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820 Let's Pay An Early Year!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

Liu Zilang took Li Muqiu and Misaka Kotomi, and the three secretively touched the grass on the south side of Building 3.

     When he heard the movement above his head, he couldn't help but raised head towards sky.

     At this moment,

     Liu Zilang's heart suddenly surged with a kind of comprehension-all encounters in this world are meet again after a long period of separation.

     The next moment, he shouted loudly "Demacia", and the three of them jumped out of the grass.

      It should be noted, jumping from the height of the C-shaped building will have a stiff effect of supporting the ground with both hands.

     So Wei Shen and Aluka looked at the three people who jumped out of the grass, and they were all in trouble.

     How to fatten four?

     Isn't the person in the north?

     Could it be that...

     While thinking about it, Wei Shen and Aluka reacted quickly—the team from the boiler room came over.

     But at this time, I was at a loss.

     Liu Zilang and their three people didn't even give Wei Shen and Aluka a chance to stand up, and a wave of full-automatic shots directly brought them down.

     "Se7en2-Vic used SKS to knock down 4AM-Godv!"

     "Se7en2-Menhera knocked down 4AM-Aluka with Scar-l!"

     Seeing that the two of 4AM were suddenly knocked down at the upper right of the screen, the audience on stage and the off-site commentary were also dazed for a moment.

     Because the perspective of the director just now is still on the side of Shen Zeyan and Lonely Cun and the eye-catching guns,

     Before the camera could be pulled over, Wei Shen and Aluka suddenly "died".

     When the director cut out the replay, the audience in the live broadcast room couldn't help laughing loudly after watching it!

     "This is jumping off a building to meet love!""It's so miserable, Wei Jiang and Alu are about to cry!"

     "Vic is too overcast, right? Are you guys????"

     "I strongly protest on behalf of 4AM! The two teams of Se7en must have dirty Py deals."

     "Illegal teaming up! Report it and go!"


     In the game, Liu Zilang watched being knocked down and knelt together, staring at them with bright and piercing eyes, Wei Shen and Alu, and he had to sigh the impermanence of life.

     It must be some special fate that made them jump to their guns.

     "It's wet... shall we make up for them?" Misaka Kotomi put away the gun and waved her small fist be eager to give sth a try.

     Li Muqiu, who was on the side, scratched his head and muttered, "It's weird, when I go down, it's all your heads. This is too fake."

     Liu Zilang ignored him, but frowned slightly, "Don't rush to make up, I just seemed to hear footsteps behind Building 3, I don't know if I heard it wrong."

      "Huh?" Li Muqiu eyes shined, "Is there two people on the other side who are there to support?"

     "If you heard it right, then it is not." Liu Zilang said suddenly.

     "Uh...what does it mean?" Li Muqiu was startled.

     Liu Zilang squinted slightly, glanced at Building 3, concise and comprehensive said, "There are more than two people in the footsteps."

     "Oh, could it be that the boiler room team came over?" Li Muqiu was immediately stunned.

     At this moment, Lone Cun and Xiao Diao on the roof of Building No. 2 saw the abnormal changes in Building No. 3. They quickly squatted to stop the gun shooting with Shen Zeyan.But in the next moment, they unexpectedly spotted the figure in the middle garden of the C building.

     According to the report of Wei Shen and Aluka,

     The two reacted quickly, and hurriedly turned from the top of Building No. 2 to the direction of Building No. 1. The target on the top of the building was too big, and this time was too dangerous on it.

     The four members of the Se7en team discovered that they had been exposed, and a few of them did not play any "phantom tanks" in the middle garden bushes and moved forward.

     I saw them get up quickly,

     Aiming at the lonely and small eye-catching on the north side ladder of Building No. 2 is a wave of "crackle rattle" fire.

     Seeing that the Se7en team suddenly attacked the remaining two in 4AM, everyone off the court couldn't help but suck in a mouthful of Liangpi...

     Host the commentary stage.

     "Is the Se7en team going to clear the remaining two in 4AM?" Msjoy couldn't help but be surprised. "The wave of Lonely and Xiaoying is dangerous."

     "It's too much!"

     On the side PDD also shook his head a little, "Two teams are bullying another team, this is a pigskin."

     "This wave of Se7en is really a bit of a suspicion of teaming up." He also joked with a smile. "Let's see their cooperation. Building No. 3 is double-teamed on the north and south sides. One makes a movement, the other crouched and ambushed."

     "Furthermore, the second team has just killed Wei Shen, and the first team is eyeing the remaining two people in 4AM."

      He spoke until here, and Msjoy couldn't help but laughed, "It seems that the suspicion is really big, and I won't even act in it."

     Although everyone knows that Se7en is unlikely to form a team, everyone can't help but ridicule, and they lament that 4AM is really unlucky.After all, starting to jump to the airport in the official match, 4AM must have their own complete a set of tactics.

     In the end, I didn't expect to be engaged by the two brothers of Se7en. All the plans seemed to be dead.

     Just when everyone was a pity for 4AM,

     Under the camera of the director,

     But Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu quickly moved from the front of the building and climbed up the side ladder.

     Just now, Liu Zilang was planning to keep Wei Shen and Aluka to distract the remaining two people in the second building to save them, and they came to another surrounding a target only to attack its reinforcements.

     But the team who touched the boiler room "crackle rattle" for a while, Liu Zilang knew that it was impossible to want a surrounding a target only to attack its reinforcements.

     In this case, if the other party came to save someone, it was really sending it.

     So Liu Zilang decisively chose to "tear the ticket."

      Direct and straightforward to make up for Wei Shen and Aluka who did not look at the calendar today, and immediately went upstairs with Li Muqiu and Misaka Kotomi.

     Shen Zeyan of the fifth workshop saw that the man with the gun on the roof had withdrawn, and quickly stopped and supported him.

     At this time, the second team on the field knew them, but Liu Zilang and the four of them didn't know that the boiler room was the first team.

     But even if he knew, Liu Zilang would not let this team "snatching the food from the tiger's mouth" allies.

     After going upstairs, Liu Zilang raised the SKS. The moment the double mirror was turned on, there was a burst of rapid shots in his hand, and Li Muqiu and Misaka Kotomi also followed the output.

     Se7en, who was about to catch up with 4AM and took the remaining two people in a pot, were suddenly attacked by the back, and quickly stopped chasing, looking for shelter in the low wall and hiding.However, the second team's assaulter Coco rushed too far, and there was no cover around for a while. He could only rush forward in a frantic snakeskin manner with a blast.

     As long as he rushed into the corner of the side ladder of Building 1, he would avoid the gun line of Liu Zilang's trio.

     Seeing the corner of the wall close in front of you,

     Coco, who was still in blood, made a full effort and made a leap of ultimate faith!

     However, as soon as he rushed into the corner, there was a sudden burst of blood on his head!

     I saw Coco people in the air,

     Both knees bend uncontrollably, and after landing, they knelt on the ground with a "plop".

     The transferred Lone Cun and Xiao Xingmu were also taken aback by the movement behind them, and when they turned to look at the man kneeling behind their buttocks, the two of them couldn't help being a little stunned.

     This is What does it mean?

     Flew over to pay a respectful early life?