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819 Split The Troops Into Two Groups, Encircle And Suppress 4AM? (3/3)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Seeing the flashing shot of Lonely Cun, many spectators in the audience could not help but exclaim!


     "Wow! There is something in this shot alone!"

     "Yes! It is estimated that Ze Shao is also a little confused haha!"

     "Ze Shao: I haven't seen anyone dare to play like this in front of me for a long time."

     "Come on! Kill Ze Shao one fight is confered the title of god!"

     In the game, there was a very rare slight change in Shen Zeyan's expression on the cold and silent face of Shen Zeyan, who was quickly sticking to the wall to avoid the opponent's gun line.

     Because at that moment, he seemed to vaguely see a familiar shadow.

     The same silence!

     The same stubbornness!

     The same newborn calves do not fear tigers!

      Thought until here, Shen Zeyan not a word or movement put up the first aid kit, but his eyes flickered.

      At the same time, Liu Zilang in the smoke has also helped Misaka Kotomi.

     Taking advantage of the loneliness of Shen Zeyan,

     Liu Zilang hurriedly greeted Misaka Kotomi, and slipped through the smoke towards the back door of the K building.

     At this time, the other people at 4AM should be coming out of the building. If they don’t slip away at this time, Liu Zilang doesn’t have any smoke bombs on him.

     When the smoke dissipated, the blood of the two of them was basically falling under the influence of bullets.

     When they came to the back door of the K building and met Li Muqiu, Liu Zilang hurriedly said, "Hurry up! Is there any medicine?"

     "There is a big bag."

     Li Muqiu reluctantly dropped the first aid kit.Liu Zilang looked at the somewhat greedy Misaka Kotomi, cannot bear saying, "Don't worry, go and search the small third factory. We have specially left it for you. We will fight a tough battle later."

     Hearing Liu Zilang's assignment, Misaka Kotomi's steamed bun's face was full of serious reply, "It's so wet!"

     After speaking, she ran from behind the K building.

     Seeing Misaka Kotomi's back, Li Muqiu couldn't help sighing.

     "You stupid apprentice seems to be pretty good too. If the boss is here, he would definitely not want to do this."

     "Fighting is logistics." Liu Zilang defended her. "You can't look at people with colored glasses. Kotomi is also our main player."

     "Don't slander me. When do I look at people with tinted glasses." Li Muqiu muttered dissatisfiedly, "I see you, wearing lustful glasses all day to see people..."

     "Don't BB anymore." Liu Zilang pumped up his blood with a first aid kit, and glanced at the SKS behind Li Muqiu, "You look pretty good with this shot..."

     Li Muqiu listened for a moment, couldn't help the corners of his mouth crooked, and squinted, "Speak straight if I want you, and I won't give it to you."

     So unfeeling?

     Liu Zilang couldn't help being furious when he heard the words, and let out a roar of a macho:


     Li Muqiu:? ? ?

     "Meow, meow!" Liu Zilang.

     "Meow, your brother-in-law!" Li Muqiu shivered when he was meowed, and the goosebumps on his body were almost up, and he quickly threw the SKS, who had just picked it up behind him, and was not hot on the ground.

     Liu Zilang quickly expressed his thanks, "There are still bullets."

     Li Muqiu: ...Next, when Kotomi Misaka, who had searched the three warehouses, returned, the three quickly completed a wave of reallocation of resources.

     At this time, Liu Zilang has a double SKS with sniper expansion, Li Muqiu has UMP9 and S686, and Misaka Kotomi has a newly picked SCAR-L.

     After the three of them adjusted their state, they quickly moved towards Shen Zeyan to support them.


      At the same time, after Shen Zeyan, who was behind the wall of the Fifth Factory, had hit his blood, he also handed over to Gucun.

     4AM responded quickly.

     Xiao Ming immediately in Building No. 1 supported the past, so Shen Zeyan is currently at 1 vs 2.

     And Wei Shen touched the top of the building from the stairs on the other side of Building 3, and chose to help Aluka up first.

     In this case, after Liu Zilang's three people supported Shen Zeyan, they did not show up directly.

     "Aluka was knocked down by Ze Shao. It is estimated that he has just picked up." Liu Zilang said with bright glow flashes in his eyes. "The three of us touched over from the side to see if we could steal the two first. Up."

     Hearing what Liu Zilang said, Li Muqiu and Misaka Kotomi naturally have nothing about it.

     In fact, Li Muqiu's left-handed UMP9 and left-handed S686 are not suitable for long-range combat. Liu Zilang's proposal can be said to be just what he wants.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Ze Shao is a bit handsome with this shot!"

     "Oh, but it's a pity!"

     "Yes, Gucun's reaction was quick, otherwise the shot should have hit him directly in the head.""But ginger gets spicier as it gets older, Ze Shao almost exploded his lonely head with a single shot in front of him. This wave is really unacceptable."

     "Huh? Vic is the Special Operations team? They seem to want to go deep behind the enemy line!"

     "Go deep behind enemy lines? Beheading operation?"

     "But wait a minute! The four of the Se7en team have also arrived at the police station next to Building 3. I feel that things are not that simple in this wave."

     "Could it be that the prediction came true. In this game Se7en is really divided into two teams to encircle and suppress 4AM?"

     "From the current situation, I think this kind of possibility is huge!"

     Accompanied by the extremely quick words of the commentary,

     Under the camera of the big screen director, only four people from Se7en's team filed out from the side door of the police station and had already touched the second building from the inner garden.

     Obviously, several people in the Se7en team did not know that Aluka was knocked down on the roof of Building 3, when Wei Shen just helped him up on it.

     They just heard the continuous gunfire from the second building, thinking that the other party was in the second building.

     Under this circumstance, their approach to Building No. 3 was immediately noticed by Wei Shen and Aluka on the roof.

     "No! Someone below us."

     "Well, I heard it too. On the north side, at least two or more."

     "It must be Vic that brought someone to touch it."

     "What should I do? Do you want to shoot him first?"

     "Don't be impulsive! They must know that we are up there, it is impossible to leak this kind of flaw."

     "..."On the top of the building, Wei Shen and Aluka relied on their in-depth understanding of Liu Zilang. After analyzing them in a few words, they quickly gave themselves a "strategy".

     At the next moment, they quickly made a decision and quickly jumped down from the south of Building 3.

     Because after jumping off here, they can have two choices-they can go around to the second building and the teammate round, or they can beat sb at their own game, and also steal the opposite wave.

     Because just now, both Wei Shen and Aluka noticed that the person at the other's fifth factory has not moved.

     If the two of them touch it from the south, they can steal each other a no time to deal with it.

     However, the two people never expected that they had not had time to let Shen Zeyan no time to deal with it...

     At the moment of landing, the three figures that suddenly burst out of the grass made them all frightened!

     This Nima...what the hell?

      Demacia The Three Musketeers in the Bush?