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818 I Don't Want To Live My Life In Vain! (2/3)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Hold the grass!

     Liu Zilang was taken aback, and he quickly asked for help in his voice, "Hurry! Help me set up the roof, that kid is a bit stunned!"

     "Hold on! I'll look for a gun again!"

     Holding a handful of sprays, Li Muqiu, who was searching in the back warehouse of the K building, immediately encouraged.

     Liu Zilang:.......

     Say your brother-in-law without a gun!

     At this moment, Shen Zeyan was seen walking out from the entrance of Building A.

     However, his position and the No. 2 C-shaped building were blocked by the Fifth Factory, so as soon as he left the house, he strode out toward the front.

      At this moment, Shen Zeyan was holding a 98K impressively.

     In the big screen of the game, the director quickly caught this scene.

     "Huh? Did Ze Shao get 98K?"

     "New and old collision? Hey, then this wave is interesting."

     "Cuckoo and run away! There is a big devil opposite you!"


     The audience off the court saw Shen Zeyan's support, and they were excitedly discussing for a while.

     One is a genius sniper who is just beginning to show off, and the other is a pinnacle sniper who has long been famous in Asia.

     The two collided when they both got 98K, which naturally aroused the expectations of countless audiences.

     Host the commentary stage.

     Msjoy stared at the game screen and pushed down the glasses on the bridge of his nose.

     "Be careful with this wave of loneliness. Ze Shao has a quadruple lens. If you really want to fight against each other, the accuracy of the two parties is not an order of magnitude at all."

     "Don't talk about it for now."Hearing what Msjoy said, the person beside him frowned slightly.

     "The key is that Lone Cun is still thinking about making up for the people in the smoke, and he didn't even notice Ze Shao coming. Then with Ze Shao's marksmanship, I don't think Lone Cun will have too many opportunities to react.

     "I played with Ze Shao, this guy is sure to be a kid!"

     PDD is also nodded. After seeing him glance at the big screen, he can't help being slightly frowned, "But the 4AM people in Building 3 seem to have also come out..."

     "Oh! It's Aluka!"

     The director's shot was quickly given.

     I saw Aluka coming out from the side of Building One, immediately holding a double-lens AKM, and quickly climbed up the escalator on the side of the building.

     "Are people still in the smoke?" Aruka came to the top of the building and opened the mirror to glance at the direction of the smoke.

     "Well, they... those people are still in the smoke." They spoke until here, and added, "It's... to the north... well, some on the right."

     From what he said, you can hear that although the marksmanship of this new generation of talented youngster is sturdy, it sounds a bit bad at expressing when communicating.

     But it's been almost half a month since I've been in the team alone, and everyone has learned about each other after so many training games.

     So after hearing the words of loneliness, Aluka, who was aiming at the smoke with AKM, knew in his heart.

     He squinted slightly and pulled the trigger continuously. There was a burst of AK bursts against the smoke.

     Whoosh whoosh—!

     A shuttle bullet quickly pierced the air and shot towards the mist like rain!In the smoke, Liu Zilang was about to lift Misaka Kotomi up at his sight, but Aluka's wave of AK to calm the nerves made him instantly stressed.

      It should be noted, Liu Zilang's blood was already red after just being shot.

     So in other words, Aluka's AK and the lonely 98K had the same effect on him at this time, both of them fell directly to the ground with one shot.

     under these circumstances,

     The extremely fast rate of fire AK naturally poses a bigger threat to Liu Zilang than the 98K.

     Liu Zilang, who was squatting behind Misaka Kotomi, couldn't help Ji'er shiver as she heard the turf and mud flying around her ear.

     If this is shot by a stray bullet,

     Then he is 100% cold!

      Thought until here, Liu Zilang just wanted to continue to request support in the team chat voice!

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, the direction of the fifth factory only heard a sharp "bang" gunshot!

     next moment,

     The gunfire of AK in the distance with a grunting sound it stops, and the surrounding area of Liu Zilang in the smoke became quiet instantly.

     A kill prompt suddenly appeared on the screen!

     "Se7en2-olves knocked down 4AM-Aluka with a headshot of Kar98k!"

     For this abruptly arising wave of headshots, the audience off the court was okay. After all, they all saw Shen Zeyan moving towards this side. Most people are also very confident in Shen Zeyan’s marksmanship and feel that this is also reasonable. in.

     It was the two teams at the airport that were really shocked at this time.

      caught off guard,

     Aluka, who was headshot, immediately crawled towards the rear after recovering from his astonishment.Others are on the roof, as long as they step back a little, they can jam Shen Zeyan's gun line and avoid being replaced by the opponent.

      at the same time,

     The Se7en team in the boiler room of the airport was also shocked by the information revealed by Shen Zeyan's headshot.

     Because Kotomi Misaka just fell and fell, the loneliness on the top of the building did not stop.

     So they didn't know that the two teams who jumped into the airport with them were their brothers and 4AM.

     However, the 98K shot Shen Zeyan just behind the fifth factory,

     Clear gunfire,

      obvious at a glance’s kill prompt,

     It instantly floated up the information of the Se7en2 and 4AM teams.

     "I'm going! It's Autumn God and the others."

     Sniper SSR exclaimed.

     He used to cooperate most with Li Muqiu in Se7en. At this time, he started the airport encounter coldly, and he couldn't help being blinded.

     "What to do?" Someone panicked.

     "Should we slip first?" Coco suggested.

     Unexpectedly, hearing the words of the three, the assaulter 90god rolled the eyes who had just joined the team to replace Li Muqiu, but couldn't help but started talking, "I think this is an opportunity!"

     When the three heard the words, SSR was the first to react.

     "You mean... we fish in troubled water?"

      "Un." 90god nodded, continued, "Now there should be attritions on both sides, and there will definitely be a deadlock at that time. We used to take the opportunity to steal a team."

     Hearing 90god's vowed words, SSR couldn't help but feel pain.

     But the other two people in the first team were a little excited.the reason is simple.

     Because they, like the 90god who just joined the team, don't want to live in the shadow of the second team of the "water dispenser" and be a "licking dog??"

     Of course, SSR is not willing to do this.

     But unlike the other three in the first team, he had come from a period of time with the Se7en of the year, and he knew more about the horror of these people.

      if this is not the case no choice, who wants to be a licking dog??

     When the Se7en team was beginning to stir, the lone on the top of the C-shaped No. 2 building saw Aluka knocked down. He did not dodge in a panic when he was aiming at the smoke.

     Instead, Listening In On Arguments From Afar, I immediately found Shen Zeyan in the direction of Wuxiaochang.


     Suddenly his gun was pulled,

     It was shot at Shen Zeyan!

     After Shen Zeyan stole Aluka with a shot, he originally thought that the other party would be jealous, so he first looked for cover or something.

     But he didn't expect that the sniper who replaced Liu Zilang with 4AM was so stunned that he didn't dodge or evade and shot him directly.

     Under the dodge,

     A mist of blood burst out instantly on his body.

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