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839 Speed In The Snow! (2/6)
    Chinese Name: 落地一把98K  Author: Iced子夜(Iced zǐyè, Iced Midnight)
    Original: www.qidian.com | Translator: NineTalesFox.com

Car thief knocking on you! ! !

     Hearing the sound of the engine starting from the main entrance of the school, the 17Shou who was laying the smoke immediately reacted-these are the two cars they came to park outside the school.

     There was a sudden change halfway, and the 17 team was unable to get on the car.

     At this time, seeing that the remaining two people of IFTY actually want to drive their car away, the 17Shou of the 17 team only remaining of the great couldn't bear it. Even if the gun was raised, it was a burst of fire!


     Fireworks flickered in the muzzle, and the bullet pierced the air and shot towards the jeep.

     In fact, it is not only 17Shou.

     Li Muqiu saw someone trying to break through, and immediately followed the car with the gun and started shooting.

     Ding ding 哐哐哐!

     The bullet impacted on the car body, making a sharp metallic quaver.

     For a moment, the Jeep looked like a dangerous ship driving in a Stormy Sea (dangerous situation), and it could capsize at any time.

     "Oh! Both A+ and VK chose to sprint by car."

     "But the Jeep's goal is too big, the beasts and Qiu Shen are shooting, A+ wave is a bit dangerous!"

     "There is no way. In this case, you can't do it without rushing. I can only give it a try. I think the older brother A+ attracts firepower, and the survival rate of the VK riding a motorcycle is relatively higher."

     "Yes, the speed of the motorcycle is too fast, it is relatively flexible, and it is not easy to be hit."

     "But wait a minute, Vic and Menhera are here... They seem to be out of medicine, can they have time to get out?"


     In the game competition, the last first aid kit of the two has been knocked out by Misaka Kotomi.At this time, the master and disciple's blood volume is not too much, every few steps, you have to stop and put on a bandage.

     The two were running hard, Misaka Kotomi suddenly scratched her head, "It's wet...will the dens be poisoned?"

     "No." Liu Zilang squinted.

     "Ah, really?" Misaka Kotomi said in surprise.

     "Of course it is true." Liu Zilang said ill-humoredly, "Before you are poisoned to death, I will shoot you first and then thunder."

     After he finished speaking, he thought this little second-hand will stop a bit.

     Unexpectedly, Kotomi Misaka suddenly lowered her head, blushing and said, "Wet...Are you going to die for me?"


     "..." Liu Zilang couldn't help but look at the sky speechlessly, what was in the head of this silly apprentice all day long!

     When Li Muqiu heard the words of the two, he felt as if he had just had a lemon in his heart. He couldn't help but said with a dark face, "You two run quickly, and you'll get rid of the poison after the wave!"

     "Lao Qiu, this is it's all very well to talk, but getting things done is another matter." Liu Zilang curled his lips, "I want to be fast too, but with these two legs, how can you make me fast?"

     Li Muqiu was casually hi, and was instantly speechless by Liu Zilang.

     Unexpectedly, at this moment, Shen Zeyan, who had not shot a gun, suddenly said.

     He is silent.

     But his shot at this time is far more powerful than any words!

     The audience off the field only listened to a "bang" gunshot from their ears. When recovering his wits, what caught his eye was a terrifying picture.On the uneven grassland, at the moment a fast-moving motorcycle crossed a slope, the helmet on the head of the man riding the motorcycle burst suddenly, sprinkling a rain of blood in the air, and suddenly the people and the cars separated!

     The next moment, after a person turned upside down, he fell to the ground with a snap, but the car flew out in a certain direction at the moment of crossing the slope.

     Seeing this scene under caught off guard,

     The audience off the court seemed to have been shot, and their heads exploded!

     "Labor and management are right, Ze Shao actually moved the target with this shot to headshot!"

     "Strong! Invincible! Worthy of being a pinnacle god!"

     "If you don't speak, amaze the world with a single brilliant feat!"

     "I said Gang Qiu Shen played so happily, why did Ze Shao never shoot? Turns out he was accumulating energy."

     "I'll take this wave of energy storage! It's simply the ultimate death missile!"

     "Ehhhhhhhhh! That bike seems to have smashed towards Vic."

     "I'll go! This wave won't blow up Vic and Menhera sauce to death, right?"

     "Smashing to death is a god's operation, one shot and three kills, Se7en2 team members break all ties 2333!"


     During the game competition, Li Muqiu and Shen Zeyan also discovered that something was wrong gradually.

     But before they had time to remind, Liu Zilang glanced unconsciously, and almost everyone was frightened!

     Seeing that the motorcycle is behind his head, in a flash, Liu Zilang suddenly shouted loudly.

     "Get down!"

     Although Kotomi Misaka does not understand such thing, she has excellent execution ability and makes her never lie down on her stomach.Seeing that Liu Zilang's voice hadn't fallen yet, Misaka Kotomi slapped her buttocks swiftly, almost lying down with Liu Zilang.


     A thick Death Shadow flew over the two heads suddenly, and Kotomi Misaka was shocked, "It's wet...then what is?"

     After lying down, Liu Zilang got up very quickly, "It's too late to explain, get in the car!"

     At the next moment, the motorcycle bounced and rolled a few times after landing, before it could fall down.

     From behind, the meteor chased Liu Zilang with a stride and jumped up, forcibly stabilizing the motorcycle.

     Misaka Kotomi also "swizzled" into the back seat all of a sudden. As soon as her little ass sat firmly, she hugged Liu Zilang's back waist and said hurriedly, "It's wet, I'm going to run out of blood."

     Although this version can already spray drugs on the vehicle, it must be free from bumps during driving.

     The hilly grassland is uneven, and Kotomi Misaka sits in the back seat of the motorcycle, not to mention drinking medicine and drinks, and even the bandage does not raise.

     However, hearing her words, Liu Zilang did not stop, instead staring slightly narrowed at the high slope water tower of R City in the north, "It's okay, there is a teacher, you can't die."

     Misaka Kotomi immediately understood Liu Zilang's meaning, her face could not help but revealed an excited expression.

     "Wet duck!"


     The horsepower of the motorcycle was increased to its maximum in an instant, the engine made a torn roar, and the whole car slammed out like a wild dog!

     On the commentary stage, Msjoy helped lower the eyes on the bridge of his nose and couldn't help but shook his head and smiled bitterly."This motorcycle came too in time, VK is really sending a motorcycle in the snow, courtesy is more important than love."

     "Who just said that the motorcycle can survive, now it seems that the last one who survived should be the big brother of Jeep."

     "If I remember correctly, it should be alright. I love VK, and he is a player who was milked in the UK."

     "Ahem...I can't blame my milk for this. The main brother A+ is too decisive in this operation. He actually jumped when the car exploded."

     "A+'s reaction really didn't say that now his blood has been hit, although he didn't enter the circle, but he should be able to spread cigarettes into the circle later."

     "Speaking of the beast, it's a pity. The original tactic of 17 should be to drive away with poison, but I didn't expect that none of the stolen cars would be left."

     "But wait, there seems to be people coming up from the water tower on the south slope of City R...?"

     "Oh! It's 1246 Han Shao's team!"

     In the exclamation of the explanation!

     I saw on the northern half of the high slope of the water tower, a team of three people was attracted by the gunshots. I don't know at what time they had touched it along the slope.

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