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821 You Are So Good!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

has to say, CoCo's "flying to the sky and kneeling" really scared the two of Gucun and Xiaoxiaomu shivering!

     Especially when the child is alone and the child is still young, where have you seen such a scene?

     The moment you turn around,

     The whole person went down suddenly.

     At the next moment, a System Notification was displayed on the screen.

     "Se7en2-olves used Kar98k to headshot Se7en-CoCo!"

     See this prompt,

     The barrage in the live broadcast rooms of major platforms exploded, and fans and friends began to discuss it.

     "Wow! It turned out to be Ze Shao's New Year greeting!"

     "This headshot is true!"

     "Haha, Ze Shao is the ultimate cleansing of the ground with this shot. Who would say that Se7en illegally formed a team?"

     "Wait, the three of Vic and Qiu Shen were not defeated on the roof just now?"

     "Who believes this? It must be acting!"

     "Hey, this is so dark that it's a bit uncomfortable. After everyone hides the wall, you go up and wear one for me to try?"


     On the commentary stage, Msjoy couldn't help but laughed when he saw this scene, "Thanks to Ze Shao for this wave, otherwise the three of Vic will output crazy..."

     "Ahem...I don't think it can be considered as crazy output." PDD on the side interrupted with a smile, "To be reasonable, this wave of them is at most moderate output."

     "Medium output is fine."

     It's good to hear cannot help but laugh, "It's mainly because there are too many walls in the middle of the C building, and a team of people is too easy to find shelter.""However, although Ze Shao's shot helped Se7en wash away the suspicion of teaming up, this human head is a pity..."

     "Oh, the head was left alone and taken away."

     Msjoy’s hasn't even finished his sentence,

     Suddenly there was a crisp gunshot on the court.

     I saw the lonely recover his wits and directly raised the 98K in his hand, and took away This human head with no trace of politeness.

     Next, the dead Wei Shen said something in his voice.

     Along the side ladder of Building No. 1, the two people, Lone Cun and Xiao Xing Miao, who had already climbed halfway, suddenly stopped.

     The two seemed to be slightly hesitated,

      but still jumped directly from the middle of the side ladder, and quickly rushed out to the outside of the airport...

     "Huh? 4AM is planning to yo-yo?"

     "Wow! Earn a head and leave. This is too real."

     "I think 4AM mainly wants to save the fire? They don't want to make too many exchanges in the early stage."

     "Well, now the first safety zone has been brushed. It is a continental center circle centered on City P, not an airport circle, so a step in advance is not bad's choice."

     "Then there are only two teams from Se7en fighting in the airport now. In this situation, we all seem to haven't thought."

     "Yes, mainly the same Club's first team and second team jump to the same resource point. This subconsciously reminds people of any conspiracy. Looking at it now, this may be eliminated."

     "Then this wave of Se7en 1st and 2nd team 3V4, it feels that the first team is a bit stuck on the garden wall in the middle of the C building.""Oh! Vic and Qiu Shen jumped down from the stairs! Are they going to pull the gun line?"

     This time the explanation is obviously wrong.

     From the perspective of the director of the big screen,

     After Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu jumped from the top of the building, Shen Zeyan, who had already climbed to the top of Building No. 2, and Kotomi Misaka, who was still on the top of Building No. 3.

     The two stood up instantly from the ground, and immediately rushed into the countless dense bushes in the middle of the C building like two wild dogs running off the rein.

     Seeing the two men's play so fiercely, the many spectators off the court were also a joke, staring nervously at the big screen with wide eyes.

     "Fuck! Is this the start of the wolf war mode?"

     "It seems to be a little exciting!"

     "I think Vic and Qiu Shen are swollen! This wave will be fun 2333 if they are yelled to death."


     During the game, Li Muqiu squinted at Liu Zilang, who was holding SKS and charging with him.

     Can't help chuckled in my heart.

     Obviously, the SKS in Liu Zilang's hands is obviously not as good as the S686 or UMP9 in his hands in the face-to-face close combat.

     Let you black my equipment!

     Li Muqiu thought angrily!

     At this moment, his eyes seemed to have already saw it Liu Zilang was accidentally knocked down,

     Then the picture of kneeling and yelling...

     But he was yelling in his mind, but he was not too worried about whether Liu Zilang would be replaced.

     After all, both Shen Zeyan and Misaka Kotomi were putting up guns on it. If he was replaced in this situation, then Li Muqiu could only stand in silence for him...

     Suddenly,The gunfire suddenly came!

     The one shivers in Li Muqiu's mind quickly reacted-the gunshots came from Liu Zilang.

     In the bushes.

     Se7en's assaulter 90god, who succeeded Li Muqiu, saw Liu Zilang walking over with a handful of SKS in front of him, and his slightly narrowed eyes couldn't help but bright glow flashes!

     Hehe, I dare to face SKS...

     Hello. JPG

     And at this moment, under the guide lens of the big screen?

     The grass swayed obliquely in front of that moment, the long SKS in Liu Zilang's hand seemed to come alive, and the spear shot out like a dragon!


     Bang! Bang! Bang...!


     Violent and rapid automatic shooting,

     The SKS fired at the extreme, and the clear gunfire suddenly sounded from the top of the second building!

     At the moment 90god held the AK and shot,

     Liu Zilang and Shen Zeyan on the top of the building reacted almost indiscriminately, but Shen Zeyan's shot that was inevitable was empty.

     Because at the moment he shot 98K Bullet From Chest, 90god's neck, chest and abdomen shot out a few bunches of blood!

     In the injury mechanism of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, the neck is the most important part after the head.

     So at the moment he fired three shots, 90god fell to the ground feebly, and Shen Zeyan's sniper was naturally empty as it should be by rights.

     no way!

     Liu Zilang is so fast!

     Almost indescribable!

     In theory, he uses SKS's ultimate rate of fire, about 17 rounds in two seconds.

     Then convert it,It only took Liu Zilang 0.35 seconds to shoot three consecutive bursts, and all of them burst out of the chamber!

     This is no longer a spike...

     This is a triple spike!

      at this moment 90god, who can not afford to kneel on his knees, is like being poured down by a basin of cold water in the cold winter, and it looks like the whole person is a little confused!

     A deep unwillingness arose in my heart...

     At the next moment, he subconsciously yelled in the team chat voice, "Quickly! I'm stubborn, almost! Quickly make up!"

     Of course, if he can see Liu Zilang's blood volume at this time, I am afraid there will be no unwillingness.

     Because of the shuttle bullet he fired,

     Except for the damage caused by the first shot, the bullets behind are almost all ineffective damage, so Liu Zilang's blood volume is naturally not so simple.

     But in fact, even if Liu Zilang is really bad, the two of the Se7en team be up to one's ears in work at this time,

     Can't come over and get a shot.

     Because they already had a fight with Li Muqiu.