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823 Se7en In The Dark!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: | Translator:

In the stadium.

     The atmosphere in the surrounding auditorium gradually calmed down, without the previous excitement and excitement.

     After all, after the various small-scale battles during the early stage of the game, the first wave of illegal transfers has been entered into the peaceful transition time.

     It is expected that there will not be much battle on the field before the next wave of poison begins.

     At this time, on the big screen, the director's shots gave more of the transfer and operation of all teams, showing a more overall situation and picture.

     Host the commentary stage.

     "This game was relatively intense. We can see that there have been about ten players on the field at present."

     "Yes, now the center of the safe zone is in P City, so the 17 and Tyloo teams who jumped to P City in this game feel a bit half-step fate, but this is still the early stage, mainly depends on how the circle below is brushed."

     "Well, the match between 17 and Tyloo is a bit sturdy. I saw each other high in the sky in P City, but does not have one person choose to change."

     "This is actually related to 17's style. 17 now really has P City in charge."

     "Yes, I remember that 17 had said on the official Weibo before the game, everyone is welcome to visit P City, and we will do our best to host the friendship."

     "Hehe, this is the domineering from the Lord of P City."

     "It's a pity that this game is a bit of a pity that P City 17 and Tyloo only had a single encounter after a single encounter, and there was no small team battle."Well, I think the main reason that they don't want to play or that they don't dare to play is that we are currently using the '20 Zero Points System'."

     "Yes, this also means that among the twenty teams in each game, if you eat chicken in the reverse direction, you will get zero points."

     "Well, this is very cruel for the points match, so now many teams play in the early stages of being able to bear it. After all, the temptation is great, the risk is great, and few teams choose to take this risk. "


     In the game.

     After the four of Liu Zilang at the airport licked their bags, there's nothing about it for the ransacked airport, so they found the car quickly.

     All the way north.

     The world in the rearview mirror further and further,

     The airport is quiet and noiseless, leaving only a desolate box around the C building...

     "To be reasonable, the 4AM wave is actually a pity."

     "Originally, of the three teams at the airport, they had the greatest terrain advantage in Building C, but the unexpected fate between Wei Shen and Vic directly caused them to reduce their staff by two, which is a bit too much to fight. "

     "Fortunately, the remaining Lone Cun and Xiao Xing left in a timely manner, otherwise they would really have trouble facing Vic Qiushen and Ze Shao."

     "But the lap of this game is not at the airport, so after Vic's four licked their bags, they have now shifted to the West Bridge position. Are they looking for a ship?

     "There are people blocking the bridges at the east and west bridges. Just now Lone and Xiao Xing chose to find a boat by the sea. If Se7en2 is a little safer, let's find a boat.""Huh? Wait, they don't seem to want to find a boat, they already drove on the bridge."


     In the game screen on the big screen,

     I saw two Se7en2 cars, the car in front, the jeep in the back, and the group of four arrived at the bridge head and Drove over directly on the bridge.

     At this moment, the director's camera was suddenly pulled, and it was suddenly shown to the head of Xiqiao Bridge.

     Under the lens.

     Among the four at Qiaotou, two of them squatted behind the defensive bunker at Qiaotou.

     The other person is on the roof of the small building by the road, and the other person is on the slope of the watchtower.

     As long as someone rushes to the bridge, they can instantly form crossfire from three angles.

     The team that blocked the bridge in West Bridge is no one else, it is the more famous EDG club team in China.

     "Is there someone at the airport?"

     "Well, I saw it when I landed. At least two teams jumped to the airport."

     "Then wait, we will play next to the circle in this game, and we will enter the circle when the poison comes over."

     "That's okay. If we can get a ticket to the airport, we'll be fat."


     While waiting for someone, EDG's voice also talked about the next tactics.

     When a few people were talking, they kept their eyes on the end of the bridge, obviously full of longing for "airport visitors".

     At this moment, the four people suddenly heard a "weng-weng" engine sound!

     Hearing the sound of cars, the four EDGs at Qiaotou couldn't help but mind shook!

     The fish is hooked!Then, until the opponent arrived in the middle of the bridge, the bridge was still quiet!

     But this is just the tranquility before the storm...

     Obviously, this wave of EDG does not intend to fish, but wants to save a wave of lasers for a "death shot".

     Seeing the upcoming collision between EDG and Se7en, the fans and audiences off the field became nervous, staring at the game screen unblinkingly.

     Although the Se7en2 team made their debut from the airport in today's PCPI, it has fully proved that their strength after reorganization is still good.

     But in this four-person team ambush at the bridgehead, once the four people gather fire and use the professional player to pull and follow the gun, the car can easily be blown up in no time.

     The person in the car seems to have only two possibilities.

     One was killed by an explosion;

     The second is to jump and die directly.

     But obviously no matter what,

     It is obviously not good news for the entire team of Se7en2 who crossed the bridge.

     At this time, the barrage in the live broadcast room also exploded, and the audience and book friends began to discuss it.

     "I'm a ghost, this wave feels that Se7en2 will be arranged by EDG."

     "As expected of EDG, will the chicken branch take the Se7en flag as soon as it was established?"

     "Could it be that this man has already arranged everything?"

     "Keep afraid of broad fear, it turns out to be mysteriously and inexorably Se7en!"

     "What are you doing so loudly? Then you go find Superman!"


     And in the blink of an eye, the four Se7en2 on the bridge are getting closer and closer from the end of the bridge, and Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu are in the car in front.Li Muqiu glanced at the bridge head and asked anxiously, "Um... let's just rush to the bridge like this... will it be a bit too arrogant?"

     "Isn't there no one."

     Liu Zilang glanced at the quiet Qiaotou, "Hurry up, let's get into the circle early and take some time."

     "I'm not worried," Li Muqiu said.

     "Would you like me to drive?" Liu Zilang asked with a smile.

     "Are you talking about me?" Li Muqiu's face turned dark, and he stepped on the accelerator on the spot, and the car's engine immediately banged.

     "I'm counseling?" He coldly snorted, "Who is we old Li? I've never counseled in this life!"

     "Hold it! I didn't say you stunned!"

     Liu Zilang is a bit more square at the moment, and can't help but persuade, "Your speed is too fast. Slow down, just in case someone can't stop."

     Was talking,

     The two rushed across the bridge...

      without omen...

     The gunshots all around suddenly became one piece!



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