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832 Wet Duck!
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

When VG's team fell, Liu Zilang got stuck behind him. At this moment, the two Tyloo in the middle immediately became like a turtle in a jar.

     When Shen Zeyan brought Misaka Kotomi from behind, he rushed forward to match Liu Zilang's firepower output.

     The two Tyloo in the end still did not work miracles, escaped alive.

     At the end, Bai Shaobin also couldn't bear sighed saying in his heart. Maybe they shouldn't be so proactive about this wave.

     But sigh back and sigh, if you do it again, Bai Shaobin will probably do it again.

     After all, the opportunity is here,

     If he didn't fight for that, then he would not be Bai Shaobin.

      At this moment, everyone off the court was also amazed by Se7en2's flexible side-cutting!

     Of course, what was even more inconceivable was that they were besieged by three teams after taking the airdrop. Not only did they succeed in surviving, but they also completed a wave of Jedi reversal, eating three teams one after another.

     If this is a complete Se7en2, perhaps it is still understandable, because they have created too many legends before.

     But in the absence of the main force on the mascot substitute, it can still achieve this level, it has to be a little amazing!

     "Fuck! This Se7en2 sister is so fierce?"

     "To be reasonable, these waves are Menhera sauce in Chary, right."

     "Single kill team want to know more."

     "I beg you to hold back, don't my white team want face?"


     Host the commentary stage.Msjoy couldn't help smiling and said, "It seems that this is a tragedy caused by an airdrop."

     The PDD on the side looked at the game screen and said, "To be honest, I think Tyloo and VG have played very well in this wave, but there is no way. Se7en2's series of responses are better."

     "Teacher whoring is right." Ye Hao nodded, "I think how well we play in the competition against *** is only second, the key to the problem is whether we can play better than others."

     "Well, yes." Msjoy nodded, looking at the big screen, continued, "Now the next circle has been refreshed. The whole circle is swiping towards the north. Now the center of the safe zone is at the Dragon Gate Inn."

     "P City is no longer in the circle now." Or speak until here, shook the head, "It seems that betting too early is not a good thing. The previous teams that entered P City to occupy points now have to run poison again. ."


     Of course, it is not only the people in P City who need to run poison at this time.

     P Chengnan Mountain.

     After helping Li Muqiu, who had fallen asleep, cleaned the battlefield, Liu Zilang and the others would naturally run poison.

     But fortunately, the car that Tyloo had just used was not used to charge, so it was still relatively intact at this time. After the three people got in the car, they quickly drove all the way north.

     Looking at the map, Liu Zilang who drove hesitated for a few seconds, and quickly marked the Dragon Gate Inn on the map.

     "Wait, there should be people in that place?" Li Muqiu asked in astonishment, "Are we too risky if we blindly pierced the past?"

     "Who said blind tie?"

     Liu Zilang couldn't help but cocked his mouth.Li Muqiu was taken aback, and suddenly warned, "You don't want to cheat me again, do you?"

     "Look at what you said." Liu Zilang smiled elegantly, "Don't worry, I will go with you."

     "Roll the calf!" Li Muqiu quit.

     At this moment, Kotomi Misaka suddenly jumped and said, "It's wet, Qiu Shen dare not go with you."

     "Who said I dare not! Go and chant..." Li Muqiu said subconsciously.

     As soon as he said the words, he couldn't help but reacted suddenly, and for a moment he almost wanted to scratch his own ears!

     He glanced at Liu Zilang badly, then at Misaka Kotomi...

     Hemp egg!

     Sooner or later, I will be pitted to death by this pair of masters and disciples!


     Chi Chi Chi Chi —!

      With a burst of slight braking sound, Jeep stopped on the green hills south of the school.

     Liu Zilang jumped out of the car and looked at Li Muqiu who was sitting on the co-pilot and couldn't help but encourage him.

     "Kang busy! If it can be beaten here, then we will have chicken orders next."

     Kotomi Misaka also helped cheer.

     "Wet Qiu Shen, come on!"


     Hearing the words of master and disciple, Li Muqiu couldn't help but feel cold, feeling like he's gone forever.

     But the matter is now, he can only put a bold face on it.

     Speaking of this wave of Liu Zilang's plan is very simple.

     The two of them got out of the car and sneaked into the concealment of the nearby wall of Dragon Gate Inn, and then Shen Zeyan and Misaka Kotomi on Xiaoqingshan drove on the hillside to make a feint.Next, if someone at Dragon Gate Inn, they will definitely shoot to defend their sovereignty.

     At that time, Liu Zilang and Li Muqiu can take the opportunity to locate each other's location and complete a wave of coordinate outside and inside offensives.


     Da Da Da—!

     When the gunfire of Dragon Gate Inn sounded, the director's camera cut quickly.

     "Oh, there seems to be a fight here."

     "Yes, this place is occupied by SnakeTC's team, Huh? The jeep on the hill seems to be the two Se7en2 players, they are here so soon?"

     "Se7en2 seems to be more interested in the center of the Dragon Gate Inn safety zone, but why are there only two people in the car?"

     The director seemed to see the doubts of the people on the field, and the camera was quickly given to the two people who touched from left to right in the row of rooms on the south side of Dragon Gate Inn Road.

     "Oh! It's Vic and Qiu Shen, they touched into the fake garage."

     "But there are four people in SnakeTC in the garage, isn't it a bit too big for them to rush up?"

     "This wave feels like something is going to happen, Vic and the others are playing too recklessly."

     "I feel sorry for my Qiu Shen, and I feel like being boarded a pirate ship by Vic again!"

     "If this wave of autumn gods gets colder, it will fall down three times. I guess it's a little too late saved..."


     Obviously, everyone off the court also saw Se7en2's intentions, but they were not very optimistic about Se7en2's infiltration. Many people even foreseen Li Muqiu's fall to the ground again.

     However, what happened next,

     It's not as everyone guessed.

      Dragon Gate Inn fake garage.Manson, the commander of SnakeTC, looked at the jeep charging back and forth on the slope, and was keenly aware that the opponent was approaching the fake garage little by little.

     "The other side seems to have a big appetite." Manson raised the eyebrow, "There must be more than these two people on the other side. We can't stay upstairs. Be careful that someone else touches it from another direction."

     Although these waves of SnakeTC didn't beat anyone down, they still figured out the opponent's movement through a high-power lens.

     Once they were touched by the opponent from other directions to throw thunder or something near, they would be a little passive upstairs.

     Hearing Manson's words, Rui pondered for a moment, and quickly said, "In this way, I and P13 will go down and let go. You and Mozi are upstairs and help us set up guns."

     After speaking, Rui took P13 and jumped from the third floor of the fake garage to the second floor platform.

     Then he jumped down from the second floor.

     At the moment of landing,

     The two of them were dumbfounded!