the court:

     The two teams won’t have negotiated, so they jumped to the airport to engage us?

     However, the 4AM Wei Shen trio were thinking about it, searching for things and thinking about the next response.

     However, holding a handful of 98K on the roof of the second building alone, at this time, it was unconscious.

     After he saw the smoke, the next bullet was pushed into the chamber,

     Suddenly the muzzle pulled,

     Liu Zilang, who ran towards the smoke from the K-shaped building, instantly blasted the past!


     Liu Zilang saw that Misaka Kotomi was temporarily safe, and his heart had just fallen. He never thought that a sniper bullet would actually pass between his legs.


     Liu Zilang suddenly got a cold crotch, and subconsciously glanced in the direction of Building C, "Fog Grass! Who is this so fierce at the start?"In general, everyone was busy looking for equipment to develop at the beginning, unless they were under the same roof and had to fight.

     But it’s really rare to start a game like being alone with a 98K shot and shot at the top of the building.

     But fortunately, the other party didn't hit the shot, Liu Zilang strode into the smoke, and slammed Misaka Kotomi's ass, who had little blood left.


     Kotomi Misaka was a little embarrassed.

     "Don't be stunned, just climb in front of me."

     Liu Zilang said.

     When supporting a person, the person being supported can move in a small area.

     Liu Zilang asked Misaka Kotomi to go in front of him, apparently because she was afraid that the "stupid green" in Building No. 2 would have another smoky nerve gun to make up for Kotomi.

     Then he was busy doing this wave.

     Hearing this, Misaka Kotomi hurriedly hid behind Liu Zilang like a puppy.

     Unexpectedly, as soon as she crawled over,

     There was another sound from behind!

     The next moment, just hearing a "pouch" sound, a cloud of blood mist suddenly burst out of Liu Zilang's back.

     In the absence of A,

     This shot turned him into red blood in an instant.



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